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The Birth of a Hashtag, a Nickname and a Movement

So it all began rather innocently as many great things in history do. ;D

It was the early morning hours of Thursday, October 7th, 2010, and I was getting ready to settle in for a marathon overnighter listening to David Tennant on The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio (UK). I casually began to ask my tweeps on Twitter who was present (I wanted to know who I was going to spend the morning with) and people began to tweet me replies. Slowly, we grew to a dozen (myself included) and at that point I decided to stop counting people. A dozen David Tennant fangirls sounded like a good round number. =)
@seduff_asked for suggestions as to what we should call ourselves in trying to get ourselves a shout-out and I made two suggestions. I honestly can’t recall the first one but the second one was #absolutedtfangirls. It had a double meaning which I really liked – devout David Tennant fangirls and David Tennant fangirls staying up/getting up early to listen to Absolute Radio. I didn’t think seduff or anyone else would really like it that much. Soon several people agreed and the hashtag for our David Tennant Twitter party (the ‘party’ term coming from @tardis_tara) officially became #absolutedtfangirls.
I reluctantly decided to listen to @seduff_ and sent an e-mail into the station. I didn’t want to take the time to write up something intelligent (LOL) only to have it overlooked like every other time I’ve written in to ANY show/site but what the hell! I even went so far as to make my e-mail fangirlie & cheeky and provided them with my actual city location because it wasn’t like anyone would ever read that information on air. Boy, was I wrong!
Around the same time, the Heart Fm show which would include an interview with David, had begun and although I was supposed to be recording it I ended up going back and forth between both radio shows. BIG mistake!
As I was listening to Heart Fm, I decided to save my e-mail for posterity since it was a site-based submission and once I had sent it there was no way of retrieving it. I posted it through twit longer and at about the same time I did that I began to see tweets pop up on my timeline that read “He mentioned us!” “He read my e-mail!” and then I came across a ‘Congratulations!’ tweet sent my way. Congratulations? I was truly confused and thought maybe someone was congratulating me for having had the nerve to send in the e-mail I’d just sent.
By this time, I had switched back over to Absolute Radio just in time to hear the end of @tardis_tara ON THE SHOW! She was telling her story about meeting David in New Mexico while she was an extra in the upcoming remake of Fright Night and described her brand spankin’ new Doctor Who tattoo only to have an awkward silence linger from Christian’s end. I was laughing so hard that I tweeted I was pmsl at Christian. <—- Remember this tweet; it will up again later. =D
During Tara’s on air appearance, more congratulations came my way and by now it was clear I had missed something big on Absolute Radio! I felt really dumb but had to ask if my e-mail had been read on air and in came the “Yes, they did! Right before Tara!” tweets. I was crushed. It had been my one shot at on air radio fame (LOL) and I had actually MISSED it! I felt like a loser! The loser feelings didn’t last long though as I quickly began to recall exactly what I had typed in the e-mail! =O I was now completely embarrassed!
The #AbsoluteDTfangirls around the globe have joined up for a twitter party to await the coming of the Time God on Christian’s kick ass breakfast show!
Sunday can’t come soon enough and we look forward to Decoy Bride as well as the epic Fright Night where, basically, Peter Vincent is the hero! OHH YESS!
Love, McFangirl =D
P.S. When the hell is Tennant gonna do a shirtless photoshoot?! We’re begging you, David!”
I was feeling really awkward & disappointed that I had missed out on my own 2 seconds of fame and would have to wait hours to listen to it when @seduff_ tweeted a link to a partial audio recording of Christian reading several of our party’s e-mails including mine and tardis_tara’s interview. I tried not to listen for as long as I could and finally gave in. I was horrified & thrilled all at the same time and learned that I had forced Christian to get his sidekick, Richie, to google ‘Decoy Bride‘ because they didn’t even know what it was. That was too funny!
As I was finishing up the audio clip, I was shocked to see Christian’s Twitter av sitting in my @ replies feed. It was indeed a tweet from Christian, alright and it read:

