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Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

loki agent of asgard

Beware: There be spoilers ahead.

I am a big fan of Loki, and not just the superb version in Marvel’s cinematic universe, but also the original. The one in the Poetic Edda, who is the Norse God of Fire and Mischief. Who is known as Loki Silvertongue and The Trickster. So I decided to pick up Marvel’s newest Loki story, Loki: Agent of Asgard. I went in, having read a preview of the series, with some pretty high expectations. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

The issue begins with Loki stabbing Thor in the back as he says, “Trust me,” to the reader. It’s such a classic Loki/Thor moment that the reader assumes Loki has a nefarious purpose. It turns out he had a purpose but it wasn’t really nefarious, just self-serving. As a somewhat newly-minted teenager, Loki is attempting to purge all the evil he committed and replace it with acts of good. Of course being Loki, he goes about it in his own special way. Including singing a Loki-ed version of The Wizard and I from Wicked, that I think shows some real promise, running up the side of Avengers tower in stolen Seven League boots and a coat made from shadow thread, and hacking the internet to delete all traces of his old self.

But the moment that really stood out for me was when the reader realizes something is wrong with Thor. He can apparently sniff Loki out and, after Loki causes a Hulk-Sized(literally)distraction to reach the Avengers database, Thor attempts to attack his brother with Mjolnir but he can’t lift it. She has deemed him unworthy because he meant kill Loki. This scene brings us back around to the beginning where Loki stabs Thor in the back. Turns out Thor had been possessed by a dark force and the sword Loki stabbed him with caused him to see the truth of his possession and force the darkness out.

We are treated to a glimpse of the All-Mother, three goddess, who make up a powerful triumvirate and are the ones who sent Loki on the mission to help Thor. The last frame features the All-Mother releasing the darkness from it’s magical prison, and from the smoke comes the Loki of old with his green spandex and gold horns and evil grin. And he wishes to talk about the future.

This comic made me laugh out loud, it made me cringe and it made me sing. All in all it was a great first issue and it gives me hope that Loki can become a mainstream COMIC character again, and not just be known for being played by the delicious Tom Hiddleston.

Valve are the Masters of Manipulation

imgresSteam’s Annual Summer Getaway Sale started on July 11th this year (great birthday present to me!) and already Mr. Doc and I have amassed 14 new PC games, the majority of which we haven’t even downloaded yet. And the sale doesn’t end until July 22nd. Both of us are trying our hardest to resist, but every day something goes on sale that we just can’t live without.

A recent article on called “,” details five key ways that Valve draws gamers to their sales: artificial scarcity, psychological reactance, a bias towards completion, commitment and consistency, and random rewards.

Artificial scarcity/psychological reactance: Valve knows that gamers love sales and by having different sales both everyday and flash sales that last only eight hours they instill a sense of fear that the games on sale might not be on sale again. For instance, July 17th’s sales featured Deus Ex: Human Revolution for $2.99. That is 85% of its usual price of $19.99. As Mr. Doc said, “Deals like that just don’t happen very often!” The radical price drops and time limits on sales cause many gamers to purchase more games than they usually would.

A bias towards completion: Gamers like to finish things. It’s the reason I have over 250 hours invested in Skyrim and Mr. Doc has over 1000 hours invested in Final Fantasy VII. Valve offers Steam Achievements for purchasing games during the Summer Sale and this year they have started offering trading cards. Each game awards cards which in turn fill up a progress bar. We gamers love to fill up progress bars only to have it start again each time it fills up.

Commitment and consistency: Gamers tend to be consistent. Most of us have a certain type of game that we enjoy more than others. Me, I like Role Playing Games or RPGs, preferably large ones like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Mr. Doc, on the other hand, loves his First Person Shooters like Call of Duty, Halo, or Borderlands. Valve recognized this and every eight hours they have a community poll. Three games are offered for voting on and the one with the most votes will be featured in the next flash sale. Voting on a game that wins sends a sense of commitment to those gamers who voted for it and they are more likely to purchase it while it’s on sale.

Random rewards: The tie in to all these is that Valve knows gamers like to be rewarded. It’s like perks in Fallout New Vegas, you only get one every other level but they change with each level up and with your play style so you never really know what perks you’ll be able to choose. By picking the games on sale at random, Valve is ensuring that gamers check back every so often to see what’s on sale. Everyday at 1 PM EST Mr. Doc pulls up Steam’s website and we Oooo and Ahhh over what’s on sale that day. He votes in every community choice poll and has purchased at least two different games that he voted for that have won the poll.

