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Cartoon Credit: Phil Johnson and IT Underworld

Opinion: iPhone and AT&T vs Verizon

Cartoon Credit: Phil Johnson and IT Underworld

The iPhone has come to Verizon! Rejoice! Celebrate! Line up for hours in advance! Wait, what? Where are the crowds? Well, it seems like there weren’t any. Reports have shown that the iPhone’s availability on the Verizon network didn’t illicit the same screaming crowds as other Apple releases have. Perhaps this is because current Verizon customers already pre-ordered? Or maybe people just weren’t too jazzed up over the release. I can’t believe that, but it’s possible.

For myself, I have not bought into the iPhone family. In fact, I haven’t bought into any smart phone line. The one thing that prevented me for even considering the iPhone was its reliance on the AT&T network. Aside from the fact that many users have complained about dropped calls and bad service, I would get no service at all in my area. So, last time I was looking at cellphones, I couldn’t put the iPhone on the list. Instead, as the next best thing, I take my iTouch everywhere. All the features of an iPhone except the phone! Which, considering the non-functionality of that feature on the actual iPhone, the two aren’t so different after all. Now, with the AT&T roadblock out the way, I find myself wondering if I’ll make the switch to Verizon. Well, first I want to get some user feedback. If it’s actually going to have the same problems or potentially be worse than its previous incarnation, then I’ll just say no thanks.

So how about yourself? Have you bought into the iPhone family? Were you waiting for it to cut ties with the faulty AT&T? Or are you not interested even now? I have an iTouch, so I have apps, and I have a separate phone that actually makes calls and texts, unlike some smartphones, so I’m in no hurry to join the iPhone crowd. Ask me again in a few months, though. You never know what Apple might come up with next.


I’m Still Here: Desktop Withdrawl

Yes, I have been quiet recently on both this site and my site. Sadly, I got the dreaded blue screen of death. I did actually try to stream the Joaquin Phoenix *cough*bio pic*cough* before my computer crashed so maybe Casey Affleck should get me a new computer. My phone also died. The Blackberry rollerball decided to liberate itself from it’s flimsy prison. I believe it might have been eaten by my imaginary friend.

For me, this month has been “Digital Disaster December”. Angst! Sadness! Woe! Woe Blackberry (Blam-a-lam)! But as of Saturday, my cell phone sobfest reached a thrilling climax. From the ashes of my Blackberry rose a phoenix from the ashes. iPhone 4. It is a holiday present to myself (which means no one else is getting a present this year… suckers).

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I felt like I was in recovery. I had limited internet access so I couldn’t log in to any of my favorite sites. I couldn’t listen to my Podcasts. And my iPod wiped itself when I plugged it in to my computer. I guess I should have known my desktop was crapping out.

Without electronics I have been shaking like a chihuahua in Connecticut. I wanted to check everything to see what people were posting. What was happening to all of my friends? It is amazing how addictive the internet has become for me. Luckily, my mother and I had planned to bake a metric buttload of cookies and peanut butter truffles so at least I had something keeping me busy. We made Christmas dinosaurs. I named mine Rex Harrison (The stegosaurus, obviously. The T-Rex is Jimmy Stewart.)

Question: What do you get irritated about when you can’t use it? Does the fail whale make you want to punch a baby?


I felt it necessary to pop on here and let you guys know that I’m still here, just think of me as the girl in the cast on the volleyball team. I’ll be limited until desktop resurrection.

I heart you all and keep pushing @nerdsinbabeland to 1k followers!!
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Since I’ve been ranting about myself, I figure I should drop some nerd knowledge trivia on you all.

Did you know that “The Twelve Days of Christmas” actually starts on December 25th? It ends on January 5th, also known as “Twelfth Night”. William Shakespeare’s comedy “Twelfth Night” is believed to have been written to end the Christmas season with a laugh. I JUST MADE YOU LEARN SOMETHING! BWAHAHAHA!

