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How Inception Should Have Ended

I swear we are not just becoming a site that shares youtube videos but I could not resist posting this little bit of awesomeness! There are a lot of great ones from this group, How it Should have Ended, but this Inception one is one of my favs mostly due to what starts happening at 1:26 and the little bit that follows. Oh man. If you need someway to kill an hour or so, entertain yourself with these guys!

Down in Front

We have an upcoming interview with the boys from Down in Front: Teague Chrystie, Brian Finifter, Michael ‘Dorkman’ Scott, and Trey Stokes. We’ll be posting that soon but in the meantime, check out their movie commentaries. They aren’t really your traditional MST3K commentaries or the ones you would typically hear on DVDs. They dissect movies and give their praise or their own nerdy suggestions as to how they might have fixed certain plot problems. Seriously, they’re awesome. Check ’em out. Down in Front.

Three of the boys from Down in Front have films on Our Favorite Star Wars Fan Films – Movies Feature at IGN. They are “Injured Stormtrooper” by Brian Finifter (#6), Ryan vs. Dorkman (#5), and The Pink Five Saga by Trey Stokes (#4). Check out their work below (I linked RvD2 instead of the first one just b/c it’s my personal favorite of the two :))

This won’t embed but you can click on it to go to youtube OR the whole saga can be found on Atom films ( so go check them all out there 🙂

Frak You!

A wonderful nerdsourced production posted on The Node (@node) by fellow Nodist, Clay Robeson. Everyone needs to check this out. It’s brilliant parody of Cee-Lo’s Fuck You. Clay’s description:

When Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You!” came out, a parody (not that it really needed one) sprung forth into my head full born, like Athena from Zeus’ big ol’ melon.It was, of course, wrapped in the geeky goodness of Comic Con, and my own personal passion for puppets. The problem, as is often the case with puppets, is that you can never do it alone.And so I called upon my own personal nerd brigade to assist, and received extra vocal tracks from Colorado, and extra hands for puppets and eyes for cameras more locally.What resulted is something that we’re all pretty happy with.

House Season Premiere Tonight – Fanvid of the Day!

Yes yes, the show is not what it use to be, blah blah. However! The fanvids/comics are still as brilliant as they have always been :). In honor of this I give you my favorite House fanvid:

Video of the Day!

I can’t really call this a “fanvid” because it is just a clip from an episode but this post is dedicated to a handful of girl nerds out there that love Angel Batista and swear that they watch it every day in order to start their day off properly. Talk about objectifying men…

I do have to admit, this is pretty adorably awesome. I can’t even count how many times I have felt exactly like this while leaving a voice message. Also, it’s a good little bit of Dexter to start prepping you for the upcoming season 5 premiere.

A Capella ‘Inception’

A fellow boy nerd showed this to me last night. I hope you giggle as much as I did. I think Ariadne is my favorite. I think we could all use a good laugh on this somber day.

Doctor Who Music Video – Sexy Boy

Fanvid of the Day! This video made me giggle….a lot.

Fanvid of the Day!

I literally racked my brain (literally…it wasn’t pretty) for days trying to figure out what my first post would be here. I have decided to start my own ongoing post series. Fanvid of the day!

Remember, solely my opinion. I just want to share fanvids that I particularly enjoy and that others might enjoy/hate/have things to say about either the show, vid, topic, etc.

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