Valve is a master of manipulation and the internet is rife with memes featuring the Steam Sale. I would like to offer this gem from the Attack of the Fanboy article in closing as I feel it sums up my feelings exactly.


Girl Gamers Deserve Respect Too!

Growing up I didn’t have a lot of exposure to video games. My cousin had an NES, SNES, N64, various GameBoys and every version of the Playstation and Xbox. So I got to mess around on those when I stayed at his house but I didn’t have the time to develop any real skills. My mother was a firm member of the “Video Games Create Bad People” camp. It annoyed her to no end that I played them when I went to my cousin’s house but I didn’t care and played them anyway. In my sophomore year of high school my mom bought a raffle ticket to support my school’s sports program. She ended up winning the second prize, which just happened to be an original Xbox. I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Of course, my mom had rules, I could only play for a certain amount of time a day and I couldn’t even think about touching it until I’d done my homework. And then only if she wasn’t playing Roller Coaster Tycoon…or The Sims.

That was the only year I received video games as presents. For Christmas I got Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I thought I was the coolest kid ever. I got pretty good at the LOTR game, one of my other cousins and I sat down and played through the whole co-op campaign in about 8 hours. We had a blast, but he kept bitching because I refused to be anyone but Aragorn, when he was a character choice. I was an evil older cousin. Funnily enough, I never actually beat my Indiana Jones game, at least not for another 5 years after I got it.

Fast forward to 2008, I’m newly married to my wonderful husband Mr. Doc who is a lifetime gamer. And by lifetime I mean, started playing Mario at age 2. The man knows his way around a game system and has owned every major gaming system sold in the US. I’ve watched him beat Super Mario Bros. 2 in under 30 minutes. THE ENTIRE GAME. I’ve watched him run through Super Mario World in under an hour. When Xbox Live first came out he was ranked in the top 20 in the world on the Halo 2 leaderboards. The first time we went to a midnight release for a video game was when Fallout 3 came out and I was still learning my way around video games so I just sort of sat back and observed. It was fascinating the way a video game could bring so many different types of people together. But inevitably there was always the one guy who tried to prove that I had no idea what I was talking about.

Being a girl who sells video games is a lot like being a girl who sells guns. Which basically means, that 85% of the people, and I do include some women in that number as well, come to you believing that you have no idea what you’re talking about. When I sold guns, it was the Bubbas in their overalls or camo who would come up to counter and eyeball me with a look that said, “What the f*** is a little girl doing behind a gun counter?! Like she knows what’s she talking about?” Working at GameStop I get those same looks, only now they come from kids young enough that I could be their mother and guys old enough to be my father. The other day a man came in with his son looking for a particular game. I looked it up in our system and it showed that we had no copies and it had been discontinued. I informed the customer of this, he gave me an incredulous look then turned to my Assistant Manager and said, “Sir would you concur with that?” And that is a direct quote. The ASM leaned over, looked at my screen and said, “Yep it’s been discontinued.” The man scoffed at me and left.

I don’t take it too personally because if I wasn’t knowledgeable I wouldn’t be working at a video game store. Every day I read three or four different video game news feeds and I check them multiple times. I like to know what’s going on in the video game world. Working at GameStop has been like a dream job for me, the pros greatly outweighing the few cons. The guys I work with are awesome and we have fun which always makes work more interesting. Being a girl in a predominately male environment can be hard but at the same time it’s one of my favorite places to be. So to all you girl gamers out there, you aren’t alone, and our numbers are growing daily. We are a force to be reckoned with.

Jones and Bond Cowboy Up!

Warning: Minor Spoilers Below

I first heard about Cowboys and Aliens from my uncle David. He’s a sound technician who does a lot of work in New Mexico. After a bit of research I discovered who was attached to the movie. Three names sealed the deal for me: Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig, and Harrison Ford. Jon Favreau does great work, Daniel Craig is nice to look at (that’s shallow but true), and I’m pretty sure Harrison Ford is the first man I ever fell in love with. Names like that pretty much guaranteed I was going to enjoy it. And it was nice to know those names didn’t lie to me. The skeptical one this time was Mr. Doc. Normally he’s very gung-ho about movies and I’m the one with the grimace on my face trying to figure out if the movie is worth my time. I am very happy to report he left the theater with a much different outlook.

