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My First Year At San Diego Comic-Con

Before last month I had never been to San Diego Comic-Con. I have been to WonderCon many times over the years but never made the trek down south. That has all changed. No longer am I a SDCC virgin. I had a general idea of what to expect from it, having attended WonderCon, only not really. The crowds are bigger, the panels more surprising and the after-parties more insane.

Long lines

I had a general plan of which panels I HAD to see and those I would like to. I didn’t realize that Ballroom 20 meant a line outside, down the stairs “you better get there at 5am” kind of situation. I didn’t do that, but did find a friend who had so, yes, I got into the Game of Thrones panel. AWESOME! I was far far faaaar in the back but that doesn’t matter I got to hear the answers and dialogue before those of you who saw it online. SWEET!

I wanted to make sure I supported my friends who were on panels more so than see celebrities, because I am of the opinion that Friends are better than celebrities. In waiting for the Archaia Immortals panel I saw on the schedule that Dark Horse had something going on in the same room, and the door guards were letting people in mid-session. So I popped in with my friend Dina and, oh look, Guillermo Del Torro was on the panel; in a room with maybe 60 people in it. I was blown away; I didn’t see his name on the schedule he was just… there. He was, by the way, cracking jokes and cursing up a storm. That was probably my biggest, “HOLY CRAP” moment; mostly because it was so unexpected.

As anyone who knows me is aware I’m a huge Star Wars fan so of course I attended the Star Wars Lego panel. Where they showed clips from the new Lego Star Wars cartoon that aired that night (thank you Xfinity iPhone app! I was able to set my DVR to record it at home, from the panel; WE ARE IN THE FUTURE!). They also revealed a few new toys and a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. This is probably the coolest thing ever. Every year I get Seth an advent calendar, and every year it has crappy old chocolate. This year we will have the Star Wars Lego one for sure. They go on sale in October if you were unable to purchase it at the Con.

I also attended Bonnie Burton’s Star Wars craft panel on Sunday instead of waiting in the crazy person line for the Doctor Who panel (see again Friends are better than Celebrities, but I still love you crazy people I call friends who stood in that line!). She was hilarious as usual and entertained the crowd with stories about condiment googly eye murder scenes in the fridge and sparkly doggie poop with eyes. We made felt Yoda puppets from her Star Wars Craft Book. I own the book and it was on my list of projects so getting to make it with a bunch of other people was a lot of fun!

Cosplay Fun: Daenerys (aka The Nerdy Bird) and the Tardis (aka me)

On Thursday morning I attended the much talked about “Oh, You Sexy Geek” panel. Kristen McHugh goes into the panel in detail here, so I will only touch on a few of my own personal observations and thoughts.

The fact that I am friends with and/or know ½ of the panelists and where they stand on the issue of sexy cosplay I was expecting a good back-and-forth. I was a little disappointed that the self-described “humorless feminists” did not make a larger effort to speak and get their points across. And I was even more disappointed when one panelist said to another “Well would you wear a Slave Leia costume?” This was said to someone who has never been seen in a Slave Leia costume, so from an audience member’s point-of-view it appeared to be an attack on her personally and not a legitimate attempt at furthering the conversation. On the specific topic of “Slave Leia” there is a post over at FanGirlBlog that makes the points I would love to, in a much more eloquent way than I ever could.

I have never identified as a “feminist” mostly because the feminists I had been exposed to were very much of the “This penis party’s got to go hey-HEY ho-HO” ilk and that is not a world view I agree with or wish to spread. I am also not one who enjoys looking at the world though one very specifically colored pair of glasses, always looking for a reason to get angry about things. However, recently I have been exposed to a much different flavor of feminism that falls more in line with my personal beliefs and view on things.

Which, in a much condensed and quickie version, are this: We are responsible for our actions and how we react to and feel about ourselves and the world we live in. We have no right to dictate what another individual does, says, wears, etc. unless that person is causing direct harm to us or another individual whose care is our responsibility. I do not believe that a girl walking around in a metal bikini is causing anyone any harm, so let her have her fun and who gives a damn if she is doing it to be “empowered” or just to be “sexy” or “cute” what matters is if she is having fun while doing it. And if she isn’t having fun doing it, then it is on her to make the necessary change.

One more thing I would like to talk about before we resume our regularly scheduled programming is the Chris Gore comment and subsequent fall out. Yes, Chris was late to the panel, bad on him; yes he made a bad joke, some of us speak before thinking perhaps he should look into that. I personally was not offended by it, mostly because it was not directed AT me, but also because I tend to have the sense of humor of a teenage boy (farts are HILARIOUS, so are poop jokes). The only individuals who truly have a right to be offended are the ladies on the panel; the comment was directed AT THEM and no one else. If they have a problem with it, it is their responsibility to address it with Chris. People seem to be forgetting that Kat asked him immediately after he said it if he was trying to get kicked off the panel, the moderator DID address it immediately. I was horrified when I saw this post online. It is one thing to be upset by a comment someone makes on a panel, to blog about it and discuss it with the person who said it if possible; it is another thing entirely to try and negatively impact their livelihood because of your upset feelings. That is taking your personal beliefs and feelings too far. It wasn’t as if he said he was GOING TO, or would do so against their will. He simply said he would be willing to. It was in poor taste, especially considering the content of the panel, but it certainly wasn’t a punishable offense to the extent of his livelihood being threatened.

