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NerdMelt Shows Nov 9th – 15th!

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November 9th at 8:30pm- The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail
This weekly standup show, hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, welcomes Jon DalyLaurie KilmartinTom Lennon and more!


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November 10th at 8pm- The Benson Interruption
Join Doug Benson (Doug Loves Movies, Last Comic Standing) and some special surprise guests who don’t mind being interrupted while trying to tell their jokes. Fun + awkward = fawkward!

November 11th at 8pm- Pretty? Pretty? A Divine Art Show
Come join us at the opening night reception of a weekend-long art show celebrating all things related to John Waters’ muse Divine.


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November 12th at 8pm- Carnyville
There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a carnival. Creepy dudes running creepy rides while creepy clowns smile creepily. David Koechner (Anchorman, The Naked Trucker & T-Bone) and Dana Gould (The Simpsons, Conan) join forces to recreate the golden era of life along the midway. With stand-up, special guests, music, and a creepy sense of creepitude. Join us, won’t you? Featuring Paul GreenbergRenee AlbertMark FiteJim TurnerThe Poubelle TwinsAndy Paley and The Loaded Dice Orchestra!

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Sunday, November 13th at 5pm– Nerdist Writers Panel
Ben Blacker hosts these panels chock full of screenwriters, novelists, and more. Scheduled: Leigh Dana JacksonAdam GlassJosh Berman.

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Sunday, November 13th at 7pm  – Club Microwave
Featuring: Jim Cuomo (Australia) Legendary chip music composer form the 60’s-the90’s, most notably the Defender of the Crown game music score! Virt! (Los Angeles) World Famous Chipmusic composer and keyboard performance God! 1000 Needles (Los Angles) New to the chip Rock scene, but ready to make a statement with their chip infused pop rock gems! DJ Mike Haggar (Metro City) A staple of Club Microwave since 2003, spinning the best Chipmusic/Micromusic/IDM/Electro dance music all night long!
$8 in , $10 at the door

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Monday, November 14th at 8pm– Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown
Magician and Cupcake Wars host Justin Willman returns with his friends to present a cataclysmic evening of magic and make believe. Featuring comedian DANIEL KINNO, illusionist The GREAT DEAN-INI, and contortionist VIKTORIA GRIMMY
$8 in , $10 at the door

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Tuesday, November 15th at 7:30pm– RecordSetters
Called “Best Oddball Night” by New York Magazine, this NYC staple makes its LA debut at this very special event. Hosted by co-founders Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson, known for their regular segments on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon), this night will feature over 10 world records set live onstage. Past records have included “Most people covered by a Snuggie”, “Most Sticky Notes put on a baseball hat brim” and “Largest group of people to run into a wall and fall down”.
Scheduled record setters include Kumail Nanjiani and Alie & Georgia.
$8 in , $10 at the door or .

Podcasts That Got Me Through 2010: #4 Doug Loves Movies

Warning: These reviews are moderately if not completely profane.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs and I have found that there have been many podcasts that I needed to get through a lot of the hard times. These mini reviews (which will be sporadic in coming up because my computer is dead and my internet access is limited) are my way of thanking five that have brought laughter into my life.

So thank you.

#4 Doug Loves Movies:
Doug Benson has to be the most productive stoner in the world. It’s amazing how much he ends up doing. In addition to his stand up, his BENSON INTERRUPTION theater extravaganzas and his fresh new viewing of the BENSON INTERRUPTION on Comedy Central, Doug has time to tell everyone that will listen how much he LOVES movies. His podcast originally started out as “I LOve Movies” but this year he changed to “Doug Loves Movies”. You will find many movies online at which are easily available to watch.

In each episode he has a panel of people that talk about their love of movies or their complete lack of movie knowledge. The panelists are introduced and he’ll ask a few questions before they start playing games. They pick out people from the live audience to play for and the winner gets a bunch of stuff that all of the participants bring in.

Doug Benson, Samm Levine, Leonard Maltin, Morgan Murphy

Sometimes Doug will play the build a title movie game, but every week They play the Leonard Maltin game. He actually played the Leonard Maltin game WITH Leonard Maltin! (Don’t know what the game is? LISTEN AND YOU’LL KNOW!)

There is a reason why it is in my top five podcasts.

Check out Doug Love Movies on iTunes
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or just pop over to the site and give it a listen

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