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My Kingdom for a Fable (3)! Review: A Rebellion

Ever wanted to lead a rebellion? Wanted to run your own kingdom? Wanted to be the ultimate Lute Hero?! Well here is your chance to do all three! Yes, that’s right, Lute Hero. I think someone needs to get on that, could be the next big thing. My adventure with Fable 3 started at 11:35 at night where I decided to travel to the midnight opening with my cane, because my busted and painful knee meant nothing when I could start playing Fable 3 that very night. A note though, don’t take a friend who doesn’t have a 360 and doesn’t really like the Fable series because s/he will rip off the plastic and the sticky bit of your game without feeling or emotion without your permission. It was tragic.

So what are some of the biggest changes for Fable? Well, get this, the Hero has a voice! Yes that’s right ladies and blokes! Your very own Hero, male or female, will actually have the ability to talk, and uses that ability every so often! No more are the days of the pantomime character who expresses feelings and actions with only expressions. Kissing will sound like ravenous dogs biting at meat, and the sex will have you wondering… well, will just have you wondering what exactly they’re doing. They also have employed some top notch voice acting with their characters, such as Stephen Fry, John Cleese, Simon Pegg, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Bernard Hill.

I start this game as I’ve started the other two, being insanely good and fair, and like in Fable II, a lass. If you have a Fable II save on your 360 it will upload it and references will be made to what the former King or Queen did before, regardless of your starting gender. I usually play the game three times at the least; Angelically good, Morally Ambiguous, and Horribly evil. Although with this installment, the characters and story telling make me feel guilty for doing anything Other than being the best person ever. Hence my evil campaign goes slowly, so I’m not bogged down with metaphorical guilt.

As you may or may not have heard, the new addition to the Fable series is a two-parter, story-wise. And here is where I review what steps (in a somewhat reduced spoiler way) are to be taken that will end the evil rule of your brother, King Logan! *Please insert gasps here*

Within the first five minutes of play you will have to make several decisions that affect your moral standing right away. This leads to your mentor, Sir Walter Beck, deciding that now is the time that a revolution is needed, and that night he takes you and your faithful dog out of the castle, with Jasper, your butler, following, as faithful as your dog is. It is then revealed that your Mother, (in my case) the Hero Queen, was not the last Hero of Albion, you are! *Pretend to be shocked now* You soon gain the ability to cast magic, a fire spell, with a gauntlet instead of the usual Will ability inherent in the blood. Then you find the Sanctuary.

This is an interesting, and very important place. This is where you will go almost every time you pause the game. Your Armoury, Dressing room, Trophy room, and Xbox LIVE room is found here, as well as game options and a look your Hero’s skills and morality. Jasper stays here and will let you know when something happens or he wants to talk to you. It’s also the place where you’ll find and take quests, and even manage your real estate ventures, or even divorce your spouse, (should you not want to do it face to face.)

Your first task to start the revolution is to gain supporters and followers. But of course it would be too easy to just walk up to the different areas and get them to agree to help. First are the Dwellers, then the village of Brightwall. The King of the Dwellers needs you to do three tasks for him to prove that they can trust you, which involves you going to Brightwall. While in Brightwall you must prove yourself to the people there in order for them to help the Dwellers. To get the help that you need you must makes promises to the people; To give the mountains and land back to the Dwellers, and to re-open the Brightwall Academy. If you want to be evil then you must wait until the end to do anything about these promises. Fake your sincerity while you press the button if it makes you feel better.

Sir Walter and you are then off again after an interesting encounter with Hobbes, to Mourningwood! To a ragtag bunch of soldiers who are fighting Hollowmen. Help them fight off the hollowmen and you’ll have your next set of supporters after giving another promise concerning the Royal Army. Then you’re off to Bowerstone, one step closer to the Bowerstone Castle and freeing the people from their oppression. You’ll meet the Resistance in the sewers and have to prove yourself once again. And you’ll have an interesting run in with Reaver. Yup, Reaver is still sacrificing people to keep his immortality, and he’s dressed for the occasion. You must promise to help the poor and the children of Bowerstone Indrustial to get this support. (Did I mention a heavy Steampunk influence? Because I make Steampunk costumes, and I was practically drooling.)

Along your travels you are allowed to go off and complete other quests, or work for some extra gold to pick up some items, or to save for a rainy, bloody, day, (start amassing money now, Trust me.) Fable II players, remember the gargoyles? The ones that would insult you if you got close, that you had to shoot? No they’re not back. It’s worse! Gnomes. That’s right, talking, insulting, annoying, gnomes. That you have to shoot. And you’ll do it gladly if you find them.

