Book Review: Chicks Dig Gaming

Book Review: Chicks Dig Gaming ed. by Brozek, Pearson, Smith?, & Rabe

Review by Prof. Jenn


Books of this nature can easily fall into the trap of redundancy. Witness my review for Queers Dig Timelords, another anthology of this ilk, and indeed in this series. Chicks Dig Gaming does not, however, fall prey to the trap. The collection of essays span from wicked satire to sweet nostalgic memoir, to a celebration of gaming in general or certain games, a recounting of a particular gaming event, to analysis of a game or game trope, a recounting of the history of video games, to the ever-important discussion of the unfair and even dangerous treatment of women in the gaming world. This collection doesn’t only discuss video games, but board games, LARPing and pen-and-paper RPGs are discussed as well.

My problem with Queers…, as you recall, was that the essays all had the same tone and even the same subject matter (Doctor Who changed my life because…). This, especially read in big sections in one sitting, started to grate on the nerves, or at least became repetitive fawning. Chicks...doesn’t do this, as each essay has an author voice distinct from every other, and the topics at hand vary widely. I commend the editors for this, as it’s an entertaining as well as an informative read throughout.

Highlights of this collection include: a satirical look at the lack of boys in video gaming and what we can do about it, a paralleling of Mario to a bodhisattva and the Mario games to Buddhism, how one author who didn’t like video games at all tried Portal, and a delightfully written description of how another author learned to get cutthroat in Eve Online.

Bottom Line: this collection is highly recommended for anyone who loves any games.





Carrying on in “Real Life” When Your Fandom World is in Pieces.



Every fandom member has had this happen. Suddenly you’ve run out of words on the last page, or the screen goes black and the credits begin to roll. He’s dead. Or maybe that other character that you finally learned to like was just kidnapped by that really bad person. Heck, maybe Billy just fell down the well again. It doesn’t matter. As you realize that there is no more fandom input for your desperate brain to consume for at least another year, your insides feel like they’ve been hollowed out, your gaze is devoid of anything even remotely resembling humanity, and eight hours later you find yourself crawling out from under the covers with less finesse than a one-legged zombie. Your life feels like it’s over. You can’t possibly wait to know what happens next. Your characters are in peril now. Driving to work, you imagine a thousand different conclusions to the ruthless cliffhanger that the fandom writers left you with. Your heart is twisting in your chest, your brain has turned to mush as it tries to find logical conclusions for the lives of those in your fictional universe, and then you make it to work or school and everyone is walking around like nothing even happened. This post will tell you how to react to the real world after something catastrophic has happened in your fandom.



So, you’ve made it to the desk. That’s good. You can’t be certain that it’s your desk because your eyes are probably filled with a solid liter of unshed tears, or maybe you’ve just put your basic navigation skills on pause because your brain needs to devote the entirety of its intellectual capacity to determining every possible outcome for your beloved characters (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, anyone?), but that doesn’t really matter right now. You managed to make it to the right building (hopefully), and now you’re sitting at a desk looking like you know what you’re doing. This is key. People like to trust in what they see. If they see you sitting at a desk, they will think, “oh, they are working.” If they see you sitting at a desk with blank, soulless eyes, they will think, “oh, they are working hard.” Just keep this up. Replay every scene from the previous night over and over again in your mind, like a poorly pirated DVD titled “I’ll never be happy again.”


Note: Looking as if all of your hopes and dreams have been smashed to pieces is another successful approach. In fact, this might even get you invited out by the people who don’t know you well enough to know that “out” for you is actually a stealth mission involving pajamas and a late-night emergency pint of Ben & Jerry’s.



