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Fringe: 6955 kHz

Greetings, Fringeophiles (Fringephiliacs?, Fringe Fiends? Does this show have a special moniker for its cult members yet?)! And welcome back to Silver Title land! Silver Title Land being ‘our’ reality or the ‘real’ reality, in as much as a TV show has a reality. But lets not wax philosophical just yet. At any rate, this week we are back with the lovable, zany Walter and the always creepily half smiling Faulivia.

This week’s episode goes all twisty like and lands headlong into its own version of the X Files mythology. That wily minx Faulivia has done the deed with Peter, theoretically to throw him off the scent of her not being the real Liv. Seems like its working a little too, he brings her breakfast in bed and tickets to a U2 concert. Apparently there is no U2 in the Alt Uni, seeing as how Fauxliv seems to be faking it when she claims ‘I love U2!’ But enough about Bono’s theoretical existence in other realms, the Bat Signal has been activated once again! Holy Uneaten Toast!

(As an aside, what happened to the Peter from the pilot? The hard edged dude with a mysterious past who’d seemingly had run in’s with ne’er do wells all over the globe? I like the current Peter and its definitely arguable that his characteristics are necessary to the overall plots and arc of the show. I just wonder when the big shift happened and why it wasnt explained even a wee bit? Then again I am questioning the humanity of a character on a show where a whole other universe run by a madman and half trapped in amber exists, so perhaps I should rethink my priorities.)

Seems 15 people listening to shortwave numbers stations have undergone an identity crisis so heinous the FBI needs to investigate. Long story short, there is a pulse in the broadcast that gives listeners amnesia (separated out by Walter via a Jimi Hendrix wahwah pedal, natch) ostensibly to keep them from learning the secret behind the numbers. Aaaaaand that’s where we take a left turn at ‘just another freaky thing to investigate’ to ‘ZOMG consipracy!’ Apparently the pulse was placed in the code by a shapeshifter (Kevin Wiseman, ‘The One Ring to Rule them’  guy from Clerks 2.. casting win!) on orders from back home in Red Title Land, aka the Walternate Universe. Via our strange bookselling weirdo we learn the numbers are a code from way back when as given to us by ‘The First People’, who found/created The Vacuum which expands and destroys matter even on the scale of universes and worlds before they vanished. Ooooh! Things are starting to make some sense, no?

Too bad the freaky-eyed shifter gets thrown out a window by Fauxliv.

The whole time Walter has been giving Peter no end of grief for trying to figure out the weird organic bio machine from ‘The Box’. Walter is afraid only one world can survive and this machine will be used to determine which. Seems he can break the universe all he wants, but Peter isnt allowed to use his toys to do the same. After a pot fueled talk with Nina (its ok, they both have scripts they say.. maybe this explains Walter’s obsession with candy and ‘foods that crunch’?) Walter changes his tune after 30 some odd more pieces of the thing are found thanks to Astrid figuring out that the code actually refers to coordinates where the pieces are buried. About bloody time we got some Awesome Astrid Action!

Whew..What did I forget? Oh yeah.. Fauxliv losing it little by little.

She about blows her cover when Peter asks her to recite the code from memory. Liv has a photographic memory, apparently little things like that and hair color arent replicated exactly within the varying universes. She fakes it ok, but not so well when Nina asks her why she doesnt talk to Walter herself re: the use of his toys. She is usually so direct with him, Nina ponders. She also questions Peter about the whole ‘only one world can survive’ thing.

  • “If you knew that only one of our worlds could survive and if it was up to you, and you alone, to defend your side… You’d have no choice, right? I mean, you would have to do what you had to do. No matter the cost to protect… our world.” Fauxlivia

  • “There are billions of innocent people over there, just like here… people with jobs, families, lives. I got to believe there’s another way. And whatever my part in all of this is… I got to believe there’s another way. There’s always hope, right?” Peter

Could it be she is softening toward the folks in this reality? Eh, maybe not seeing as how later on the mysterious typewriter of strangeness used to send messages to the Alt Uni she receives an order to ‘Initiate Phase 2’ once telling the other side that all the pieces of the box of weird have been located.