Next up, I’ll go over the last step to the revolution and the ultimate threat. Note to those who can freak themselves out by playing games at night, or thinking of creepers in a dark hallway while you’re in it, alone; this last part is not to be played in total darkness. … Just me? Oh,… well, then you can just ignore that….


Fallout New Vegas Review Part the Second

Fallout New Vegas Review Part the Second

I arrived in Primm and was immediately set upon by some very mean people. (I won’t say who so as not to really spoiler anything) Exploring Primm was fun, but ultimately what I was looking for was farther on. After another hour or so of gameplay I finally made it to the Strip of New Vegas.

I was lucky enough to approach the Strip at night, so all the casinos were lit up, and it was pretty impressive. Why not try your luck and play Star Slots online now and see if you are as lucky as me. To get into the Strip you have to either have 2,000 caps, a passport or a science skill high enough to hack the robot guard. I went the easy route and paid my way in. Walking through the gate I was bombarded by ridiculous amounts of neon and the sounds of The Chairman singing “Blue Moon.” I was in heaven.

In real life I’m not much of a gambler, all I do is play fantasy golf for most of the time. When I finally find the best Boku casino (whenever that may be)I will likely spend about 10 bucks on slot machines and that’s it. But in New Vegas? I went high roller. And won most of my money back. I ended up only losing 100 caps to the blackjack table.

Wandering the Strip was kind of surreal, I’ve never been to the real Vegas so I can’t make any real comparisons but I felt kind of overwhelmed like I imagine I will when faced with the real thing. The lights, and the random hookers and drunk soldiers really added to the atmosphere as well.

Visuals wise I was very impressed with the work Obsidian did. They outdid Fallout 3 and that was beautiful game. The lights of the Strip were one of my favorite things visually about the whole game. I was also super impressed by the sheer amount of side quests in this game. The number of side quests outnumbers the main quests 10:1 almost.

Next time, I talk about companions, and the awesomeness that is Black Mountain Radio.


TRON: Evolution Voice Actors Announced

In preparation for the new TRON: Legacy movie coming in December, Disney Interactive Studios will be releasing a third-person video game named TRON: Evolution. The game, which combines elements of RPG and racing to allow for both single and multi-player options, will bridge the storyline between the original movie and the new one.

Heading the voice cast for Evolution will be original TRON actor Bruce Boxleitner along with television star Olivia Wilde (House). Joining them will be a number of familiar names from our television screens. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) will voice Gibson, John Glover (Smallville) voices Abraxas, Nolan North (Port Charles/General Hospital) will voice Behemoth/Sentries/Blaze, and Terrence A. Carson (Living Single) voices Calchas. You can see a small video of the voice cast here. This will be the second voice acting role for Ackles, who garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews for his role of Red Hood/Jason Todd in the recent Batman release Under the Red Hood.

Are you excited for the new TRON movie? Will you be heading out to your nearest gaming store to pick up TRON: Evolution? I know I’m looking forward to hearing more from my favorite voice actors and am very interested to see how Ackles’ second venture out goes.

Photo Credit: Disney Interactive Studios


Fallout New Vegas, The Adventure Begins

Fallout New Vegas Review Part I

Starting up New Vegas felt a little bit like coming home. I had the lights off, the TV turned up, and nothing to distract me from the mayhem that was sure to ensue. I sat patiently through the opening narration squeeing quietly when I heard that iconic phrase, “War. War never changes.” As a late comer to video games(I didn’t start playing them seriously until I discovered Oblivion in early 2008), I have never played the original Fallout games so I may not have quite the appreciation as some of the more serious fans, but I love it nonetheless.

When Fallout 3 came out, my husband and I were over-the-road truckers and at the time we were staying in Indiana for a few days. So we found a local Game Stop doing a midnight release and waited in the freezing cold to get this game that Mr. Doc had talked about for months before hand. At the time I was still leery of video games, and I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I understand it now. The feeling I got when I started the game for the first time was something close to euphoria.

The beginning of the game was very reminiscent of Fallout 3. You chose the basics for your character, such as name, gender, and appearance. You then use a machine that looks like an old fashioned “Test Your Strength” game to assign point values to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills. Finally Doc Mitchell gives you a series of Rorschach tests to determine your tag skills, which you can tweak to your liking. The result of the Rorschach tests also determines the parting gift you receive from the good Doctor.