It’s been about an hour now, and while you have mentally visited every detail of the episode multiple times, you haven’t actually moved. People are starting to stare. Then again, maybe you’re just being paranoid. Even if last night’s show ending did feel a bit like a personal attack against you by the writers. Either way, you’ve got to do something and make it look productive. Your best bet is to start typing away on the computer. No one ever questions the work ethic of someone in a typing frenzy. The important part is consistency. The more you type, the harder you’ll appear to be working. The hardest part is that you’ll have to move despite the fact that you feel more fragile than one of those burnt sheep left behind by one of Dany’s dragons. The good news is that moving is really all that you have to do to look productive. So, start typing. You can type anything. Why not write out every last detail that you can remember from the beginning of the series until now and begin rating them on the likelihood that they’ll help you figure out what the writers are going to do with your characters before they even write the rest of it? Better yet, why not write a letter riddled with vitriol to those evil, soul-eating writers detailing everything that they’ve ever done to bring misery to your life? You’ve got almost seven hours of work left. You could get in at least twenty pages by then, right? Besides, it’s not like your boss ever actually asks for a finished product on whatever day it is.



So, your boss walks up and asks if you’ve completed that really important sample-paper-product-thingy that he asked you to finish the day before. You know, before it happened. Your first thought is that you can’t believe how insensitive he is. And, you’re right. He clearly doesn’t care that you were up all night clutching a pillow and pleading with an empty room to just spare this one character. This is the moment where you need to realize that a complete lack of empathy is actually a prerequisite for most management positions, and act accordingly. It’s time to soothe the human-hating beast so you can avoid anyone realizing that you’ve been rendered incapable of carrying out work tasks by what the non-believers call “fiction.” The safest approach is to make it seem like you’re horribly afraid of letting them down. Using phrases like “I just want this to be perfect for you” or “I want to make sure that it’s up to your standards” will calm the dreaded management figure by making them feel important and like they deserve the best. This will buy you more time to come to terms with the trauma that you’ve suffered. It might also get you a raise.



Some irrelevant, non-character figure walks up and says some sort of greeting in a language that is distinctly not I-couldn’t-sleep-last-night-because-feels. It’s probably english. But, like, the kind that isn’t tainted with misery and sorrow. So, what do you do? First, go for the nod. A casual, I’m-not-falling-apart nod. Then, redirect the conversation immediately by asking them some random question that has to do with their thoughts or life. After they begin droning on about their kids or hobbies like the selfish, non-fandom members that they are, occasionally nod and murmur “uh huh” until they finish their coffee and walk away. Following this, promptly give yourself five solid minutes of mourning time dedicated to your characters. It’s important for them to feel your support right now. You just have to make it through this one little day, and you can get back to them. It’s one day of work. You’ve had many of them. You can do it. It’ll be easy, right? You won’t give up. You’re a survivor.



You’ve made it to lunch, but the pain won’t stop. And, really, how could it? As the fog of shock fades and the reality of what happened begins to set in, you’re actually feeling worse. Pretending that you’re a member of the real world just isn’t working. Your characters are hurting. You’re hurting. You need to go home and binge-watch every episode ever made to remind yourself of happier times. Immediately. The timing is right. You just need to carry that tuna fish and jelly sandwich (don’t judge yourself for the error in food preparation, you were still in shock then) to the bathroom, produce your best imitation of a wounded, middle-aged man that’s been forced to watch reality TV all day, and throw it in. For added effect, rub some water on your face and walk out letting every inch of your fandom pain show. The non-believers will misinterpret this as food poisoning. Once this happens, mumble something about needing to go home, and then make your exit. The second you pass through the office doors, run home. Run like you have red hair and the king just died, very publicly, from poisoning. There is nothing else right now. There is only fandom. You can feel guilty about it later.



Daliya Risik


Show Review: NERDZ! A Seattle-based Nerd-themed Burlqesque Show

Violet Deville

Burlesque as we know it now has been around since the mid-1800s but in the past several years has been making a roaring comeback across the board. Over time multiple demographics have flocked to try their hand at adding their own style and flare to the art form. Maybe it’s because we live in Seattle, maybe it’s the rising public face of Nerd culture, but regardless the reason, this city has been the home of multiple nerdy burlesque shows.

NERDZ, aptly named and hosted by the lovely Violet Deville (@VioletDeVille ) at the Rendezvous’ Jewel Box Theatre, was one of these selfsame shows.

The Rendezvous is a familiar place, even if you’ve never been there. It has that glorious divey feel without making you worry about needing to sanitize your hands every time you touch anything. While perhaps not a ‘well-lighted place’, it’s clean and friendly and even Hemmingway would easily make himself comfortable.

