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Born in the 80's, Jess is a simple kind of girl aspiring to reach for the sky. Interests range from games, comic books, music to movies, health and cuddly cute little stuffed animals. She is a toy maker, avid movie reviewer, health nut, tattoo enthusiast, music lover, world traveler, horror actress and overall a down to earth kind of gal. Open mindedness is her middle name and she isn't afraid to get a little bloody if the scene calls for it. Recently she started a funny health podcast called 'Hooked On Veg' and actively writes about every movie she sees in her blog on Node. If you could sum her up in one word it would have to be fantastical. This gal can really nerd it up with the best of 'em.

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A Perfect Circle.. Avalon, L.A. (night 1)

Waiting in the cold for a band I am not head over heels in love with would not be what I would have wanted to do last night but after seeing them play I totally take that back and I love the idea all over again.  In case you didn’t know I used to follow Nine Inch Nails around the country and so I have slept outside and in cars, taken showers in Target bathrooms and survived on nothing but cigarettes, red bull and chips.  Those times are long behind me though and I haven’t found a band since to follow around but I would totally consider this band if I was more well versed with them.

The show at the Avalon on Nov 8th was amazing, plus the Avalon is a pretty cool looking venue.  First thing was the fact that there was no opening band, but we did get to listen to about an hour or so of Abba music.  I was having fun dancing to the few songs I did know of theirs and then laughing when the people around me were getting annoyed and saying they were in purgatory.  We were also enjoying seeing the girls on the balcony watching as the techs were getting ready.  One of them happened to be Paz, an old band member who would play strings and piano in the studio.  At one point during the show she actually climbed down off the balcony and we all thought she might get on stage but was only seen minutes later back up there eating a banana.

During their set there was plenty of stopping from the band to switch from song to song.  Maynard introduced the band one by one at points and then would pick on the bassist, who is a well known guy but hasn’t played with them before.  (Matt McJunkins)  Billy Howerdel and his amazing guitaring was running around on stage occasionally looking at the crowd.  He was scouring for ‘his’ fans and staring at them intensely.  James Iha actually told jokes on stage in between songs.  One was, “what never goes out of style, a smile.”  He laughed and told us how he thought it was funny.  Then there is Josh Freese.  If you have seen him then you know he is always having a good time.  He is infectious to watch and we all Love him.  Maynard was out in his awesome plaid shirt and crazy hair as always singing in the back left corner of the stage with sunglasses on the entire time.  He seemed comfortable and to be having fun as well.  There was even a point where he threw a bottle of Fiji Water at Josh and he caught it without missing a beat on the drums. Overall I would have to say the entire show was amazing cause you just felt like you were watching an older band just have fun.

Setlist was as follows:

(All of Mer De Noms)

David Bowie cover- Ashes to Ashes

John Lennon cover- Imgaine

After playing all of Mer De Noms Troy Van Leeuwan came out to perform with them and guest star on the backup guitar.  It was amazing because when he was introduced Maynard couldn’t stop talking about his shoes and how much he wanted them.  They agreed on a price, 2 Hungarian dollars, which later turned into two hours.  Troy looked amazing as always.  A nice pinstriped suit and white southern gator-like shoes, but to my surprise no tie.  It was nicely complemented by his buttons undone and being able to see his chest though.  His hair was the same as always.  Such a stylish addition to the line up I’d say.

After Imagine they ended the show.  Maynard was happy and said he would see us all the next night when they would be playing Thirteenth Step.  Hopefully I will see them tonight and be happy to let you all know what crazy awesome fun things they do tonight.

Jess Dp

Unzipped makeup

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would share this awesome tutorial… It is about the unzipped look from Mac a few years ago. Enjoy!

Jess D. (1/2 of Hooked On Veg)

Come on a Veg-tastic Voyage with us!



