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Web Cartooning by the Signs

I am sure we have all heard some hoopla regarding changes in the western zodiac as we all know it. Up is down, Cancer is now Gemini, Scorpio is now Libra and left is east.
Time’s website put out the following which my Pisces friend sent to me:
New Zodiac Sign Dates: Earth Rotation Changes Horoscope Signs.
Just as a few of my friends from all walks of the zodiac wheel were either scratching their heads or declaring horoscopes bulldink across the board, my Taurus friend posted the following:
Don’t Worry, your Zodiac Sign is not Wrong.

I’m a happy Scorpio…well, as happy as a Scorpio can be on an average day sans coffee. Seeing the buzz on Facebook and even in general conversation, it hit me that regardless of any planetary shift or what may or may not have to change in the newspaper horoscope section, that we have love by the signs, career by the signs, but I have yet to see cartooning by the signs.
I seek to change this. Now that we have our sun signs and astrological shifts back in place, I am going to attempt to show how one might create a web comic based on his or her astrological sign. I’ll state for the record, I am at best an amateur astrologer.
That said:

My comic is the first of it’s kind. I know it’s a fantasy RPG adventure, but hey, let’s put a locomotive in that panel? Maybe some ninjas while I’m at it!

Soon as I’m settled in my comfy easychair, I am going to finish and upload this panel…maybe tomorrow?

New topic, new comic. Now, what kind of punchline can I deliver with that sledgehammer?

I’m going to need some alone time to get this comic finished and get better flow for that story arc.

I’m going to have to showcase this comic at a convention…a big one. I know! I’ll go around the tables as my own main character! I’ll look goooood doing it too!

Drawing board: check
Drafting Pencil: check
Micron pens: check
T-Square: check
Everything in its place!

I need to get banner balanced just right. The web page and art sshould look simple, yet aesthetically pleasing. Hmm…maybe I should get a second person on this, maybe a web designer or editor?

I must be the best….who’s that other cartoonist and how did s/he get my readership? That’s it. Conventions and more XML and a darker story arc will rule the panels.

I’m going to have to draw this comic while on the road. How snarky can I make the punchline this week?

I need to be at least 10 comics ahead of myself. Maybe more than that? I should get cracking!

What can I do to make a more experimental comic strip? Maybe make this comic not a comic at all, but my illustrated spider monkey ninja opus…..

This comic needs more haiku. Maybe generate a few soul searching questions to the readers? That works!

Astrology’s Dirty Little Secret

I do not believe in astrology, but that is irrelevant to this conversation. This isn’t about the accuracy of astrology itself but about the inaccuracy of the zodiac being used for horoscopes and astrological signs, the forms most people think of when referring to astrology.

There are twelve astrological signs, each corresponding to a constellation from the zodiac. The word zodiac is roughly translated to mean ‘circle of animals’ which is a very accurate description. Each constellation of the zodiac falls into a ring around the earth known as the ecliptic; the paths of the Sun, Moon and planets around the earth also roughly fall in the ecliptic. People’s astrological signs are assigned by the position of the constellations when that person was born. Whatever zodiac is in the sky is that person’s sign.

The zodiac has been around, unchanging, since the Romans; and this is the heart of the problem. That is a long time; so long in fact the earth’s axis itself has shifted. Earth’s axis wobbles slightly, this means that in the 2,000 plus years since the zodiac was first created the earth has shifted its position in space ever so slightly. The stars are around 30 degrees westward in our night’s sky than they were for ancient astronomers.

This means that the constellations no longer correspond to the signs. A chart provided by Wikipedia helpfully shows when each zodiac constellations is present in the sky and when the zodiac sign is considered present. In every instance the constellation rises as the sign sets. A person who is an Aries was actually born under the constellation of Pisces and is therefore actually a Pisces.

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