Stella Vaughn

Just past the bar and to the right you’ll find the entrance to the Jewel Box Theatre. It’s a cozy space with a stage perfect for small cast performances. From the moment I gave my name at will-call, it was clear this was not your average show as I was asked to produce an appendage and ‘roll for stamp damage’ when my wrist was marked.

Violet Wilde (or @lilyorit as I know her), was not only the reason I found myself at that particular location that night, but was also our fantastic Mistress of Ceremonies. With a bubbly and endearing charm, she along with her two stage assistants, D and D, both provided entertaining introductions and ran a raffle to The performances were all tributes to various fandoms celebrated in nerd culture and spanned across multiple ranges of skill level and styles.

The audience fell into laughter at the delightfully campy rendition of Indiana Jones featuring the talented Scandal from Bohemia.

We were awed into silence at Stella Vaughn’s haunting depiction of Leeloo from the cult classic The Fifth Element when she performed an erotic ballet to the opera featured in the film.

We witnessed Morgue Anne’s slow motion take on Super Girl’s quick change inside the phone booth.


We had our childhood memories both resurface and oddly violated with Violet Deville’s performance set to the Muppet Show theme which ended in a quite the grand finale that showcased a replica of Gonzo’s nose right between… well you get the idea.

Some of my favorite moments included two performances by Tempest who showed a wide range of skill in dance, from a completely improvised piece which featured staccato movement and snake-like undulations to an elegant and articulate belly dance set perfectly to music.

Sailor St. Claire

Two other highlights for me included a breathtaking Firefly themed feather fan dance from Sailor St. Claire and a hilarious chipt-tunes rap tribute to 8-bit games by Bolt Action where every detail seemed covered in dedication to his theme–right down to the 8-bit “diamond” pasties glued to his nipples. Hands down the only man I’ve ever seen able to walk off the stage with that much dignity in only his converse, sunglasses and underoos.

However my favorite performance of the night was hands down the last. While they were all lovely and fabulous and worthy of an individual review themselves, Scarlet O’Hairdye’s Dr. Who themed performance won me over completely. From the skit that preceded her burlesque performance where she wandered in dressed remarkably like a female Tom Baker to how closely she kept to this theme not just by costume, but song, routine and props. There was never a moment where you could have not understood what she was parodying and I have to admit, using the 4th Doctor’s obscenely long scarf as a regular burlesque show might use a feather boa was charmingly clever.

Scarlet O’Hairdye and Violet Wilde

All in all, while every live show has its technical difficulties, or the performers nerves show through, I would highly recommend a nerdy burlesque show if you have the chance. Support these Confident nerdy women expressing their love for fandoms through the art of comedy, dance and erotica.

In short: I had a frakkin good time and would highly recommend it.

For more information about upcoming shows run by Violet Deville, visit her website



Ground Kontrol Inaugural Ladies Night

Last night Ground Kontrol Arcade in Portland, Oregon had their inaugural Ladies Night free play event. There were prizes from Things from Another World & Shebop, a craft exchange (I brought a pair of 1-up earrings and took home a technicolor stuffed Dalek). I had a great time and cannot wait until the next one!


Picture 1 of 34

Calling All Geek Art!

Let’s preface this by saying:  You don’t have to be an artist to participate in this.  Amateurs, dabblers, and hobbyists welcome. In any style you’d like, we’d like to include you in a fun event!


First of all, we’ve been asked to join the Late Nite JengaJam next Tuesday, the 29th at 10:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Pacific to talk about all things nerdy. Swoots and myself will be there reppin’ all the Babes in Nerdland (wait, what?) in an appropriately geeky fashion.  We are very excited about this, and welcome any and everyone to join in by listening, calling in, or talking to us via chat during the show. If you have questions, we have answers. If you just want to discuss whether Matt Smith’s forehead is too big to navigate the dimensions of time and space without spacial interference or not….. Hey. We’re down. If you just have a crush on Jack Edathil, and wish to hear his pretty voice, we can dig that, too. But in addition to just joining in the conversation, you can be a part of this event by submitting geeky fan art to be displayed during the show.


