Hello my fellow nerds and nerdettes!

I’m here to write a review of tonight’s premiere episode of Dexter. After a long summer everyone’s favorite serial killer has come back to television, and I think Season 5 has quite a story to tell. The first episode picked up where the suspenseful season 4 left off, with Rita dead in the bathtub of the marital home she shares with Dexter and poor baby Harrison in a pool of his mother’s blood. The season starts with Dexter in a state of shock, full of uncertainty as to what will become of his double life (blood splatter expert and dad by day and a serial killer by night). Trinity (a serial killer from last season played by John Lithgow) killed Dexter’s wife before Dexter killed him, however, Dexter is the only one that knows Trinity is dead. Most of Dexter’s fellow police officers suspect Trinity as the Rita’s killer, but the circumstances around this murder and the suspicions Quinn already has about Dexter puts suspicion on Dexter similar to that from Officer Doakes in season 2.

Guilt is eating away at Dexter throughout this episode. He carries the guilt of being indirectly responsible for Rita’s death, the guilt of having to break the news to Astor and Cody (Rita’s children from a previous marriage), and the guilt of what may come of young Harrison (Dexter’s son with Rita). You feel this sense of confusion throughout the episode. You have no idea what Dexter is thinking. Typically he has no set of traditional emotions, but we can tell he is thinking of the feelings he had for Rita and trying to make sense of his own unique form of mourning. At this point we have Dexter’s flashbacks to his first dates with Rita which I found to be a wonderful part to this episode. It gave us more info on how they got together then just Deb setting them up on a blind date. But throughout all of this, Dexter has his only rock now, his sister Deb. Deb is now put in the position of being the strong sibling helping Dexter get things in order for Rita’s funeral. In the mist of all of this whirlwind of sadness and shock, Deb turns to her old ways of taking to the first man around her who seems to show some sort of affection to her, Quinn. At this point in the episode everything is becoming too much for Dexter. He thinks destroying his past and just taking a few things and running away from everything is the best solution for him and his family. During his little get away Dexter get’s into a altercation with a passerby and finally shows the first bit of real emotion he has shown the whole episode. He realizes this is not what needs to be done and that he has to go back because, in some weird way, his family needs him and he needs his family. I see that season 5 is going to be a rollercoaster of adventure and mystery with this new storyline unfolding.

Review by Tiffany (fellow Nerd in Babeland from The Node)