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A Nerdy Girls Reviews a Nerdy Band

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of going to see Weezer’s “Memories” tour. The venue? The Gibson Amphitheater, or formally known as the Universal Amphitheater, in Los Angeles, CA. They’re doing two shows at each stop on the tour – first night is a play through of ‘The Blue Album’ and the second night is a play through of ‘Pinkerton’. Now, ‘Pinkerton’ is my favorite album of theirs, so as soon as tickets went on sale, I bought two tickets. I’ve never had the pleasure seeing this band perform live. And I gotta say, I wasn’t disappointed one bit. They are a GREAT band live.

The evening began with their “hits”, as was billed on the tour heading (‘Greatest Hits’ plus the respective albums). They  began their set with their most recent single ‘Memories’ to get the crowd into the mood. They continued through the ‘00s by playing most of the radio hits throughout the decade. I was thoroughly pleased when they played ‘Perfect Situation’. That’s one of my favorite songs off of ‘Make Believe’ and one of my favorite music video of theirs. What was special about this song when they performed it tonight – Jorge Garcia (Hurley from LOST, and the man who’s face graces their most recent album ‘Hurley’) joined the band and sang with River as a duet. Here’s the video, if you’d like to check it out.

Most people were hoping they would play a few B-sides and they did not disappoint. They played ‘You Gave Your Love To Me Softly’, which can be found on the ‘Angus’ soundtrack. They also played ‘Suzanne’ from the ‘Mallrats’ soundtrack. I won’t lie. I cried a little bit hearing ‘You Gave’ played live. And I was screaming and bopping around in the audience.

Throughout the show, River (lead singer of ‘Weezer’) would stroll through the crowd while singing. It was great to see him interact with the crowd, and never once did he push anyone away. Even when he was mobbed by a ton of people. He just stood there and continued singing, while being touched and fondled by those surrounding him.

They ended the first half with ‘Only in Dreams’. Now, I’ve never seen one of their shows live, but I knew from lore that that was the song they tended to end their shows with. They ended the first half with that and it was pretty spectacular. If you’re unfamiliar with the song, there is a HUGE build-up with the guitars playing a riff over and over and then crescendos into an all out rock anthem. It’s fantastic. As soon as the first half ended, I became giddy. I knew what was coming next and really couldn’t wait.

The second half began with one of the guys sharing slides from pictures of early band memories. Then, they launched into the album ‘Pinkerton’. They played through it in its entirety. To hear ‘Tired of Sex’ and ‘The Good Life’ were the highlights for myself. The energy that River carried throughout the show was amazing. It was funny, the first half he was wearing his trademark glasses, but then for the second half – it was like we traveled back in time to 1996. He wasn’t wearing his glasses, and he was wearing the button-up shirts that I remember him wearing as a teenager. It was fantastic.

If you have the opportunity to see this tour, do it. Don’t hesitate. Even if you’re not a huge fan of Weezer’s, they put on such a fantastic show. I’d say the price is worth it to check it out. You will probably end up becoming a huge fan by the end of the show. There were a few songs I would have loved to have heard live (‘Jamie’ and ‘Mykel and Carli’), but over-all, it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Definitely in my top 3. I would have loved to have seen ‘The Blue Album’ the night before, but I’m at peace with not being able to. Besides – ‘Pinkerton’ is my favorite album of theirs. If ever there was a concert I had to see, it was this one.

A Perfect Circle.. Avalon, L.A. (night 1)

Waiting in the cold for a band I am not head over heels in love with would not be what I would have wanted to do last night but after seeing them play I totally take that back and I love the idea all over again.  In case you didn’t know I used to follow Nine Inch Nails around the country and so I have slept outside and in cars, taken showers in Target bathrooms and survived on nothing but cigarettes, red bull and chips.  Those times are long behind me though and I haven’t found a band since to follow around but I would totally consider this band if I was more well versed with them.

The show at the Avalon on Nov 8th was amazing, plus the Avalon is a pretty cool looking venue.  First thing was the fact that there was no opening band, but we did get to listen to about an hour or so of Abba music.  I was having fun dancing to the few songs I did know of theirs and then laughing when the people around me were getting annoyed and saying they were in purgatory.  We were also enjoying seeing the girls on the balcony watching as the techs were getting ready.  One of them happened to be Paz, an old band member who would play strings and piano in the studio.  At one point during the show she actually climbed down off the balcony and we all thought she might get on stage but was only seen minutes later back up there eating a banana.

During their set there was plenty of stopping from the band to switch from song to song.  Maynard introduced the band one by one at points and then would pick on the bassist, who is a well known guy but hasn’t played with them before.  (Matt McJunkins)  Billy Howerdel and his amazing guitaring was running around on stage occasionally looking at the crowd.  He was scouring for ‘his’ fans and staring at them intensely.  James Iha actually told jokes on stage in between songs.  One was, “what never goes out of style, a smile.”  He laughed and told us how he thought it was funny.  Then there is Josh Freese.  If you have seen him then you know he is always having a good time.  He is infectious to watch and we all Love him.  Maynard was out in his awesome plaid shirt and crazy hair as always singing in the back left corner of the stage with sunglasses on the entire time.  He seemed comfortable and to be having fun as well.  There was even a point where he threw a bottle of Fiji Water at Josh and he caught it without missing a beat on the drums. Overall I would have to say the entire show was amazing cause you just felt like you were watching an older band just have fun.

Setlist was as follows:

(All of Mer De Noms)

David Bowie cover- Ashes to Ashes

John Lennon cover- Imgaine

After playing all of Mer De Noms Troy Van Leeuwan came out to perform with them and guest star on the backup guitar.  It was amazing because when he was introduced Maynard couldn’t stop talking about his shoes and how much he wanted them.  They agreed on a price, 2 Hungarian dollars, which later turned into two hours.  Troy looked amazing as always.  A nice pinstriped suit and white southern gator-like shoes, but to my surprise no tie.  It was nicely complemented by his buttons undone and being able to see his chest though.  His hair was the same as always.  Such a stylish addition to the line up I’d say.

After Imagine they ended the show.  Maynard was happy and said he would see us all the next night when they would be playing Thirteenth Step.  Hopefully I will see them tonight and be happy to let you all know what crazy awesome fun things they do tonight.

Jess Dp

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