This is where you can have fun and see your work displayed for all of the internet to praise and celebrate your creativity (it happens).  Whether it’s a picture of our NiB chick high-fiving Optimus Prime, Doctor Doom playing Jenga, or even a stick figure sketch of you and your friends playing a table-top RPG, we’d like to see your fan art.  As long as it’s not copyrighted, and we’re given permission (by you, the artist) to display the work, we want it!   It can be general geeky/nerdy, specifically geeky/nerdy, or Nerds in Babeland or JengaJam related.


Submission info:

What:  geeky fan art made by YOU

When:  submissions must be received by Monday, March 28th by 11:59pm

How:  send all artwork to

Why:  for fun! your work will be displayed during the show, and a post will be made on our site here to show off the entries, giving you proper credit.

Where (to get additional info):  if you need information about us, the Nerds from Babeland, check out our About Page.  Click any individual contributor’s link for more info about them, usually including pics and related interest.  More information about LNJJ is available on Their Site.  If you’d like to use our NiB logo, you can view/ download/ copy a full-sized version here.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us and ask!

Our Amazing Followers

This is a shout out to you.

Yes. You!

We started this blog just a few short months ago. It was dreamed up by Stephanie (shinyswoots) as a way for the nerdy chicks of the Node community to share our interests and geek out about nerdy things. If you’re suddenly finding yourself questioning what a Node is, “The Node is the official Nerdist community. It is a collaboration network for creators to nerdsource (crowdsourcing with nerds) and exchange ideas,” created by Chris Hardwick, and fueled by some hard-working folks that love getting nerds together to do productive things. Ever wonder about that “n” gear shape in our logo? Totally his.

Since then, we’ve seen a tremendous growth in our readers both in numbers, and also in diversity. We’ve opened up pathways for communication with interesting and challenging folks, groups, organizations, and companies, which only allows us to do more and more. Because of this, we’ve been able to keep this going, plan exciting events for the future, and even lay down some groundwork to get you guys some really cool stuff coming up. This is all thanks to you. Basically, what I’m trying to say here is… we love you.

One area we’ve seen quite a bit of growth in is twitter. As simple as that is, our twitter account (@nerdsinbabeland) is currently up to 830 followers, and going strong. We post fun links, information, and general tidbits throughout the day, and are able to easily communicate with our fellow geeks through this medium.  We want to keep this going, and we want to show our appreciation for your help in this. Here’s the deal.  Like fun, silly things? Awesome. So do we. Recommend us to your followers to gain us more followers on the twitter. Our 1000th follower will get a sketch from me, personally (@jackietherobot), as well as whomever referred them.  I can’t promise this will be a good sketch, but I can promise it will be ridiculous. Probably random, too. In addition to that, we will also ship you and lucky # 1000 a couple of NiB buttons with our nerd-girl logo (which I drew, by the way).

Commence the scuffle, and know that we ♥ you either way.

P.S. – The Node is a closed Beta community site, and is invite-only. If you ever want an invite to the Node, just email us at, and we’ll be happy to send you one!

It’s A Kane Christmas!

This past week has been a non-stop ride of fan fun and it’s all thanks to Christian Kane. I was able to spend two glorious days seeing both him and the entire band of Kane during events they played in North Carolina. Let me tell you, I’ve been a happy fangirl.

I have been a fan of Kane for a long, long time. Yes, I’m proud to call myself a Kaniac. I even reviewed Christian Kane’s musical career for Fandomania during my Fan Music series this past summer.  So, needless to say, I like the man as a singer just as much as an actor. And when I saw him at Con-Con (the official Leverage con) in March of this year, I reiterated the fact that he needed to bring the band to North Carolina when he tours. Signs did not point to that ever happening, so I was resolved to the fact that I may only get to see Kane live when I travel to Portland. Oh, but things can change very quickly and if you keep your ear to the ground you can participate in the most wondrous things!