Hello all,

I wanted to talk today about something that I suffer from and I believe most of us out there do as well. It is joked about quite a bit but maybe most of us don’t even want to own up to

it. I am talking about Procrastination. It is a serious problem in our lives and really keeps us from fully enjoying anything we do. You may recognize this within yourself if you show symptoms of putting things off, waiting until the last minute, or even anxiety over a due date. Maybe the solution can be getting rid of due dates, but lets face it that won’t happen unless you are the one making the dates.

This condition can lead to some other serious conditions like perfectionism and workaholism. If we can get to the root of these issues though maybe we can save others from falling into the same trap most of us have fallen into for so many years. It doesn’t have to be your downfall in life anymore.

There is a key ingredient to help most of us restructure our lives and try to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that comes along with these conditions and that is Motivation. We may be procrastinators but when it comes down to the wire we can put together a presentation for work or school in under 12 hours, that would take most days or weeks to complete. We are efficient in those wee hours of the morning and I am here to tell you that we are powerful. If we could only exude that power in a more organized manner most of us could take over the world.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. First, what is motivation? It is when you get up the will power to go for a goal. The steps I have put together for eliminating procrastination..
  • 1st step: Setting attainable goals within a reasonable time frame.
  • 2nd step: Find a moderate pace to stick to that won’t be overwhelming.
  • 3rd step: Stick to that pace until a goal is attained.

The best way to do this is get organized. Create a calendar or a journal for your school work and when you will study, for how long and when things are due. Or if you want to use it for working out do the same thing. It has to be reasonable so you will stick to it though.

The most important thing to remember is that this is always a learning curve for people who suffer from procrastination. Don’t get down on yourself if the pace you set has to change or even the goal changes over time. The worst outcome I have seen in my personal experience with dealing with procrastinators is it results in a low self-esteem and putting oneself down. Remember that this is all about you and your growth. Anxiety may ensue as a symptom of dealing with procrastination, but setting up schedules and time frames for attainable goals can alleviate most of the stress set up for the “when” you need to get things done. There may only be 24 hours in a day but that doesn’t mean we need to spend the last few of them exerting our energy to get things done.

So here is a question for all of you… What gets you motivated?

Jess Del Pino
(1/2 of Hooked On Veg, Come on a Veg-tastic voyage with us!!)

.. honestly though people, procrastination can be your downfall, let’s get motivated and talk about it!!

Nike and the Wii

Just a quick post to add to my Wii extravaganza from earlier..
So, Nike commissioned something called the Nike 78 project, letting 78 artists take their shoes to innovate and completely change their shoe.. the article is here… and right below is the video to show how it works.. ENJOY!!!
Jess Del Pino
(the nerdy 1/2 of Hooked On Veg..
come on a veg-tastic voyage with us!!)

Let’s get on the Wii train…

Hello all.. I am going to try and show you how exercising can be fun as well as beneficial to your health. Today’s topic is the Wii. We all know it well. Host to many amazing innovations in gaming with their crazy controllers and add on controllers through the years. There was wheel that revolutionized Mario Kart and a gun holder you could put your regular controller in to help with FPS games. There was also an awesome board they introduced to help make the interactive experience come to life. The Wii Board helped bridge the gap between gaming and exercise I feel and even made getting into shape fun. These are my experiences with this idea and how it might be helpful for you too, try out biofit weight loss.

As the Wii gained popularity through the years they began to change their target audience to the senior generation by promoting exercise and better hand-eye coordination through their Wii Play games. Eventually they moved onto women with the Wii Fit. Oh the Wii Fit! That little on screen board is my workout friend, although some would say it does yell at you if you fluctuate your weight too much. Basically the idea behind the Wii Fit was to help promote balance and help you get in shape through prolonged low impact exercises. Each time you turn it on you were greeted by the little Wii Board and you could weigh yourself or play mini games and it would keep track of how long you would work out. The best thing is you could set up goals for yourself and it would track your daily progress, as long as you would use it that is. Wii-Fit is an excellent option for those gamers that may be willing to lose some extra pounds, visit thehealthmania.comfor information about the latest dietary supplements.