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford play opposing men, forced to work together when aliens invade a small New Mexico town and abduct many residents including the local sheriff (Keith Carradine), Ford’s character’s son, and the wife of the saloon owner (Sam Rockwell).

Jake Lonergan, is played supremely well by Daniel Craig. He’s a man who is slowly remembering the horrors he faced at the hands of the aliens, including being forced to watch them dissect and then kill his wife, and being partially cut open with a laser scalpel. He manages to steal one of the alien’s bracelets and escape, which leads to the opening scene where he wakes up in the desert with no memory, shoes, or gun and a wound he can’t explain.

Woodrow Dolarhyde, played by the always fantastic Harrison Ford, is the local cattle baron who feels that the whole town should bow down to him because his cattle business is the reason the town manages to stay afloat. His son Percy is a spoiled brat who uses his name to get out of trouble. Dolarhyde came to town to get Percy out of jail after he accidentally shot a deputy.

As the movie progresses Jake and Dolarhyde are forced to reconcile their differences, Jake had stolen gold from Dolarhyde, in order to mount a rescue mission. They set out the morning after the abductions, their party including the mysterious Ella, who knows more than she lets on, Emmett, the son of the sherrif, and a group of Dolarhyde’s ranch hands. Through a rather exciting set of events the townsfolk meet up with a band of Apaches, and a gang of outlaws formerly lead by Jake. Together the group manages to mount a rescue mission that leads them to the alien stronghold, which is their buried ship. The climax of the movie involves cowboys on horseback fighting aliens who run like big cats and wield energy cannons while the cowboys are armed with revolvers, and the Apache have spears, clubs and bows and arrows.

Final Verdict: 4.75 out of 5 on the action scale. And it gets a definite10 out of 10 on the pretty people scale, thanks to Mr. Ford, Mr. Craig and Ms. Wilde. Definitely one to see in the theaters.

Review: The Elegy of Amelia Johnson

*WARNING* Spoilers Below!


When I first saw the title of this novel, I was actually thinking it might be a bit of a horror story. I thought maybe this mysterious Amelia Johnson got turned into a zombie or was some other sort of supernatural monster. My thoughts wandered to scenes featuring Amelia eating brains or turning into a werewolf and attacking farmers in the countryside of Germany or France.

Then I started reading it and found that the story I was expecting was exactly the opposite of what I actually found. It was a heartwarming, heart-wrenching story. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it thoroughly entertained me.

This novel follows two friends, Henry and Jillian, who have a mutual friend named Amelia Johnson. Amelia is very sick with cancer and before she passes she wants Henry and Jillian to visit people she knew throughout her life. Henry is a filmmaker looking for his next movie and he decides that maybe he could make their trip into a movie. As they travel Jillian is amazed at the amount of people who praise Amelia almost as if they worship her, Henry on the other hand sees nothing but love from the people who knew Amelia.

As I read this story I began to see Jillian’s point of view. It seemed as if no one had a negative thing to say about Amelia. It bothered me almost as much as it bothered Jillian. I thought maybe I had been right, and she was some sort of vindictive character. Then they paid a visit to Amelia’s brother, and we see that Amelia wasn’t always as perfect as she seemed. Jillian finally left and went back to New York while Henry continued on.

When Henry gets back he takes all the footage he filmed of all the people he and Jillian met and he shows it to Amelia. She is moved by all the nice things people had to say about her. Her last piece of advice to Henry is to try and patch things up with Jillian. Jillian has quit her job and gone to work on a novel she started years before, her phone rings and a friend of Henry’s is on the other end letting her know that Amelia was gone.

The end is fitting as Henry and Jillian come together and watch the DVD that Amelia made for them. The funeral is well attended and the entire congregation is moved by the film that Henry and Jillian have made.

Due Date is a Crazy Ride

*WARNING: Contains Some Spoilers*

Let me start by saying I am not usually a fan of what I call “Zoolander/Bruno” humor. Yes, I call it that because I can’t stand either one of those movies. Zoolander just bores me, whereas Bruno (and on that same note, Borat) makes me sick to my stomach. So I went into The Hangover determined I wasn’t going to like it. And I was way off base. I laughed so hard during that movie Mr. Doc had to pause it at least half a dozen times so I could go pee.

