First off, I’m going under the assumption that everyone was glued to their TVs from 7-8:30pm last night and won’t mind a few specific details (otherwise known as spoilers). Second, I’m way too excited about the concept for this new season to hold back. Consider this your warning… If you didn’t watch then 1) I don’t get it. I know your office let you out early on Friday and no one goes to the bar that early, 2) you’re about to get spoiled on pretty much everything so you might want to stop and either watch it on your DVR or online. I even provided you with a link, so there are NO EXCUSES. Go watch it. Right now. Cause it was really good.


*Ahem* Now that we all know where we stand on things, let’s begin the actual rambling about the awesome things. First off, I loved Bumi’s excitement at realizing he could airbend and how the only way he could prove it to his family was one of the precocious little children throwing a plate at his head. I don’t know if he was the only one to believe his uncle or just being a mischievous little devil (more likely the second option), but it was funny either way, and a great start in what would prove to be a tense time in Avatar Korra’s life.

As the story unfolds, it is obvious there will be two main storylines for the season. One is that Korra and the group are out searching for all the new airbenders. Obviously there have to be obstacles, one of which will be how surprisingly difficult it is for them to convince people to follow the group back to the air temple. The other obstacle seemingly will be the other storyline for the season: the four prisoners whom we watch escape their respective personal prisons. (Side note: it was great seeing Zuko again, and his dialogue with the twins about their respective attempts to kill the Avatar back in the days when they were enemies. Yay referencing the past!)

We don’t know much about these prisoners except they seemed to once be part of a gang together. My guess is that at some point they will come after the Avatar and she will have to fight them with a hopefully semi-well-trained airbending army. So far all they have is one recruit, and he doesn’t seem to be the most trustworthy sort (although I’m hoping that changes over time and he really does become part of the family like they mentioned when first meeting him). Anything else is just speculation, but I’m sure all will be revealed as we continue on the journey.

PS – I know there were a lot of moments I could’ve talked about but honestly there was not a single minute of the 1.5 hours which aired last night that I didn’t love. That is rare for any show, but especially cartoons these days. I’m genuinely grateful this show exists and that kids have some good quality television to grow with and obsess over. So here’s to Korra – the one show that sometimes makes me wish I was 5 again.