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Ballistic #1 Review


Writing: Adam Egypt Mortimer

Art: Darick Robertson

Review by Melissa Megan

From the vaults of recently formed Black Mask Studios comes an exciting new five issue series called Ballistic. This book is the return to comic book sci fi by artist Darick Robertson who created the insanely detailed and just insane visuals for the critically acclaimed Transmetropolitan. Writer Adam Egypt Mortimer brings a variety of skills to the table with his background in video direction, screenplay and cartoon writing. Now that you understand what we’re working with, let’s move on to the good stuff!

Repo City State is a future city where the technology has a mind of it’s own. Everything is alive and everything has attitude. Butch is a skilled air conditioning repair man with dreams of becoming a big time criminal boss. Along with his best friend, a drug loving, generally pissed off gun named Bang Bang, Butch sets out to start his new career by failing a bank robbery miserably. This is the story of Butch and Bang Bang, two cocky, disillusioned guys (sort of) struggling to find their place in a mad world of technology and indulgence.


Issue #1 is a great introduction to this absolutely bat shit crazy story. We get some understanding of the intimate but toxic relationship between Butch and his gun. I suspect there’s more to learn about who Butch is and why, but this issue proves he’s an interesting character with some charming flaws. Ok, maybe it’s more pity for his self destructive tendencies, but I find the slightly broken characters more fun. This story can’t go anywhere but awesome, judging by this start. If you read Transmetropolitan (who hasn’t?), it’s tough not to draw comparisons with the distinctive artwork of Darick Robertson splayed across the pages. I hope Ballistic maintains this level of exhilarating debauchery and terrific eye candy.

Ballistic is one of the most promising new series being written right now and everyone should most definitely be picking this up. Kick ass, party time adventure with a sharp edge rarely seen in comics today. It will smash your face with creative awesome.

Ballistic: New Series From Black Mask Studios


Perhaps you recall a certain futuristic, sci-fi, completely insane series back in the 90’s called Transmetropolitan? The series was written superbly by Warren Ellis and inked in a brilliant, hyper detailed style by an artist named Darick Robertson. The intensity and balls-to-the-wall attitude of that story has not been matched yet in comics, in my opinion, but a new series with artwork by Robertson and writer Adam Egypt Mortimer appears to be taking a stab at something close to it.

Ballistic is the tale of a failed bank robber in a post apocalyptic world where all technology is alive and has an attitude. Butch is an air conditioning repairman with big dreams of the criminal kind and he’s working to get there with the help of his genetically modified and foul-mouthed gun. They call Repo City State, a reclaimed trash island, home and the place provides plenty of opportunity for Butch and Gun to raise hell.

Matt Pizzolo of Black Mask Studios says “Mortimer’s mix of speculative science, pulpy noire, and drug-addled adventure cooks up a strange brew of Lethal Weapon by way of Cronenberg meets Dr. Who if written by Odd Future.” This promises to be an impressive and wild series with tons of talent behind it. I’m very excited to have the chance to review issue #1 on July 10 and I highly recommend you all check this one out.


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