So when I heard that Zach Galifianakis was going to be doing a movie with Robert Downey Jr, I got really excited with a side feeling of trepidation. What if it goes back to that “Bruno” humor and I just hate it? I’m happy to say that’s wasn’t the case. Of course I’ll watch just about anything with Downey Jr. in it. (see above picture)

Due Date was a fun ride. From the very beginning when Downey Jr.’s character Peter is telling his wife about a dream he had where a bear chewed the umbilical off their soon-to-be born child, to the end where Peter and his wife are cuddled up in bed with their newborn daughter watching Galifianakis’s character, Ethan, make his TV debut on Two and Half Men.

It had its parts that made me cringe, in particular the scene where Ethan is beating off right next to Peter and then Peter looks in the backseat of the car and Ethan’s dog, Sunny, is DOING IT TOO. Mr. Doc found this so hysterical I was forced to watch it upwards of a dozen times. I finally took a cue from Peter and just hid my head under the covers.

One of my favorite scenes begins in the Range Rover Darryl loans Peter. Ethan is driving and Peter is asleep. We see Ethan taking a hit off a bong. It’s apparently time for his “glaucoma medicine.” Peter wakes up and tries to roll down a window, of course Ethan has locked them to get a “good clambake going so Sunny can get stoned.” Peter realizes he’s stoned too. He looks over at Ethan, and Ethan is a BEAR! *gasp* Is he the bear from Peter’s dream? They end up accidentally trying to cross the border into Mexico and they get stopped for having weed. Ethan runs away and leaves Peter to take the heat. Eventually he comes back and rescues Peter and they end up driving a Border patrol truck all the way to LA. On the trip there, Ethan finds a gun in the glove box and it goes off shooting Peter in the leg. They pull over, Ethan pukes on Peter’s gunshot wound, manages to rip a door off the truck and finally they make it to the hospital. Peter busts into his wife’s delivery room and promptly passes out from blood loss. When he comes too his daughter has been born, and Ethan the Bear was there to cut the umbilical cord.

I’ve heard this movie referred to as “The Hangover .5” and I can see where that is a true statement, but it was still a nice, no-thinking-required, easy to watch film. I laughed, a lot. Cried just a little when Darryl used Ethan’s father’s ashes to make coffee (he keeps them in a coffee can). And hid when Sunny masturbated. All in all I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Galifianakis or Downey Jr.

Childhood Strikes Again!

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my cousin Conor had a battery-powered Bigfoot. It was just big enough for the two of us to fit in, and we would constantly fight over who got to drive it. For those who don’t know who (well technically what) Bigfoot is, he’s/it’s a Monster Truck. Monster Trucks are souped up trucks, cars, or even a hearse that have been fitted with tires that are over 6 ft. tall. They tour the country smashing ridiculous amounts of 80s Cadillacs and Chevys.

Around the same time that Conor and I were fighting over Bigfoot, my mom took us to a Logging Expo in Atlanta. Logging Expos are sort of like Comic Con but for loggers. There are TONS of booths selling equipment, or giving out information, but my favorite part has always been the equipment displays. Especially the ones with really big tractors that I could climb into that have lots of buttons to push and levers to play with. What was so awesome about that particular expo, though, was that Bigfoot was there. Large and in charge.

Ever since then I have wanted to see an actual Monster Truck show live in person, and not just on TV. So when my Mom called me about two weeks ago and asked if Mr. Doc and I wanted to go to the Monster Truck Jam with her and Dad, my answer was an immediate yes!

Back in the 80s & 90s, Bigfoot had one main competitor on the Monster Truck circuit: a converted hearse aptly named, Grave Digger. First seen in 1982, Grave Digger quickly rose to stardom as the main rival to Bigfoot. Now as a kid I didn’t like Grave Digger because he beat Bigfoot! To a 5 year old, that was A BIG DEAL. These days I feel a little differently.

Friday night rolled around and after a satisfying dinner at Chick-Fil-A, the four of us rolled up to the venue. Our seats were all the way in the last row but since it was stadium seating, I thought we had pretty great seats. The first thing that really hit me was the noise. That roar of a souped up engine being revved like there’s no tomorrow, and no muffler.