I was given a Laser Pistol(one of my favorite weapons in Fallout 3)some ammo for said pistol, a Vault suit, and some stimpaks. Plus I raided his house, because it’s not stealing.

After leaving his house I explored the town of Goodsprings for a bit. Met up with Sunny Smiles(what a name)and received a Varmint Rifle. She “showed me how to shoot” and then took me Gecko hunting. The giant Geckoes made me laugh. The way they run is hysterical. We shot the Geckoes that were patrolling the wells for Goodsprings. I did a few more quests in Goodsprings before heading to Primm, looking for the men that shot me and left me for dead.

This concludes Part I of my review look for more in the near future.

The Nerdy Casual Gamer

Ok, let me preface by saying that I am in no way a “gamer”, but I do like to play video games. I have two of the three major systems in my house. Well, I have 3, but I only have a Playstation 2. We have both the Wii and the Xbox 360. And handheld-wise, we have Sony’s Playstation Portable and Nintendo’s DS. When I say we, I mean – my husband and I. The amount of money which has been spent on video games in our household could probably cure the national debt. Well, maybe not so much – but you get what I’m saying. We have a lot of games for all the systems. Our fearless leader, Miss Woots, had this idea about reviewing all the systems and asked for me to take a stab at it. So here we go. Again, this is from a standpoint of a casual gamer. Not a Fragg Doll.

Let’s begin our tale with the Playstation 2. Now, this system is a juggernaut. Sony has yet to stop releasing games for this system. Why? Because it had sold more units than any of the new generation systems (source). I still use my PS2. However, the only reason I use it is to play my favorite video game series (Kingdom Hearts). We have a few games for the console and we’ve owned it since March of 2003. We have yet had to replace it (*knock on wood*). Why on earth would Sony stop making the PS2 when they’re still selling consoles?

However, should the Kingdom Hearts series make its way to PS3, then this will be the title that will be a system buyer in our household. It’s unfortunate but true. There are many fun games on the PS3, but to me – it’s more about the Blu-Ray player than it is about the graphics. If you want a good Blu-Ray player, and wouldn’t mind playing some video games, then the PS3 is your ticket. The Playstation Network (comparable to Xbox Live’s network) is ok. You can download games, as well as stream movies from Netflix. However, when it comes to networks, I actually prefer Xbox to Sony. I know that I don’t own a PS3, but you can use the Playstation Network with the Playstation Portable (PSP). I would say that the Xbox interface is more user friendly.

Which brings us to the Xbox. The Xbox 360 is a great console. I love having one. I don’t play a lot of games, but the games that I do play, I have a ton of fun. Being able to talk with your friends via “party”, or just sending voice and/or text messages via the console is great. There are many games on that system that are meant for a casual gamer – such as, Castle Crashers and Peggle. I have spent many a night playing those two games with my friends. What’s great about Castle Crashers is that it is 4 person co-op game – you can play with up to 4 friends at the same time. This is one of the main reasons I love our Xbox. Xbox also has made it extremely easy to intergrate your “social network” through the console. When you have a Gold account (an Xbox Live account, essentially), you can access both Twitter and Facebook. You can tweet from you console, as well as update your FB status. For someone as directly connected to the social media network, I loved this integration. M$ gets points from me for this feature. Plus, with the Gold account, you can download trials for games that you may or may not want to play. It’s like a test drive for a car, but for video games. I’m sure we’ve all bought some pretty terrible games in our past. How great is that option? I mean, ‘Family Feud’ sounds fun and all, but is it really? Let’s download it and find out!

I’d like to take a minute and direct our attention to the handheld devices before I move on to the third and final console. I really don’t know what I would do when I go to the doctor’s office if I didn’t have my handheld devices. My DS saved my sanity when my mother was in the CCU a few years ago – but that’s neither here nor there.

As stated previously, I have both a DS (actually, I have a DS, a DS Lite and a DS XL) and a Sony PSP. Both are two very different machines. We purchased the DS a few months after launch (we have both the Gameboy SP and Gameboy Micro). I had gone to e3 in 2003 and played Mario Kart and then realized what a fun system it really was. Eventually, we bought two DS’. And that was a blessing in disguise because a game called “Animal Crossing” came out. I wish I was joking when I tell you that I played that game every single day for 3 years. That’s devotion. Or insanity. Or a little bit of both. There are a TON of games for the DS – my personal favorites are Super Mario 64 DS and then Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (surprised? i didn’t think so). Another great game for the DS – if you like role playing games – is ‘The World Ends With You’. There are Zelda titles, as well as fun games like ‘Scribblenauts’ – where you write a word and then a picture is drawn of that word. So, you write ‘elephant’ and an elephant appears. It’s fantastic! The DS also has the capability of going online – being able to play with players, as long as you have a friend code, for certain games. My love for the DS is never ending. The battery life is about 9-10 hours, give or take. I love the DS so much that when they release the new 3DS, we will be purchasing it for our household. I’d like to say we’ll be able to buy 2 at launch, but at a $300 (as of right now), that’s a little steep. But for sure our household will have one.