Aaaaand then we jump again! Now in the Walternate Universe, our Olivia is told she need not come in for more testing in the isolation tank. Spectre Peter (the one who lives in her head when she isnt loaded on pills) tells her she knows why they cancelled it. They dont need her anymore, she isnt safe.. its time to ‘go home’.

Will Faulivia kill us all? Will Olivia ever make it back home? Will Walter eat his weight in skittles? Which world will survive? And most importantly, if they wrap this up, will it mean the end for Fringe? Afterall, if you find the secrets of the universe, what do you do for an encore? Oh the suspense!

Glyph Time!

Stay tuned for next week (from Fringepedia): The Abducted – A serial kidnapper strikes and Colonel Broyles sends a determined Fringe team to uncover additional details about the abductions. Olivia fights her memory issues and reunites with someone she believes can help her to return to her universe.


Kink In Motion

Fringe: Amber

I do love on demand TV, but sadly where I am I cant demand it until at least 24 hours after what I want to demand has aired. Since I have my super awesome poi classes for the next few weeks on Thursday nights, that means I need to find an alternate (walternate? ha!) way of seeing it post haste so I can be one of the cool Fringe nerds and write about it asap once it airs. Or have Fox just send me the whole darn season now which would solve the problem nicely, but they don’t seem to think so, weirdos. Luckily I have a friend who has DVR but she seems to frown on me coming over at 3am to watch my beloved eps.. I need better friends, sheesh.

So I am doing a non-review review today. Whilst looking around at what happened to our girl last night, I came across this most awesome of recaps. Why re-invent the wheel eh? This gives a great rundown of the whats and whys but not the clever quips so I still have something to look forward to when I watch it later today, awesome! The original review can be found here, written by Ryan McGee.

A lot has happened since “Fringe” aired its last episode. The San Francisco Giants won the World Series, the Republicans took back the House of Representatives, and the television landscape now has 50% less J.J. Abrams influence thanks to the cancellation of “Undercovers.” But Over There, much less time has passed for our Olivia. Only a few days have transpired from her perspective. But those have been sleepless days, haunted by a subconscious that looks an awful lot like Peter Bishop.

The duality of her existence has plagued Olivia in her short time on the other side, and that duality was reflected in this week’s case. “Amber 31422” refers to the unfortunately ubiquitous substance created by Walternate in order to contain molecular degradation that started when Walter Bishop first crossed over to aid an ailing Peter. But the amber, while effectively maintaining the structural stability of the planet, has a nasty habit of encasing anyone within the quarantine zone. Over the course of a few decades, the body count inside these amber tombs has risen, dotting the landscape with petrified reminders of the world’s fragile state.

Until now, both the audience and the population Over There assumed such encasing meant death. But as the Walternate confessed to Other Broyles, they are merely placed into suspended animation, with both body and mind trapped at the moment of encapsulation. (If you were thinking about getting a taco when trapped in amber, you think about a taco for as long as you’re inside. Mmm. Tacos. Ooops. Sorry. Got distracted.) Years ago, bank robber Joshua Rose caused Fringe Division to quarantine six areas thanks to a self-made device that created small wormholes through which he could access vaults. But on the sixth attempt, his twin brother, Matthew, got caught in the amber while trying to stop his brother’s crime spree.

The initial twist surrounding the brothers’ true identities was fun, while the subsequent “who is who” grew old quickly. The confusion largely served not to confuse the audience but agitate Olivia, still wrestling with the (admittedly hunky) voice inside her head dispatching information she herself could not possibly know. It’s that voice that unlocks the Rose switcheroo, which helps give slightly more credence to Peter’s presence on this side.

