The Internet is a Wonderful Place

Sunnseanicarts on Youtube combined Doctor Who and CSI:  Miami to create this mashup – CSI: Gallifrey.

Enjoy. It’s kind of brilliant.

Awesome Shop Vac Video

There is this guy I’ve had the awesome fortune to interview on my Geeky Pleasures radio show. You may have heard of him. His name is Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton). Yesterday was his 40th birthday. There is this other guy. You probably have not heard of him, even so I have. His name is Jarrett Heather (@spaceparanoids). I know of his work through this song contest called Masters of Song Fu. JoCo was one of the masters. For Joco’s birthday, Jarrett created the following really amazing  animated kinetic typography video.

And if you do not read JoCo’s blog, then you’ll want to check out this very special birthday video, created by his fans.

NSFW: Cranialspasm chats with Clay Robeson (Hey! It’s a pre-podcast podcast!)

I’m too exhausted to figure out how to add a podcast to my actual website, so I found a place to host it for free. Sorry about the ad at the beginning.
I had the opportunity to interview Clay Robeson, the dynamite mind behind “Frak You”. We talked puppets, nerding out, plugging the Node “in non dirty way” and odd Google searches. Probably NSFW. Actually, most likely NSFW.
I also soapbox. What can I say? Interviews = opinions. My opinions may not coincide with all of the other NiB (That’s short-hand for nerds in babeland.)
Here’s a teaser picture that you will get about 40 minutes in. You’re welcome.

If you are opposed to me getting tipsy and talking to Clay, this is not the interview for you. If you want to giggle and hear about upcoming awesomeness… LISTEN!

Here are the links!

Twitter: @StanleySpeaks
Twitter : @George2020

How Inception Should Have Ended

I swear we are not just becoming a site that shares youtube videos but I could not resist posting this little bit of awesomeness! There are a lot of great ones from this group, How it Should have Ended, but this Inception one is one of my favs mostly due to what starts happening at 1:26 and the little bit that follows. Oh man. If you need someway to kill an hour or so, entertain yourself with these guys!

Double Nathan All The Way!

This was just shared with me by the awesome Edgar Garcia. It’s a little old and many of you have probably seen it but if not, heh!

The story goes that on Sunday morning just before SDCC Nathan Fillion started retweeting every DRATW tweet. Edgar got one too many RTs and, as a result, he made this hilarious little video. Enjoy!

Down in Front

We have an upcoming interview with the boys from Down in Front: Teague Chrystie, Brian Finifter, Michael ‘Dorkman’ Scott, and Trey Stokes. We’ll be posting that soon but in the meantime, check out their movie commentaries. They aren’t really your traditional MST3K commentaries or the ones you would typically hear on DVDs. They dissect movies and give their praise or their own nerdy suggestions as to how they might have fixed certain plot problems. Seriously, they’re awesome. Check ’em out. Down in Front.

Three of the boys from Down in Front have films on Our Favorite Star Wars Fan Films – Movies Feature at IGN. They are “Injured Stormtrooper” by Brian Finifter (#6), Ryan vs. Dorkman (#5), and The Pink Five Saga by Trey Stokes (#4). Check out their work below (I linked RvD2 instead of the first one just b/c it’s my personal favorite of the two :))

This won’t embed but you can click on it to go to youtube OR the whole saga can be found on Atom films ( so go check them all out there 🙂

Frak You!

A wonderful nerdsourced production posted on The Node (@node) by fellow Nodist, Clay Robeson. Everyone needs to check this out. It’s brilliant parody of Cee-Lo’s Fuck You. Clay’s description:

When Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You!” came out, a parody (not that it really needed one) sprung forth into my head full born, like Athena from Zeus’ big ol’ melon.It was, of course, wrapped in the geeky goodness of Comic Con, and my own personal passion for puppets. The problem, as is often the case with puppets, is that you can never do it alone.And so I called upon my own personal nerd brigade to assist, and received extra vocal tracks from Colorado, and extra hands for puppets and eyes for cameras more locally.What resulted is something that we’re all pretty happy with.

A little mash-up to start your day

Now I’m not entirely sure if I haven’t seen this before because I’m a newly converted Whovian or if it’s been hiding somewhere until now.  But seriously?  An amazing mash-up.

Babelcolour Rap: Doctor Who vs Benny Hill vs Eminem

House Season Premiere Tonight – Fanvid of the Day!

Yes yes, the show is not what it use to be, blah blah. However! The fanvids/comics are still as brilliant as they have always been :). In honor of this I give you my favorite House fanvid:

Bed Intruder (Death Metal Version)

All sorts of awesomesauce 🙂

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