Haunted San Diego: Ghost Tours

I had an excellent time all around, my cosplays were well received, and I got to see friends old and new. Met some of my twitter friends in person for the first time and got some awesome graphic novels from the Archaia booth. Wednesday night I went on a Haunted Tour of San Diego with my friends Matt & AJ and had a BLAST! We didn’t see any ghosts but that’s ok, it was still fun and I found the “haunted” hotel where I hope to be able to stay next year. All in all it was an awesome 5 day vacation. It had its ups and downs, I had a few moments where my anxiety kicked into high gear and I needed time to myself. But the good far outweighed the bad and I cannot wait till next time!

RoboGames 2011

I love robots, I mean who doesn’t (a-HEM do you hear that Skynet?). I also love fire and destruction, so I was of course thrilled to discover that RoboGames would be descending not only upon the Bay Area but in my town. I attended two of the three days of fighting, fire, and excitement (did I mention the fire? Because it was really cool). On Saturday I attended with my son Seth who, like his mom loves robots and explosions (I’m pretty sure we are safe, right?). We got there around 11:15 and made our way through to the stands; stopping at a few of the booths, taking photos of robots and chatting up both old and new friends.

All Seth could talk about was whether there would be a robot with a flame thrower. The second or third bout in was up against Texas Heat, who yes, has a flame thrower. After that he looked at me very seriously and declared “when I grow up I want to be a Robotics Engineer”. I was so proud.

It is LOUD so we made sure to bring ear plugs. And after a while as more and more people showed up Seth got irritated, hot and tired so we went outside to get some air. That is when we ran into R2-D2 and his Droid Security. We spent the rest of our time (another hour and a half) following R2 around and keeping him safe. R2 is like the robo-pied piper, as soon as he was recharged the kids came swarming, and then followed him everywhere.

Sunday I arrived less one Seth plus one Bonnie Burton (who I might add did an excellent job of live tweeting the event on the RoboGames Twitter account, go check it out there is a picture of me tweeting). And while it is quite a lot of fun to attend with the little one, encouraging his future career endeavors, it’s an equal if different kind of fun, to mix robots and beer and grown up time.

To be honest I wasn’t entirely paying attention to the names of these metal gladiators, I was too busy yelling and cheering. Not until the final fight in the heavy weight class. The winner was Sewer Snake, a beast of a machine with a, you guessed it, flame thrower. YES! FIRE!

There were teams from all over the world including the Japanese teams, who were able to attend despite the earthquake. Another thing that was very cool was the number of ladies and young girls in the crowd. There were little girls who were just as excited and cheering just as loudly as Seth was. In the pit I came across quite a few females, operating the bots, on the teams that built them, etc.

There were film crews from the Science Channel there filming a miniseries on the event. It will be aired on Memorial Day, so those of you who couldn’t make it can still see what happened. I made it a point to hide from the cameras if I saw them so you don’t have to worry about seeing my goofy mug on your screens.

Go here to see all 369 photos I took over 2 days.

GeekGirlCon Announcements/Guest Speakers!

There are so many awesome things happening with GeekGirlCon right now that I’m afraid I’m going to forget stuff.  Just to be safe, I figured I’ll just include the massive banner advertising the upcoming Benefit Concert going down in Seattle next month.  The best part of this concert? You get FIVE acts for just $7 OR $6 with a donation of 2 non-perishable food items for the Ballard Food Bank! (Cash only at the door). Information on buying tickets for the event will be listed at the bottom of this post.

ALSO super exciting is the fact that they have announced two special guests: Bonnie Burton and Trina Robbins!

In case you don’t follow the fabulous Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) on Twitter, she is an author, writing several Star Wars craft and art books, content for, the official Star Wars Blog and is the brains behind the Star Wars twitter page!  Aside from her work with Star Wars, she has written the books “Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change” and “Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers.”

Trina Robbins has been writing comics and books for over 30 years, and was one of the founding members of The Wimmen’s Comix Collective. She is the author of such books as The Great Women Superheroes,From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women’s Comics From Teens to ZinesThe Best of Nell Brinkley’s Cartoons from 1913-1940, and Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story.

We’ll have more news coming in over the next few months but in the meantime, donate donate donate! It’s such an amazing cause and any small amount you can contribute will be greatly appreciated!

To buy tickets now for the Benefit Concert from Brown Paper Tickets, click this link:

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