On one level, it’s a semi-cheap plot to ensure that Joshua Jackson still is on TV during these forays into the other side. But on another, Peter does represent That Which Is Not There. He’s the physical embodiment (albeit disembodied) of that old “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other” game played on “Sesame Street.” Everything on our side has a double over there. Except Peter. Therefore, he’s the perfect choice to be her Jiminy Cricket. (Although if he keeps delivering exposition on Olivia’s motivation, he’s going to turn into a walking, talking, supernatural “One to Grow On” quite quickly.)

That Walter developed the amber in the first place makes a great deal of sense. We’ve seen both version of Walter make breakthroughs that the other hasn’t; the only difference to their genius is the situations under which their inspiration must derive. The other difference? William Bell, a man who pushed each version’s genius to newer and, let’s be frank, more dangerous heights. Walternate didn’t develop Cortexiphan because the William Bell he met was already aware of the risks involved in such research, and therefore probably pushed him into areas of research as, let’s say, containment of areas of molecular degradation.

To read the rest of this most awesome review, go check out HitFix.

So for those playing along, its sexy red title land again! And back with our real Olivia and Walternate. And of course, the always cool episode glyph!

Until next time, kittens!


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Just when they pull you back in….

they leave you hanging!

from Fox:

On the Next Episode of FRINGE…

Airs: THU 9/8c NOV 4 (If there is not a World Series baseball game.)

The alternate universe Fringe Division investigates a shocking breach of security when a twin frees his brother from a quarantined Amber area. As the team sets out to crack this sophisticated case, Walternate experiments more with Olivia as she reenters the tank. Meanwhile, visions of Peter continue to haunt Olivia about returning to the “other side.”

All together now.. GRRRRRR! Now, let us pray for a short World Series! But looks like we will be back in the Walternate Universe, so yeay sexy red titles!

But I shan’t leave you with nothing! For your perusal until the episodes resume, have some glyphs!

Glyphs Code

Stay Intrigued, Kittens!


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Fringe 3.4: Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Oki dok kiddos, you know the drill by now! Silver titles mean we are back in ‘our’ world with Faulivia doing the legwork. Which also means we have Peter, our lovable quirky Walter and the non beret version writing good essays of Astrid at the helm.

This week sees us dealing with the ever elusive shapeshifters and Faulivia’s growing anxiety about her ability to actually pull off this alternate identity thing. And oh the cross references and past influences of sci-fi tales of yore really come full circle in this one.

Lest we forget at any time that we are in fact dealing with alternate universes. Ones WITH Leonard Nimoy even! You know where I am heading here.. hiya Star Trek!

We kick off with the sitting Senator who is really a shapeshifter meeting an untimely semi demise after an accident. Shades of Mystique from Xmen anyone? Anywho, seems the SSS (Shape Shifting Senator) was only ‘mostly dead’. Dude, they should have totally named him Wesley! But a heavily tripping Walter finds ways to initiate neural activity via exploitation of the half human’s emotional connections. The hope is to be able to ask the SSS a few things about who and what he is and is doing. Hello Ash! But where Ian Holm was rather coherent in his ‘brains and weird cyborg blood go spodey’ state, our SSS on a slab merely spouts off random mutterings pertaining to his upcoming anniversary trip. Oddly his brain shows little activity, but parts of his lower spine light up light an LED art project.

But what does it mean?! Well, time for a food break, seeing as how a newly awakened sleeper shapeshifter is on the way to make the mostly dead dude an all the way dead dude. Newton awakens the guy who has the house and family in the burbs and doesnt wanna give it all up just because his original programming tells him he should. And here we enter the Matrix. Newton is Smith and the shapeshifters possess varying characteristics of the agents and the benevolent rogue programs like the Oracle. So far none of them seem to have our best interests at heart as a collective humanity, but they do seem to get attached to the humans in their lives. I do love candy.. or my wife in this case.