(For you Angel fans, a little more trivia! Illyria is the name of the setting of Twelfth Night and is believed to be an ancient region on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea.)

You’re welcome internets. I miss you terribly.

Image Credit: Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD)

Code Relaxation

Image Credit: Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD)

In my job, I handle very many aspects of coding; from HTML to CSS to PHP. I was once asked by a coworker why I enjoy coding so much and I explained that in many aspects it relaxes me. I’ve told friends the same thing and they often look at me perplexed. But it’s still very much true.

I didn’t get fully online until I went to college. In my local community, we were so limited in resources that we fell far behind in computer technology. However, in college I was exposed to the world wide web. And almost instantly I wanted to learn how everyone made those cool websites. So, in what made perfect sense to me, I looked at the source code and did hands-on learning to see what each piece of code meant and could do. All the books in the world written on the subject cannot compare, for me, to actually diving in and doing it myself. I learned HTML that way, as well as XML and CSS, and lately PHP. I fail at first, growing frustrated when the code doesn’t react the way I want it to, but eventually I can unlock its secrets and the world opens up in glorious technicolor. That is why I do it.

I feel like you can understand coding better when you do it by hand. The number of helper programs around are abundant, but they do not allow for a deeper understanding of what you’re actually doing when you build. There is a bigger accomplishment when you’ve built an entire site with your own two hands. And by doing so, you understand how things work and can manipulate the different aspects to suit your needs. It’s a zone of happiness that I get into, and indeed relaxation, too.

Hey, some people have yoga.

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Opinion: Black Friday

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have come and gone for 2010. For the first time in my life, I was actually near actual stores on the day after Thanksgiving, so I could take part in the event. Usually I’m at my parents’ house, which is two hours away from any stores, but this year we celebrated the holiday at my house; nearer civilization. And what did I learn from my first Black Friday? I realized that I’m an online shopper.

On Thanksgiving day, long before the over-eager shoppers were waiting out in the cold for their first shot at deals, Amazon was already putting up their sales. I snagged a number of DVDs from my wishlist for a fraction of the cost and didn’t have to move from my chair. When I attempted to acquire deals at actual stores the next day, I was totally out of luck. Black Friday was a bust.

However, you can combine your online shopping with store sales, since many retailers mirror their Black Friday deals through their online stores. Why wait out in the dark at midnight when you can simply click your mouse at the stroke of twelve? I know that’s what I’ll be doing next year!

So how about you? Do you love the thrill of the deal hunt and absolutely must be waiting at the store overnight? Or do you prefer to do your shopping online from the comfort of your home?

♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

:: C☈ξΛ☩ξ :: §ÖMξTHÎÑG :: βξΛÛTÎ₣ÙL :: TÖÐÂ¥ :: 


♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I suppose that people that have never been over my family’s for Thanksgiving find Alien vs. Predator pretty scary.


♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

I am very pissed off at my uterus right now. Let’s see how long you can last without me, b@#$h. I control the chocolate!!


♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

You know it was a good night when your car smells like a Red Lobster dumpster the next morning.



Black Hat / White Hat

I had heard somewhere that in the great Western films of old, the HERO would always wear a white hat, and the VILLAIN would wear a black one. This color difference made it easier for people to differentiate during the development of the storyline.
Because the colors are so different (one being the lack of any color and one being the presence of every color), it made me think about the difference between HERO and VILLAIN. Honestly, a part of me feels that this is truly in the eye of the beholder.
Yes, there are VILLAINs in stories that are truly outlandish. The power hungry insane scientist looking to drown the world by melting the polar ice caps, the unruly thug looking to take down the police and any so-called “do-gooder” by forming a mob. There are the jealous second sons of Kings wanting to dispurse of their brother and his offspring to ensure they rule the flourishing kingdom.
For the rest of this rambling, head on over to cranialspasm.com
For one of *those* days.

♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

I can feel my brain giving me the finger.


For one of *those* days.

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