I was surprised but will admit it felt really great to know Christian had taken the time to click ‘reply’ on one of my goodness-knows-how-many dorky tweets that morning to send a tweet-out (??? is that what Twitter shout-outs are called? LOL!) to all of us AND me! …But MCFANDANGO girl? WTF? That was both hilarious and troubling all at the same time.
As you can see, the tweet got several retweets and then everyone started calling me mcfandango girl. *palm face* While it was amazing a radio celebrity had made up a nickname for me it got really old really quickly and within five minutes, I tweeted that whomever chose to call me that again would get bitten. Several people decided to disregard the ‘warning’ but no, I didn’t actually get a chance to bite anyone. Darn. ;P
The seemingly never-ending waiting went on and then FINALLY David showed up. The interview was awesome and near the end Christian asked David to give the #absolutedtfangirls a shout-out prompted by a tweet (and several retweets) from @tiddytennant which he did, sort of… in his David kinda way. He didn’t get the name quite right and no thanks to Christian, erroneously sent it out only to those of us in the U. S., bless his little heart!
The entire experience was awesome and I’ll never forget it. I think it really brought a lot of us closer together in our Tennant fandom. =) I’m looking forward to the Tennant/O’Connell “Dream Team” getting back together sometime before the end of the year to bring us all together once again for another ‘David Tennant Twitter Party’.
Thanks to the tweets, retweets and the on air ‘advertising’ the #absolutedtfangirls hashtag got out there and now all Tennant fangirls refer to themselves as such making Twitter lists, using the term on their blogs & websites, and aiding in spreading it even further. I’m very proud & happy that the hashtag got out there and that so many fans the world over have embraced it. It really means a lot to me but I have seduff to thank for asking the initial question that prompted my hashtag answer.
While girls may forever call themselves #absolutedtfangirls this post is dedicated to our DT dozen who will always, in my mind, be THE original #absolutedtfangirls (in random order):
@hypocritter, @vincents_biatch, @MOTDS6690, @JenLeigh82, @TenSuitConverse, @GojyoChan, @beth_evers, @GallifreyNative, @TARDIS_Tara, @seduff_, @BeatlesWhoMuser, and me, @mcfangirl.
Now for the tweet about me pmsl at Christian: About 3 days after the radio show aired, I pulled up Christian’s tweet to snag and save for all of time (heheh) when, for the first time, it occurred to me to click on the ‘in reply to mcfangirl’ link on the bottom of the tweet and to my surprise and one finaly time – embarrassment – Christian hadn’t just grabbed one of the tweets I’d sent him and clicked reply, he had actually gone to my profile page and then clicked the link to reply to this tweet:

AWKward! LOL!
I leave you with one last pretty cool story:
On Saturday, October 9th, 2010, David was on Graham Norton’s radio show and Graham read an e-mail from a fangirl who wrote that the #absolutedtfangirls said, “Hello!”. Graham asked David, “Do you know them?” to which David replied, “Not personally but I’ve heard it [the term] before.”.
Clearly, he remembered us!
I can now die happily as the #absolutedtfangirl! ;D
**An extra special thank you to @seduff_ for her amazing work on the logo featured at the top. You can see more of her work here.**

Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (The Next Doctor / Planet of the Dead / The Waters of Mars / The End of Time Parts 1 and 2)