You gotta love Walter’s ongoing fascination with food, rather like Rusty from ‘Oceans 11’ but with less swagger and more childlike awe and loony bin crazy. It’s over a box of animal crackers that Walter has his House like epiphany.. of course! The brain is in the ass just like a stegosaurus! Thats why the lower spine was all shiny! You know its a big deal when Walter abandons his pudding.

So while Walter is off autopsying a shapeshifter’s ass and letting his pudding get warm, Peter ponders how the senator’s wife could have mind fucked herself into believing this thing was her husband despite noticing the small but important changes. Not unlike his nagging questions about ‘Olivia’s’ behavior. But rather than dance around it, he tells her straight out the things he has noticed. A dude who actually vocalizes his concerns? My god this IS science fiction! I kid, I kid. But it is a refreshing change from the normal ‘how can we drag this out for weeks and weeks?’ usually seen on serial shows.

But before ‘liv can answer its off to the lab, Batman! Something’s amiss, namely Walter as evidenced by his pudding being at the table without him. The sleeper shifter is there and gives Walter a nasty cut on his noggin. These guys totally remind me of the dudes with the ice pick thingy from X Files. With our adorable mad scientist incapacitated he then removes the bizarre metal vertebrae ass brain mechanism and takes off back to his family. Since he refuses to move on and take another identity, Newton takes him out. Only to be thanked for his troubles by being chased and caught by ‘liv and Peter.

Faulivia has a busy night. She slips Newton the digitial equivalent of a cyanide pill (which looks like a wafer thin SD card) while in custody, but not before he hits her where it hurts when it comes to naming her fears about being able to actually pull off this increasingly challenging assignment. Later she summons Peter to her place under the guise of talking, only to seduce him.. most likely in the hopes of making him forget his concerns over her current quirks. I mean she IS from an alternate universe, who knows what they teach kids in sex ed over there?

So we still dont know what on either earth the main big plot is, but we have an idea as to how they are going about it. And now Walter has the whole of Massive Dynamic at his whim, if only he can stay off the LSD long enough to not freak out its best scientists by talking of greater consciousness while taking off his pants. And do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? I dont know, but seems they have a weakness for actually forming emotional attachments to their families, so maybe Scottish shapeshifters do?

So there we have it, Season 3 Episode 4. But before we take our leave, its glyph time!

Stay tuned for next week: Amber

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Fringe 3.3 : The Plateau

Since I am an eastern time viewer, I’m gonna try and be a good lil blogger and attempt to not spoil anything. So here are a few pics from tonight’s episode with possible spoiler info after. Don’t scroll to the paragraphs below unless you want to be spoiled!:

I find it very considerate when a victim brings her own flowers to the scene. It`s a good thing, dont you think?

And sorry, but ‘Waternate Universe’ Astrid always looks like an extra from Starship Troopers to me. What’s with the friggin beret?

Ok, so that should be enough screen space that if you are reading this now, its probably not by accident so its ‘make with the commentary’ time!

‘The Plateau’ is the third episode of the third season of FRINGE, the title referring to the potential level of Fauxlivia’s memory assimilation into the Walternate Universe (sexy red titles FTW!) . So Fauxlivia is back in the saddle, investigating cases of the Fringe Division.

Her first one is that of a series of irregular events that lead to the deaths of 3 people. Timing and apparently ball point pens rarely seen in this universe seem to be everything as the team determines the cause of the ‘coincidental’accidents. Their trail leads them to a man with a very low IQ who undergoes drug trials (voluntarily for once!) to bump up his smarts only to get none too happy when the drugs are to be discontinued, leaving him with his previous IQ of 56. So he sets events in motion to disappear those in charge so he can keep his newly amped up noodle. Meanwhile, Walternate shares his strategic plan with Broyles, and Olivia is plagued by visions that along with her forgetting a few things (like a very important oxygen protocol) lead her to doubt her belonging to the Walternate Universe.