The way I found out that Kane was playing at the Saturday Winterfest in Raleigh, which is literally right down the road from me, was a happy accident while reading friends-of-friends entries on Livejournal one night because I had some extra time on my hands. This is the power of social media. It was definitely meant to be, since that’s how I learned that the band was swinging through Raleigh for the event, as well as playing other venues during the week!

The entire day spent with my fellow Kaniacs at Winterfest was magical. I got to hang out with some wonderful ladies and make some new friends in the process. Also, proving that Kaniacs are hard-core, we braved unseasonably cold temperatures, snowfall, freezing rain, sleet, and hail while standing outside for two, three, four hours in length just to see Kane play a short performance. Fans drove in from many states just to see them live. We’re fans, it’s what we do. And we were rewarded for our efforts by a great performance by a great band.

And so began the first leg of my two-part Kane experience, since just two days later I’d find myself traveling two hours down to Charlotte so that I could celebrate Christian Kane’s CD release of “The House Rules” with not only my fellow Kaniacs again, but also the band itself. Plus, we got the CD in our hot little hands at the gig, so it was a win-win for all involved. While seemingly warmer than the Saturday performance, the cellar location for the acoustic performance was still a bit chilled. But the band warmed us up with lively songs and great conversation. And we got a warmer meet-and-greet with Kane.

So, if you’re a Kaniac, be sure to call your radio stations to get them to play “The House Rules.” I’ve been doing it! And if you’re not yet a Kaniac, check out Christian Kane’s CD. There are songs on there bound to fill a variety of moods, so there’s always something worth listening to. And be sure to catch Christian Kane in his role of Eliot Spencer on the hit show Leverage when it returns this Sunday on TNT.

Big Bang Theory Vanity card

Here are the vanity cards from Chuck Lorre for the last two eps. of “Big Bang”. I adore this show–enjoy!

CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #311 (11/11/2010)

When I’m not working on The Big Bang Theory, I work on other TV shows. One of those shows gets a lot of bad press. Sometimes, when I read the very unkind things written about that show, I’ll remember the words of a sleazy music manager I was briefly associated with back in my rock ‘n’ roll days. The guy was right out of central casting. Bald, middle-aged, pot-bellied and sucking on a cheap cigar, he would sit behind his metal desk in his ratty little office and pontificate to dumbass musicians hungry for career guidance. One of his speeches has remained vivid in my memory for thirty-five years. He said, to a soon-to- be-nonexistent, dumbass power trio I was then a part of, “Boyz, if halfs da peoples loves ya, and halfs da peoples hates ya, you’re a star!” At the time I had no idea what he was talking about. It wasn’t until fifteen years later when I was writing for a TV show called Roseanne that I figured it out. I was once again reminded of all this when the star of the show I was talking about earlier came out for a curtain call in front of a packed studio audience. They went wild with applause. I looked at the man taking the bow and thought, “there is a big star.” Then I looked up at the screaming, cheering audience and thought, ‘there are halfs da peoples.’ ”

CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #314 (11/18/2010)

Mornings are the worst. The mind seems undefended, easy prey for both memories and imagination. What happened. What should’ve happened. What might happen someday. Your fault, my fault, no one’s fault. The only way to relieve the torment is to get up, empty the bladder, drink the coffee, read the paper, run the treadmill, perform the animal sacrifice, paint the chicken blood on the groin and call upon the demonic spirits to bring you back.

Nights are bad too. Once again, exhaustion makes the mind vulnerable to obsessing over woulda, shoulda, coulda. The only thing to do is sit alone and eat the chicken which was senselessly murdered in the morning.

Loving The Anti-Hero

ShadowHawk Property Of Image Comics and Jim Valentino

Recently I attend the NC Comicon (for a review of that con, see my Fandomania article). While there, I attended a panel led by Jim Valentino of Image Comics. Among other things that were discussed, he mentioned a new-to-me comic character that I have got to check out! That character would be ShadowHawk and was described as ‘what Batman would be if he wasn’t a pansy who kept letting the bad guys, namely Joker, get away.’ Finally! Someone who understands me!