There were six trucks competing at that stop on the tour: Monster Mutt, an ADORABLE truck complete with tail and floppy ears, El Toro Loco, with a flame paint job and horns of course, The Turtle, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles paintjob (Raphael to be specific), Prowler, a tiger complete with creepy eyes, and Predator, a snake truck that just couldn’t stop breaking down; I felt bad for the driver.

So, the first event is a race, two trucks starting on opposite sides of the arena. In that event the winner is determined by who can get around the track and over two sets of five cars the fastest. Grave Digger was ahead until he came up against Monster Mutt, who beat him by a nose. *giggle* Two more race type events followed and then came the Donut Competition. Basically the winner was whoever could do the best Donut. Turns out that was El Toro Loco. He did 10 consecutive spins before coming to a halt. It was pretty awesome to see. The final competition of the night was the Freestyle. This consists of the trucks going around the track, over the sets of five cars and also attempting to jump over two sedans and cargo van that have been strapped together. After a night of losing, Grave Digger pulled out all the stops and WON the Freestyle competition! I was ecstatic!

All in all it was a fun-filled night stuffed with screaming myself hoarse and being rendered temporarily deaf by the noise of engines. Now I can’t wait till next year.

The Family Business

My family has been running a logging business for just over 60 years. In the late 40s my grandfather and his brother started the business with one truck, a chainsaw and themselves. These days, my dad runs the business along with his brother, one of his brother-in-laws and another man who has been working for the company for 15 years. I have been helping my dad ever since I can remember. As a kid, I held tools, swept his shop, arranged his toolbox, and even got to pressure wash his log trucks. Now that I’m an adult, I keep track of all his production and I do his payroll weekly. Recently, I found out that my current job will be phased out by the end of the year. Not wanting to be unemployed, I decided it was high time I learned the family business. So, this past Saturday, dad took me to his current tract of wood. The machine I am learning how to drive is called a skidder. It looks like this…

It’s purpose is simple, to drag the trees to the main clearing so they can be de-limbed and loaded onto a truck. For the first part of the day I rode along with dad. There was only one problem, a skidder is meant to be a one person machine. I spent about two hours trying to balance on a narrow ledge, with my feet braced against the seat and the door. It wasn’t the most comfortable time but I enjoyed it. Of course I didn’t enjoy trying to climb in. The first step is about 4 ft off the ground…and I’m only 5′ 1″. After watching dad pull about half a dozen “drags”(a group of trees that’s laying on the ground) he let me try it on my own. My first try wasn’t all that great. I had to go forward and then reverse about ten time before I got lined up, but the second time I only had to do it once. Dad was impressed and he says I have real potential. After all, someday I’ll be the owner of the company. May as well start learning now.

Introduction to The Guild (or why I have a serious girl-crush on Felicia Day)

I first discovered The Guild about six months ago. I was listening to an episode of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast and his guest was Felicia Day. They talked about The Guild which in turn pushed me to investigate it. I went through all three seasons in less than a day.

For those who have never watched the show, it follows the lives of six members of a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game for non-gamers) Guild who spend hours a day playing together.

Most people would wonder why that’s interesting, and I was a bit skeptical before I started watching it. But then she appeared. A beautiful red-haired goddess. I am, of course, talking about Felicia Day. IMDB is one of my best friends. It tells me just where I might have seen an actor or actress before so I immediately searched Ms. Day. The lightbulb came on when I saw that she had starred as Penny in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which had also featured Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris. She’s been in many other popular shows such as Dollhouse and an upcoming episode of Eureka.

The Guild is funny, sometimes sad, and full of believable characters who are very easy to fall in love with. From Zaboo’s obvious obsession to Vork’s OCD, the ups and downs they face together are so much fun to watch.

Plus, Season 4 has Wil Wheaton in it…that means it must be good.

A Robot, A Ninja, and A Gay Guy! Part Deux!

6.      How long does it take for you to complete an episode, from the idea to the finished product?

Trav- We have a pretty quick turnaround on episodes.  First, Eric Loya and I will discuss episode ideas.  That can be a long discussion, like for the Season Finale, or a very short blurb, like “The guys play some board games.”  Then Eric will go and write a first draft of an episode.  Sometimes I’ll give notes for him to do re-writes (“First Halloween” is the only episode where I made him rewrite the entire thing), and then we get together with Director Rob Wood and Eric’s wife Catherine (who is responsible for the amazing set photos), and we go through the script and refine.