Now on to Sony’s Playstation Portable. I really like this system a lot. The graphics are far superior to that of Nintendo’s, however – it is a UMD system. A UMD is like a very small DVD (non technical term). Because it is a disc-driven system, the noise that it produces while trying to load is beyond ridiculous. There was one game I was playing and all I could think was “I think I can, I think I can” as I heard the UMD spinning. One game that I played ‘Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core’ had cinematic cut-scenes that looked as if I was watching a DVD. Amazing. However, the noise of the UMD spinning is a bit distracting and makes it rather difficult to play the console in bed when your spouse is trying to sleep. Graphics – A+. Functionality – C. But, you can access the web with the PSP. So, there is that. And, you can use the PS Network, downloading games to your memory card (the DS has an internal memory, the PSP requires a memory card). The battery life for the PSP is about 5-7 hours, depending on if the game you’re playing requires a lot of juice (cue The Little Engine That Could).

Now, this casual gamer’s favorite console – the Nintendo Wii. I love my Wii. We’ve had it since launch, and we only just had to replace the hard drive this past summer (that was heartbreaking – losing all of my saved games? I held a funeral for them). The Wii is a perfect machine if you like to entertain. There are plenty of games that you can pick up while having friends over, and anyone can play. We’ve had quite a few parties where we end up playing ‘WarioWare’, basically throwing the Wiimote around like ‘hot potato’. And of course there’s Wii Sports. Who doesn’t love playing 4 person Mii Bowling? I think Nintendo finally found a niche – market to the casual gamers, or people who really had never played video games before. That’s not to say that there aren’t games on the Wii that are meant specifically for gamers (i.e. Red Steel, Goldeneye, etc). However, Nintendo is known for their heavy hitters – ‘Legend of Zelda’, ‘Mario’ and ‘Metroid’. ‘Mario Galaxy’ – both 1 and 2 – are fantastic games. They are easy enough for anyone to pick them up, but as the stages progress, you then find yourself feeling more like a gamer due to the difficulty level raising up quite a bit. If Nintendo were to only make those three games, I’d still be a fangirl. I love those characters that much.

This concludes our casual gamers’ look at the “console wars”. If you have a lot of friends that play the Xbox, buy an Xbox. If you are a person who loves technology and loves to have everything be crystal-clear images, buy a PS3. If you just like to entertain and have friends over, buy the Wii. And hand-held wise, prettier graphics – PSP. Hours and hours of entertainment without worrying if the battery is going to die – DS. I hope that what I’ve told you about may help sway you to purchase that particular console you’ve been eyeing.

Nike and the Wii

Just a quick post to add to my Wii extravaganza from earlier..
So, Nike commissioned something called the Nike 78 project, letting 78 artists take their shoes to innovate and completely change their shoe.. the article is here… and right below is the video to show how it works.. ENJOY!!!
Jess Del Pino
(the nerdy 1/2 of Hooked On Veg..
come on a veg-tastic voyage with us!!)

Let’s get on the Wii train…

Hello all.. I am going to try and show you how exercising can be fun as well as beneficial to your health. Today’s topic is the Wii. We all know it well. Host to many amazing innovations in gaming with their crazy controllers and add on controllers through the years. There was wheel that revolutionized Mario Kart and a gun holder you could put your regular controller in to help with FPS games. There was also an awesome board they introduced to help make the interactive experience come to life. The Wii Board helped bridge the gap between gaming and exercise I feel and even made getting into shape fun. These are my experiences with this idea and how it might be helpful for you too.