I found the Wii Fit to be very fun and beneficial to helping me get off my lazy ass and actually getting fit enough to have energy and want to do more intense workouts. I definitely say that is a gem worth your time if you are just starting out. The games are fun and range from step aerobics to hula hoop. I really gravitated to this originally because it helped me with Yoga. The board gives you a chance to hold your position and measure how much weight you are putting on each leg to give you a more accurate idea of how to improve your stances. There are even balance games that make you forget that you are even working out. The on screen people are motivational and there are some pretty fun tips. The more time you log the more games you can unlock and it is definitely going to keep your interest for a while. Like anything though it will get old and you will have unlocked all the games and it might be time for something new.

So, you are more balanced then you were before and you are still looking to workout at home and inside then you can upgrade to the Wii Fit Plus, which has more games and fun. This one actually steps it up a notch and gives you a chance to go even further then before. There are new options to help you keep track of your fitness, like tracking how many calories you are burning and instead of choosing specifically which workouts you want to do there are actually predetermined routines to help you have a consistent flowing workout. The mini games are still way fun and help you gain better hand-eye coordination and balance. I guarantee that as you unlock the rest of these games you not only will be having fun, but you will be getting healthy and more in shape, improve your fitness results after reading this leptoconnect review.

If these still aren’t intense enough for you or maybe you made it through those games and you want more then I would say you can step up to the EA Sports Active. This takes the gaming we have been having fun with through aerobics and balance and steps it up even more by adding more of an exercise element to it. You are able to start a plan called the 30 day challenge,

where you can basically spend 30 or so minutes 4 to 5 times a week going through what the game picks for you to do. I actually went through and did this challenge on the most difficult setting there is and after every work out I was sweating and actually felt like I went to the real gym. It is still fun but it definitely takes it up a notch. The sensitivity for some of the workouts are more intense and you are doing more strength training. There are easy modes and easier workouts if you want to create your own routine to follow but I will say that if you want to have a personal trainer in your home I would go for this awesome exercise experience. It also adds a couple of elements to make your workout more intense. You now have a leg strap that you place the nunchuck in when you are doing jogging exercise or squats and you also have a resistance band to help you simulate lifting weights, which you can always simulate further if you make the band smaller.

There was an extension to the EA Sports Active that adds 30 new exercises and 6 new activities to go through. I think what I liked most about this is it is an add on so you can incorporate your old exercises with the new ones. Another thing that is cool is you can keep a daily diary to help you stay in shape through exercise but also keep track of your diet as well. It really helps stress how health is an overall experience that isn’t just about working out, but also about how you eat and treat your body by making sure you get enough rest. The reason this is my favorite is because you can basically create a virtual you that mimics your every move while you make it, like a cyber mirror. If you are looking for healthy supplements this is where can you buy meticore.

There are plenty of exercise games that have come out since these such as The Biggest Loser, Gold’s Gym Cardio and even kids workout games like Active Life-Extreme Challenge. This console has spawned an entire workout community that would never have existed and even some of the people who were used to using workout tapes have switched to this when their favorite video trainers have gone to the Wii, like Jillian Michaels. Classically I feel like our generation hasn’t been one to be workout obsessed but I think that this gives us all a chance to get a little more in shape without killing ourselves and also while having fun. When I started using the games I mentioned I had not been an active person for many years and this jumpstarted me to wanting to be more healthy but in a more moderate sense. I feel now that as time goes on the games we play are going to promote exercise more discreetly and we will be getting off the couch to get more involved in our games. I can’t wait to get and review the Playstation Move and Xbobx Kinetic because they are totally getting on board with this idea. So, thanks Wii for paving the way!

(Now if only they could get me a DDR in my house I would be set.. haha)

This is what Grandma’s Boy was trying to convey.. and I am jealous of it..


Jess Del Pino

(the nerdy 1/2 of Hooked On Veg..

a funny health podcast and soon

to be all around get healthy website)

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