It doesnt further the bigger picture plot along too terribly much, but at least we get to see what our real Liv is up to (no more drugs or isolation chambers!), we get a decent ‘well now there is a clever way to kill people’ episode and bob’s your uncle. The really cool stuff this week are the details. I loved the ‘War of Aruba’ vet beggar. The statue of liberty is REALLY REALLY copper in this world. Gotta say, I like the green oxidation better. But the coolest one? The Glyphs!

Behold the awesome!

The Glyphs code in this espisode spell out BREACH, as in the inadvertent breach of protocol saved Olivia’s life. Ooooh geekgasm!


Fringe Glyph Translator

Fringe Glyph Translator for Droid

So in preparation for a new episode of Fringe tonight, I wanted to share these awesome apps that I discovered last week while looking for Fringe backgrounds for my Droid (yes, I am obsessed). Basically, they allow you to translate the “secret messages” that are spelled out with the images throughout the episodes.

They have them for both the Droid and iPhone and they even have a website where you can go if you don’t have a smart phone and want to do this with your computer. Basically these apps just made me love the show that much more.

Fringe GlyphDecoder for iPhone, iPad

Fringe: The Box

‘The Box’ is the name of the new episode for Fringe airing September, 30, 2010. I so want to make pornographic reference jokes about this, but I wont. Instead I’ll point you to the relevant ‘pedia for the synopsis. (Has ‘pedia become a thing now? Like the verbification of google?)

In addition to some plot progression in the ‘this universe’ part of the cosmos (as denoted by the return of the silver/gray titles*), this episode was all about character nuance. I love it when that happens.

If that ain’t nuance I dont know what is, right? Ok so no, this isnt very subtle. But give me some credit, I held back with the porno references. I have a thing for chicks in wife beaters so you get this fabulous pic!


Walter is skittish as ever. But where you or I might work off nervous energy with baking or sex or gaming, Walter sets out to make cows actually produce chocolate milk. You have to love a show that creates a Walter. He’s done horrible, wretched and actual world shattering things yet still manages to make us feel more sorry for him than a puppy left out in the rain. He can’t stop his work because it will endanger the one he loves the most and yet it is this very work that has him (and the rest of us) in such peril. He’s a tortured soul who gets the best lines:

stepping onto the street in front of a crime scene: ‘I used to get a massage at a place just down the street. I used to get off right here….’

Peter has too many hamsters on the wheel to see the snake looming in the corner. He’s worried about becoming the pawn in a game that leads to destruction, dealing with his living in a world in which he doesn’t belong, trying to find pieces of a doomsday device, and deflecting Walter’s apologetic attempts at the explanation of events past. All the while he can tell something is just not quite right with “Olivia”, but lets himself get swept up in their supposed new relationship energy to fully explore the wonkiness. Poor guy is just destined for heartache no matter what he does.

Olivia.. well we dont know what was going on with ‘our Olivia’ in this episode. Presumably she is succumbing to the memory drugs and being assimilated into the Walternate Universe Collective. The Fauxlivia** that’s here in silver title land is hard at work being a bad girl. Reading up on pop culture (‘Who is BOno?’) to try and fit into this world, getting her tat lasered off and stuffing bodies into her bathroom. Anna Torv is a facial acting genius. She makes the slightest little nuances to let us know which ‘livia we are dealing with. Olivia has an alluring seriousness about her. Fauxlivia has an eery lightness to her. She smiles more and just slightly askew, she does the suspicious sideways glance thing but does it without making a big deal about it. As Vincent Vega would say, ‘Its the little things.’

Nina and Broyles continue to do their ‘lets look real serious and take long pauses when speaking’ thing. I don’t mean that flippantly, they are both quite effective at coming off as aloof and intriguing. But you never quite know WHY they are being aloof. I get the feeling that often even the characters dont even know. I’ll never be able to look at that bell without picturing Spock and Molly Brown ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. To tell you the truth, it kinda gives me the shivers. I better stop now before I start making Terminator hand job jokes.