As the Wii gained popularity through the years they began to change their target audience to the senior generation by promoting exercise and better hand-eye coordination through their Wii Play games. Eventually they moved onto women with the Wii Fit. Oh the Wii Fit! That little on screen board is my workout friend, although some would say it does yell at you if you fluctuate your weight too much. Basically the idea behind the Wii Fit was to help promote balance and help you get in shape through prolonged low impact exercises. Each time you turn it on you were greeted by the little Wii Board and you could weigh yourself or play mini games and it would keep track of how long you would work out. The best thing is you could set up goals for yourself and it would track your daily progress, as long as you would use it that is. Wii-Fit is an excellent option for those gamers that may be willing to lose some extra pounds, visit for information about the latest dietary supplements.

I found the Wii Fit to be very fun and beneficial to helping me get off my lazy ass and actually getting fit enough to have energy and want to do more intense workouts. I definitely say that is a gem worth your time if you are just starting out. The games are fun and range from step aerobics to hula hoop. I really gravitated to this originally because it helped me with Yoga. The board gives you a chance to hold your position and measure how much weight you are putting on each leg to give you a more accurate idea of how to improve your stances. There are even balance games that make you forget that you are even working out. The on screen people are motivational and there are some pretty fun tips. The more time you log the more games you can unlock and it is definitely going to keep your interest for a while. Like anything though it will get old and you will have unlocked all the games and it might be time for something new.

So, you are more balanced then you were before and you are still looking to workout at home and inside then you can upgrade to the Wii Fit Plus, which has more games and fun. This one actually steps it up a notch and gives you a chance to go even further then before. There are new options to help you keep track of your fitness, like tracking how many calories you are burning and instead of choosing specifically which workouts you want to do there are actually predetermined routines to help you have a consistent flowing workout. The mini games are still way fun and help you gain better hand-eye coordination and balance. I guarantee that as you unlock the rest of these games you not only will be having fun, but you will be getting healthy and more in shape.

If these still aren’t intense enough for you or maybe you made it through those games and you want more then I would say you can step up to the EA Sports Active. This takes the gaming we have been having fun with through aerobics and balance and steps it up even more by adding more of an exercise element to it. You are able to start a plan called the 30 day challenge,

where you can basically spend 30 or so minutes 4 to 5 times a week going through what the game picks for you to do. I actually went through and did this challenge on the most difficult setting there is and after every work out I was sweating and actually felt like I went to the real gym. It is still fun but it definitely takes it up a notch. The sensitivity for some of the workouts are more intense and you are doing more strength training. There are easy modes and easier workouts if you want to create your own routine to follow but I will say that if you want to have a personal trainer in your home I would go for this awesome exercise experience. It also adds a couple of elements to make your workout more intense. You now have a leg strap that you place the nunchuck in when you are doing jogging exercise or squats and you also have a resistance band to help you simulate lifting weights, which you can always simulate further if you make the band smaller.

There was an extension to the EA Sports Active that adds 30 new exercises and 6 new activities to go through. I think what I liked most about this is it is an add on so you can incorporate your old exercises with the new ones. Another thing that is cool is you can keep a daily diary to help you stay in shape through exercise but also keep track of your diet as well. It really helps stress how health is an overall experience that isn’t just about working out, but also about how you eat and treat your body by making sure you get enough rest. The reason this is my favorite is because you can basically create a virtual you that mimics your every move while you make it, like a cyber mirror.

There are plenty of exercise games that have come out since these such as The Biggest Loser, Gold’s Gym Cardio and even kids workout games like Active Life-Extreme Challenge. This console has spawned an entire workout community that would never have existed and even some of the people who were used to using workout tapes have switched to this when their favorite video trainers have gone to the Wii, like Jillian Michaels. Classically I feel like our generation hasn’t been one to be workout obsessed but I think that this gives us all a chance to get a little more in shape without killing ourselves and also while having fun. When I started using the games I mentioned I had not been an active person for many years and this jumpstarted me to wanting to be more healthy but in a more moderate sense. I feel now that as time goes on the games we play are going to promote exercise more discreetly and we will be getting off the couch to get more involved in our games. I can’t wait to get and review the Playstation Move and Xbobx Kinetic because they are totally getting on board with this idea. So, thanks Wii for paving the way!

(Now if only they could get me a DDR in my house I would be set.. haha)

This is what Grandma’s Boy was trying to convey.. and I am jealous of it..


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Hot time in the Old Town Tonight!