After that, it’s a matter of finding the time when everyone can get together to shoot.  The earlier episodes took a lot longer, but when we got into the groove, we were pumping out 3 episodes in a shoot.  I usually take a day or two to edit.  The Halloween episode was shot on the Sunday before it was released, and it was out on Monday night, I think, so we’re capable of a pretty fast turnaround.  I’d trade a little bit of that time to have a professional editor who knew how to color correct.

7.      What is your favorite episode?

Trav- It’s Sophie’s Choice!  There are so many great episodes already, and some of them are so different it makes it hard to compare them.  I love “First Halloween” because we had very little time to put it all together.  The performances in that episode are great.  “Game Night” is just so different and silly, I find something to laugh about every time.  And I can’t leave out “Mr. Furper,” obviously because of Nicholas Brendon, but also because it’s just so smart, taking moments from previous episodes and weaving this new character into our world’s past.  Those are my top 3, and I think that’s the best you’ll get from me on that.

8.      What kind of equipment do you use?

Trav- For Season One, we used the Canon HF200, a brilliant little camera for the price.  Our boom mic is an Azden SGM-1X, the cheapest available again, but performed admirably.  We purchased a GlideCam HD1000 between episodes 3 & 4, and it’s probably the best investment we made.  It allows us to have nice, smooth handheld shots without a lot of jitter, and gives the camera “breath,” which gives life to the scene.  Our lights are cheap Target lights with 5 arms each, and we use 100 watt-equivalent CFLs, which give off a strong, even light.  This is maybe the point where we could make the biggest improvements with a better light kit and a couple extra crew positions.  Lighting is so important, and we just couldn’t afford to do that right.  I edit on Final Cut Pro, on the cheapest iMac we could get last year.

For Season 2, we’ve already picked up our new camera, the Canon T2i, a DSLR that does HD video very well.  It’s under $1,000, but it gives us access to 35mm lenses, which is something indie filmmakers have never had at that price.  I’ve used it to record some vlogs, and it’s wonderful.  I’d like to get a better boom mic, and maybe a lav mic set, as well as a lighting budget to either buy or rent lights.  And because my computer really lags with all that HD footage, I’d love to upgrade to something with a little more power.  The new high-end iMacs are gorgeous and really fast while still being relatively affordable.

9.      How does it feel to have the kind of following you guys have?

Trav- Our fans are amazing.  Not only are they incredibly supportive, but they’ve been going out of their way to share the show.  Every so often we’ll get a piece of fan art that will blow me away (which we love, send more!).  It just boggles my mind sometimes that people are creating artwork based on something I made!

At VidCon this year, I was approached by people I’d never met who were so excited to hug me and get a picture with me, my heart was just bursting.

Of course, we’d like more fans.  We want to share our work with as many people as we can, because that’s why we do it.  But in fact, we need more fans.  In order to be sustainable as a production, I figure we’ll need at least 60,000 regular viewers.  That’s just an imaginary number; just an estimate on my part, but the logic is like this:  It costs us a certain amount to keep producing each year.  Say that’s $60,000 (another estimate).  Well, if we make $10 off of a t-shirt or a DVD sale, that’s 6,000 sales we need.  I’m guessing that only 1/10 people will actually buy something each year (which might be optimistic), which brings us back to 60,000 viewers.

We need help to get there, so every fan that tells a friend about “Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy” (or writes a blog about it that reaches much more than that) gets us a little closer to our goal.  And we all appreciate that very, very much.

10.      (And because I’m curious) Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

Trav- Jeez, do I even have one these days?  I used to love Robert Pattinson, before he did “Twilight.”  When he was just Cedric Diggory, he was gorgeous.  I still have the hots for Ian Somerhalder, though I haven’t seen a single episode of “Vampire Diaries.”  (Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires!)  Oh!  I know!  Hayden Christiansen.  Even though the Star Wars prequels killed my childhood, I don’t blame him at all.  He’s been really good in other things, and he’s always yummy.  Also, the new guys in “Glee.”  You know, the blond and Kurt’s new boyfriend?  Yeah, you know.

Here are some helpful links including a button *points* to push if you want to help these guys out. Also a message from Travis asking for your donations. (He’s adorable, you know you want to help)

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