A Geek Girl’s Mecca

X Files
Battlestar Galactica

Stargates series
Outer Limits
What do all of those shows have in common?
I’m sure you can think of a few, but wait there’s more, perhaps something similar to…
X-Men series
Fantastic Four series
I Robot
The Neverending Story
Blade series
Twilight series (well most of it)
Night at the Museum
Rocky IV
Aliens vs Predator
Ok ok… I know you all get it by now. All of these films and TV shows have been filmed in beautiful British Columbia. As a fan girl I get an immense amount of pride spotting BC and especially Vancouver landmarks in the movies so many people love.
Quite recently I watched the last bit of “Neverending Story” and for the first time fully realized that the shot was coming in from North Vancouver
My heart was very very happy indeed.
It goes beyond the little things of noticing a specific location in a movie or TV show that you watch. It’s the personal interactions you have with the filming. One of my favourite memories is watching a protest scene with a fireball at the end. The office I was sitting in was about a block away (on the 11th floor of the building below on the left side) but all day I could hear.
Photo by me – the monument is important
“Rah rah rah”
Looking out the window I see people shaking signs
and fists in the air in a very organized manner
“Rah rah rah”
Wooooooooosh – Big fireball shooting up into the sky
Exciting to see the first time, and as the day went on the fireball got bigger and bigger and bigger. I could quite literally feel the heat from it if I faced the windows. I was so excited. I knew it was for the most recent X-Men after a quick Google search and could not wait to see it on film. I have to admit I was a bit let down once I realized how little of that fireball we actually got to see, but I can’t help but smile. I saw that being filmed! I was there (sorta); I got to see what was happening!
Another favourite moment was when I was watching X-Files: I Want to Believe. That pivotal scene with Mulder and Scully in bed together, I literally sat up and went “Woah!” My curtains were the same material as their blanket, yeah that’s right those are my curtains in the middle image! Guess the set designers went shopping at the Army & Navy like I did.

I know – cool right?

I will admit I have been lazy with filming locations. If I had really wanted to (and with a vehicle rather than a bus pass) I could stake out many locations of films and television series alike. In fact quite recently I was taking our local rapid transit, Skytrain, over what I’m sure is a Smallville lot twice a day. And there are always notices in the local paper about what is filming around town. My friend just told me other day that he saw “Zane” from Eureka by his work. I saw a bunch of “Hellcats” by Canada Place while having appys with my mom and sister.
Sometimes it’s really obvious that what I’m watching was filmed locally. Especially when you see the same faces over and over again. Some sort of Canadian content law like we have on the radio? It’s fun though! And I doubt that I would feel the same way if I were living in NYC or LA where it’s commonplace as well. I think the difference is that Vancouver is made up to appear like all these other cities. To be able to pick out that the Golden Gate Bridge most think they are seeing, is actually the Lions Gate Bridge creates a feeling of pride to live in this beautiful city.
photo by me – Lions Gate Bridge
A few more of my fan-girl moments in brief:
An episode of Smallville where they didn’t bother to change the street sign for Burrard St. downtown.
The local buses I have spotted more than once on Fringe, particularly when they are meeting in front of this monument and the camera is spinning around the actors. That monument is actually right in front of the office building I was watching the X-Men scene from, you can see it in the photo.
Seeing the house from one of my favourite Outer Limits episodes, The SpiderKings, when leaving Horseshoe Bay on BC Ferries
An old friend from high school worked on the special effects make-up for Freddy vs Jason – he said “doing Freddy Krueger’s make-up was one of the best moments in my life”
Kevin Durand who was in X-Men Origins used to frequent the internet café I worked at, he’s such a sweetheart
Seeing the “NYC” subway stop that was recently in a Fringe episode. When I saw it wandering around downtown I didn’t know it would be on one of my favourite shows, then again it’s probably been used a lot.
And last but most definitely not least, watching the Winchester brothers’ race in a soapbox derby. The screen the camera is aiming at in the beginning of the video was where I was sitting, on the opposite side from the cameraman, so while I didn’t get to see them coming down the road I got a close up view of them on the screen! I was too excited to take pics of my own wanting to see those gorgeous demon hunters!

The list that I mentioned at the beginning is an incredibly small portion of all the movies and TV shows, which have been filmed in and around Vancouver. No matter what genre you’re interested in there’s sure to be some ‘local’ connection for a Vancouverite. Only one aspect of Vancouver being a “Geek Girl’s Mecca” – more to come!

Video of the Day!

I can’t really call this a “fanvid” because it is just a clip from an episode but this post is dedicated to a handful of girl nerds out there that love Angel Batista and swear that they watch it every day in order to start their day off properly. Talk about objectifying men…

I do have to admit, this is pretty adorably awesome. I can’t even count how many times I have felt exactly like this while leaving a voice message. Also, it’s a good little bit of Dexter to start prepping you for the upcoming season 5 premiere.

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