To those of you ladies who are playing Halo: Reach, the guys of Achievement Hunter(Also the guys who bring you Red vs. Blue)are hosting a community playdate tonight from 8-10 Central time. I’ll be about, my Gamertag is Tenii87. Drop me a friend request or a party invite and I can show you my somewhat mad skills…well my slowly developing mad skills. 😛

Video Game & Movie Releases – October

Not to step on VGDoc87’s toes, I actually wanted to compile this list but cant access the blog from work >_< Note this isnt ALL releases as there are a lot of smaller titles, but I tried to grab the ones with bigger names or multiple platform releases. So in short, below is a list of upcoming movie and video game release dates to keep your eyes on, and wallets handy for. I’ll cover the remaining week of September along in this list. I’ll try to keep this up every month if people like it and would like me to. Video Games
Sept 28 – Borderlands Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution (exp) – PC/360/PS3
Sept 28 – Front Mission Evolved – PC/PS3
Sept 28 – Dead Rising 2 – PC/360/PS3
Sept 28 – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – PC/PS3
Sept 28 – Fifa 11 – PC/360/PS3/Wii
Sept 28 – Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock – 360/PS3/Wii
Sept 30 – Final Fantasy XIV – PC
Oct 05 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow – 360/PS3
Oct 05 – NBA 2k11 – PC/360/PS3/Wii/PS2/PSP
Oct 05 – Two Worlds 2 – PC/360/PS3
Oct 05 – Def Jam Rapstar – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 05 – Final Fantasy the Heroes of Light – DS
Oct 05 – NBA Elite 11 – 360/PS3
Oct 06 – Comic Jumper – 360
Oct 12 – Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals – DS
Oct 12 – Everquest House of Thule (exp) – PC
Oct 12 – Lucha Libre AAA Heroes of the Ring – 360/PS3/Wii/PSP/DS
Oct 12 – Arcania : Gothic IV – PC/360/PS3
Oct 12 – Scribblenauts 2 – DS
Oct 12 – Medal of Honor – PC/360/PS3
Oct 17 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Wii
Oct 18 – Fallout : New Vegas – PS3
Oct 19 – EA Sports MMA – 360/PS3
Oct 19 – Fallout :New Vegas – PC/360
Oct 19 – DJ Hero 2 – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Sims 3 – 360/PS3/DS
Oct 26 – Rock Band 3 – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 – PC/360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Fable 3 – 360

Oct 01 – The Social Network
Oct 01 – Let Me In
Oct 01 – Case 39
Oct 01 – Freakonomics
Oct 01 – Barry Munday
Oct 01 – Hatchet II
Oct 01 – Chain Letter
Oct 08 – Disney’s Secretariat
Oct 08 – Stone
Oct 08 – My Soul To Take
Oct 08 – Life As We Know It
Oct 08 – I Spit On Your Grave
Oct 08 – It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
Oct 08 – Down For Life
Oct 08 – Nowhere Boy
Oct 08 – Tamara Drewe
Oct 08 – Wild Target
Oct 15 – Red
Oct 15 – Conviction
Oct 15 – Carlos
Oct 15 – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest
Oct 15 – Down Terrace
Oct 15 – The Two Escobars
Oct 22 – Hereafter
Oct 22 – Paranormal Activity 2
Oct 22 – The Prisoners
Oct 22 – The Company Men
Oct 22 – Knucklehead
Oct 27 – Baghdad Texas
Oct 29 – Saw 3D
Oct 29 – Welcome to the Rileys
Oct 29 – Monsters

Upcoming releases

Sparkles Fantastic’s post reminded me that there are two titles coming out next month that I am incredibly excited about.

1) FALLOUT NEW VEGAS: The long awaited next link in the Fallout franchise is almost here!!!! I am seriously looking forward to using my V.A.T.S. system to headshot Super Mutants and the new irradiated geckos!

Plus there’s a Super Mutant that seriously looks just like narrator Ron Perlman…for realz. Even though Obsidian is the big dog on this, it still has that Fallout look I got so used to in Fallout 3, the best game of 2008(IMHO). For me, it’s the most exciting release besides Halo: Reach and Fable III(which I’ll get to in a moment). It’s an RPG, which is my true calling when it comes to video games, I’ve played Oblivion enough times I can become the head of all the factions in less than a day of playing, and I can beat the game in less than 5 hours. I shine in RPGs like I decidedly don’t in FPS games. So this release is a BIG DEAL for me.

2) Fable III: The other game that is making me anxious for October to hurry up and get here. I have my copy of this(and F:NV) on pre-order at my local game retailer and I am looking forward to being able to finding the villager I created with the Villager Maker in the game. Plus, I LOVE the way Fable looks. All of them. They are some of the prettiest games, and I am a huge fan of the whole medieval theme the game has going on.

Well that’s my video game news for today! Look for some more coming soon!


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