I grew up on Batman. I have never missed a movie and I’ve even sat through some of the not-so-good animations. One thing I’ve always been frustrated over was Batman’s continual morals that never lets him kill those that deserve to be killed, else he be no better than the criminals who run the streets. Yeah, well, I disagree with that theory. That may be why my favorite vigilante anti-hero in the Batman universe is Jason Todd aka Red Hood. He has his own morals, along the lines of ‘those that deserve to die will die.’ He’s also the rejected middle child of the Batman family, so he has his own set of problems to deal with.

But until this past weekend I had never even heard of ShadowHawk. In my defense, my exposure to comics was always limited to the big two of Marvel and DC, so I’ve just recently been trying harder to branch into all the other presses. That’s why I like attending comic conventions, since the independent market abounds there. And the characters I’m drawn to are often the anti-heroes. Magneto, Rorshach, Wolverine, and Jason Todd are just a few that have filled my shelves over the years. Their sanity might be a little shaky, but their determination is never questioned. Morals are all well and good, but sometimes bad guys just need some killing. I’m hoping ShadowHawk can join my long line of comic loves.

The Birth of a Hashtag, a Nickname and a Movement

So it all began rather innocently as many great things in history do. ;D

It was the early morning hours of Thursday, October 7th, 2010, and I was getting ready to settle in for a marathon overnighter listening to David Tennant on The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio (UK). I casually began to ask my tweeps on Twitter who was present (I wanted to know who I was going to spend the morning with) and people began to tweet me replies. Slowly, we grew to a dozen (myself included) and at that point I decided to stop counting people. A dozen David Tennant fangirls sounded like a good round number. =)
@seduff_asked for suggestions as to what we should call ourselves in trying to get ourselves a shout-out and I made two suggestions. I honestly can’t recall the first one but the second one was #absolutedtfangirls. It had a double meaning which I really liked – devout David Tennant fangirls and David Tennant fangirls staying up/getting up early to listen to Absolute Radio. I didn’t think seduff or anyone else would really like it that much. Soon several people agreed and the hashtag for our David Tennant Twitter party (the ‘party’ term coming from @tardis_tara) officially became #absolutedtfangirls.
I reluctantly decided to listen to @seduff_ and sent an e-mail into the station. I didn’t want to take the time to write up something intelligent (LOL) only to have it overlooked like every other time I’ve written in to ANY show/site but what the hell! I even went so far as to make my e-mail fangirlie & cheeky and provided them with my actual city location because it wasn’t like anyone would ever read that information on air. Boy, was I wrong!
Around the same time, the Heart Fm show which would include an interview with David, had begun and although I was supposed to be recording it I ended up going back and forth between both radio shows. BIG mistake!
As I was listening to Heart Fm, I decided to save my e-mail for posterity since it was a site-based submission and once I had sent it there was no way of retrieving it. I posted it through twit longer and at about the same time I did that I began to see tweets pop up on my timeline that read “He mentioned us!” “He read my e-mail!” and then I came across a ‘Congratulations!’ tweet sent my way. Congratulations? I was truly confused and thought maybe someone was congratulating me for having had the nerve to send in the e-mail I’d just sent.
By this time, I had switched back over to Absolute Radio just in time to hear the end of @tardis_tara ON THE SHOW! She was telling her story about meeting David in New Mexico while she was an extra in the upcoming remake of Fright Night and described her brand spankin’ new Doctor Who tattoo only to have an awkward silence linger from Christian’s end. I was laughing so hard that I tweeted I was pmsl at Christian. <—- Remember this tweet; it will up again later. =D
During Tara’s on air appearance, more congratulations came my way and by now it was clear I had missed something big on Absolute Radio! I felt really dumb but had to ask if my e-mail had been read on air and in came the “Yes, they did! Right before Tara!” tweets. I was crushed. It had been my one shot at on air radio fame (LOL) and I had actually MISSED it! I felt like a loser! The loser feelings didn’t last long though as I quickly began to recall exactly what I had typed in the e-mail! =O I was now completely embarrassed!
The #AbsoluteDTfangirls around the globe have joined up for a twitter party to await the coming of the Time God on Christian’s kick ass breakfast show!
Sunday can’t come soon enough and we look forward to Decoy Bride as well as the epic Fright Night where, basically, Peter Vincent is the hero! OHH YESS!
Love, McFangirl =D
P.S. When the hell is Tennant gonna do a shirtless photoshoot?! We’re begging you, David!”
I was feeling really awkward & disappointed that I had missed out on my own 2 seconds of fame and would have to wait hours to listen to it when @seduff_ tweeted a link to a partial audio recording of Christian reading several of our party’s e-mails including mine and tardis_tara’s interview. I tried not to listen for as long as I could and finally gave in. I was horrified & thrilled all at the same time and learned that I had forced Christian to get his sidekick, Richie, to google ‘Decoy Bride‘ because they didn’t even know what it was. That was too funny!
As I was finishing up the audio clip, I was shocked to see Christian’s Twitter av sitting in my @ replies feed. It was indeed a tweet from Christian, alright and it read:

I was surprised but will admit it felt really great to know Christian had taken the time to click ‘reply’ on one of my goodness-knows-how-many dorky tweets that morning to send a tweet-out (??? is that what Twitter shout-outs are called? LOL!) to all of us AND me! …But MCFANDANGO girl? WTF? That was both hilarious and troubling all at the same time.
As you can see, the tweet got several retweets and then everyone started calling me mcfandango girl. *palm face* While it was amazing a radio celebrity had made up a nickname for me it got really old really quickly and within five minutes, I tweeted that whomever chose to call me that again would get bitten. Several people decided to disregard the ‘warning’ but no, I didn’t actually get a chance to bite anyone. Darn. ;P
The seemingly never-ending waiting went on and then FINALLY David showed up. The interview was awesome and near the end Christian asked David to give the #absolutedtfangirls a shout-out prompted by a tweet (and several retweets) from @tiddytennant which he did, sort of… in his David kinda way. He didn’t get the name quite right and no thanks to Christian, erroneously sent it out only to those of us in the U. S., bless his little heart!
The entire experience was awesome and I’ll never forget it. I think it really brought a lot of us closer together in our Tennant fandom. =) I’m looking forward to the Tennant/O’Connell “Dream Team” getting back together sometime before the end of the year to bring us all together once again for another ‘David Tennant Twitter Party’.
Thanks to the tweets, retweets and the on air ‘advertising’ the #absolutedtfangirls hashtag got out there and now all Tennant fangirls refer to themselves as such making Twitter lists, using the term on their blogs & websites, and aiding in spreading it even further. I’m very proud & happy that the hashtag got out there and that so many fans the world over have embraced it. It really means a lot to me but I have seduff to thank for asking the initial question that prompted my hashtag answer.
While girls may forever call themselves #absolutedtfangirls this post is dedicated to our DT dozen who will always, in my mind, be THE original #absolutedtfangirls (in random order):
@hypocritter, @vincents_biatch, @MOTDS6690, @JenLeigh82, @TenSuitConverse, @GojyoChan, @beth_evers, @GallifreyNative, @TARDIS_Tara, @seduff_, @BeatlesWhoMuser, and me, @mcfangirl.
Now for the tweet about me pmsl at Christian: About 3 days after the radio show aired, I pulled up Christian’s tweet to snag and save for all of time (heheh) when, for the first time, it occurred to me to click on the ‘in reply to mcfangirl’ link on the bottom of the tweet and to my surprise and one finaly time – embarrassment – Christian hadn’t just grabbed one of the tweets I’d sent him and clicked reply, he had actually gone to my profile page and then clicked the link to reply to this tweet:

AWKward! LOL!
I leave you with one last pretty cool story:
On Saturday, October 9th, 2010, David was on Graham Norton’s radio show and Graham read an e-mail from a fangirl who wrote that the #absolutedtfangirls said, “Hello!”. Graham asked David, “Do you know them?” to which David replied, “Not personally but I’ve heard it [the term] before.”.
Clearly, he remembered us!
I can now die happily as the #absolutedtfangirl! ;D
**An extra special thank you to @seduff_ for her amazing work on the logo featured at the top. You can see more of her work here.**

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (The Next Doctor / Planet of the Dead / The Waters of Mars / The End of Time Parts 1 and 2)

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