A long time ago in a bible belt town which seems now so very very far away…

There was a girl, in a theatre, watching the trailers for upcoming flicks and a love affair was born. A love affair with indie films, grainy black and white images with bad sound, a certain type of dialogue but mostly with a dude very few had heard of yet : Kevin Smith.

So many around me only wanted to immerse themselves in the minutiae of college football or Nascar. FINALLY! There was someone on a really big screen who talked like I did about the things I did. All verbally relayed with such a rash of expletives that sailors were slack jawed in shock. Just the way we did it in Waffle Houses on friday nights over our scattered, smothered & covered potato feasts. At long last there was not only people who were into the same stuff I was, but it was in a movie! Ergo, it was legit.

I was listening to the SModcast with Jeff Anderson today and I was transported back to that magical time in 1994 when I was liberated with the knowledge that someone else out there cared about things that mattered. Things like hating people who rent ‘Navy Seals’, like making Salsa Sharks, really important stuff like how the politics trickled down to affect the common man in a galaxy far far away!

Kevin Smith
has been the subject of my unrequited adoration for over fifteen years now (good lord that makes me old). And it all started with this flick. He’s been my #1 celebrity crush for years and years, the one I have total immunity to get to ‘know in the biblical way’ without consequence should the opportunity ever present itself. I am stupid excited that Red State is now filming and cannot wait for its release.

For now I’ll get my fix with the Smod’s, save my pennies for the upcoming ‘Evening With’, and pretend that only the cool kids can follow him on Twitter.