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The Kindness of Others: A Cautionary Tale

I am absolutely amazed at the friendships that start and flourish on the internet. The people that I talk with on a daily basis I feel an incredible closeness to.

I am floored by the generosity of those that I have met online. I have seen someone post “I hate to do this, but can someone lend me $30 so I can get enough gas to get to work this week. I will totally hit you back” and will see a list of people ready and willing to pay it forward. It is amazing the amount of generous people looking to help people in need.

However, there are some times when you are not necessarily sure where your gift is going. What happens if someone says “I need $320 for a new part for my car” but is using it for something else. Did they lie? Was “part for my car” their way of getting money to pay off their bar tab? Are you being conned?

With internet anonymity, you can’t always trust the old adage “what you see is what you get”. The person that you have gotten to know and have invested time and honesty into might be a completely different person playing a role.

So how do you decipher what is true and what is false?

It pains me to admit, but I don’t know. I have racked my brain for quite some time with this predicament. There are people on Twitter begging for a RT from someone famous linking to a “charity”, but how do we know if the link is genuine?

Sadly there are people that will take advantage of the kindness of others. It is inevitable. Once you feel that you have been duped, how can you be sure that anything you want to do in the future is on the up and up?

I know this is a completely depressing post, but I just don’t know. I have no idea what advice I can give to those who have been burned. It’s happened to me in the past and has definitely affected my desire to donate to certain things. Money complicates everything. Loaning a friend some money then watching them spend frivolously without paying you back is one of the worst things to go through.

The only shining light in loaning/donating via the internet is that you can keep record of what you have given and if something doesn’t add up, you have proof of fraud. If you are extending a helping hand to someone, I suggest including someone else in the correspondence so that it is not the case of my word versus their word.

Please be vigilant. Some things to keep mind of.

1. If someone doesn’t publicly thank you for giving them something, they might be getting things from other people. Sometimes even though people are getting things from you, they might be getting money or gifts from others. They don’t publicly acknowledge because they don’t want the well to run dry. If they send you a thank you privately, save that in a special folder marked “Just in Case”.

2. Be wary of shifting stories. If someone is telling you about their life and it seems different from what you remember, make note of it. Jot a quick email to yourself or something (perhaps in a folder marked “Just in Case”). That way if the story changes again you can recognize that you are being fed a partial truth if not a complete fabrication.

3. If someone is still paying for entertainment (cable / internet / smart phone / Netflix / GameFly / World of Warcraft), they obviously have money to pay for those things.

I posted this to my site, but I think that this is something that everyone should keep an eye on. #paranoia #hashtaggingoutsideoftwitter

Top Cow Publisher Promoted to Retailer!

Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES, Calif., December 13, 2010 – Top Cow Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that the company’s publisher Filip Sablik has been promoted to working retail at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, CA for his birthday, this Wednesday, December 15, 2010.

While most individuals are beginning their holiday vacation, Sablik will be playing double duty as he teams up with the popular Los Angeles-area retailer to work as a sales associate as well as act as Santa. The publisher will hand-sell this week’s Top Cow releases (Velocity #3 and Witchblade Annual 2010), ring up customers, offer recommendations and follow storeowner Edward Greenberg’s every order.

In addition, any guest of Collector’s Paradise who purchases a Top Cow product and/or being an unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots on Wednesday, December 15, from 11am to 4pm will receive a present from Sablik.

“Collector’s Paradise has consistently been one of Top Cow’s biggest supporters in the LA area and has a terrific Top Cow fan base,” said Sablik. “And it certainly doesn’t hurt that I’m friends with Ed and his staff and family! I’ve worked his counter once before and had a blast, so it seemed like a great way to spend my birthday with the fans and give back to a worthy charity at the same time.”

Collector’s Paradise is located at 7131 Winnetka Ave., Winnetka, CA 91306 and can be contacted by phone at (818) 999-9455.

Harry Potter Fans Unite To Save The World!

The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is a vast network of fans spread across the world, united in their passion for the Potter stories and using that passion to make change happen. HPA consists of 60 chapters headed by known names in the fandom of J.K. Rowling including Paul DeGeorge of Harry and the Potters, comedian Andrew Slack, Matt Maggiacomo of The Whomping Willows and author Melissa Anelli. Since 2007 the HPA has been raising awareness and funds to assist NGO’s in supporting equality, literacy and human rights. The driving force behind the group is encouraging Harry Potter fans to develop their creativity and use it in any way they can to make the world better. Their most recent accomplishments include winning a $250,000 grant from Chase Community Giving, which they plan to put towards literacy and LGBT rights programs and raising over $123,000 for Partners in Health, an organization providing healthcare for impoverished residents of Haiti.

To get involved and learn more about this incredible group of kind-hearted nerds, go here:

Night of Too Many Stars

Last night, the 21st, was the hilarious event of Night of Too Many stars hosted by Jon Stewart to help raise money for Autism education. A live telethon took place while they played clips from the event that took place a couple weeks ago where comedians performed shortened sets and celebrity auctions took place. Some of the celebrities that performed were Lewis Black, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Joel McHale, John Oliver, Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, and Robin Williams. Chris Rock cussed out an ex-boyfriend of a bidder over the phone, and Robin Williams offered a walk on role, no speaking parts, of his next movie.

Tina Fey Swimsuit Calender

Celebrities were manning the phones, talking to donators during the live telethon. Betty White, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Penn Jillette, Captain Sully Sullenberger, Weird Al, and many many moore. The celebrities are also auctioning some things online including posters, hats, bobbles heads, food, and other interesting things signed by the stars. If you donated $75 you had the choice of a Tina Fey swimsuit calender (there’s a little bit for everyone) or a Whtie Castle burger-scented candle. And for $100 or higher you get both.

Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert treated everyone to a nice song, that they came up with and wrote about a year ago. Well, I’ll let them sing and tell with this video.

If you want to learn more about the auctions, or donate online, or through text, or watch more videos of the night, you can visit the website here Night of Too Many Stars.

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