So after hour 2 of season 3 we now know really only about 10 minutes worth of information than we did last week. But the characters made it an hour that makes us want to keep watching. Well that and midgets with exploding heads. You don’t even get that on Mythbusters, how can you not keep watching?


*apparently the sexy red title sequence from last week means we are in the Walternate universe? I still miss the limited commercials and the ‘Fringe will return in 90 seconds’ messages of the first season.
** I like Fauxlivia better than Bolivia as a name. Plus its alliterative with Fringe. ‘Hey do you know Fauxlivia from Fringe?’ Yeah this is better, it stays.

All About Olivia

There was many a time in my life when the week was scheduled around certain television shows. It’s gone from M*A*S*H to Family Ties to ‘Must See TV’ to The Sopranos. It was about that time I stopped with the scheduling of couch time thanks to better cable programming, continuous loop reruns (Law and Order anyone?) and on demand programming. I don’t carve time out of my week to stop and watch a show because I don’t HAVE to, I can pretty much catch whatever I want whenever I want it. Oh instant gratification, how we love thee even if you are killing us from the inside out. These days the real trick isn’t seeing a show when its on, it’s not exposing yourself to spoilers before you have a chance to view it.

On very rare occasions will I actually endeavor to catch a show upon it’s initial airing. Fringe is one of them. I totally planned my week around the Season 3 premiere. I freely admit it, I’m addicted.

Fringe Season 3 Promo
Uploaded by HatakTRAILERS. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

Folks faster on the keyboard than I am have already done fantastic jobs of detailing the play by play of the episode, so rather than reinvent the wheel shaped synopsis I’ll just link to it. I really shouldn’t have to say this but lest I incur the ire of the internet.. Warning! Here be pirates and spoilers! (Ok, maybe not pirates, but definitely spoilers. )

So, what is Fringe all about Alfie? Well, its simply really: It’s all about an FBI department in Boston under the supervision of Homeland Security called “Fringe Division”. Or, a formerly-institutionalized scientist, his son and a long haired blonde chick walk into a bar (or field, or alternate universe or what have you) to investigate weird crimes that may be part of ‘The Pattern’ and a company called Massive Dynamics. See? Simple, right? Ok so no, not really. Just google it and you’ll a zillion hits worth of reading material to get you all caught up on the zany adorable antics of Walter, what the ‘Pattern’ may or may not be and why ‘The Observer’ is such a big deal.

I want to talk about why I will actually take time out of my day to watch: Olivia. Take one part Ripley, one part Leia, one part Scully and a big ole whallop of Clarice and you start to get part of what makes Olivia tick. (Actually if you take all the movies/series of these characters and smoosh them together you get a bit of Fringe as well). She’s attractive and alluring but not unapproachable, smart, intuitive, questioning, curious with a heavy dose of cautious pessimism, strong, has a history that might crush a weaker creature but always manages to maintain her sense of justice and rational thinking even in the face of danger and ‘out there’ theories. She’s a chick quite worthy of a run on sentence.

I loved that Ripley could kick an Alien’s ass and still be tender enough to play surrogate mom. Olivia dotes on her neice, even after a long hard day at the paranormal office. Leia took control of situations and made things happen even as she fell in love with a rogue. Olivia takes little flak from Broyles yet gets her job done as she took her sweet time falling for Peter. Scully was ever skeptical and used science as her way of explaining the unexplainable all while being able to go toe to toe with Mulder in the never ending quip competition. Olivia has a dry humor but never strays far from always being professional and exacting in her job. Clarice was willing to face her own fears in the hopes of saving just one from the horrible fates she’d experienced. Olivia does much the same, enduring voluntarily confronting her betrayer/lost love, her past and even her own sanity for answers.

Olivia Dunham is a mash up of so many great female characters, yet never feels like a cookie cutter heroine. She remains wholly herself even as she shares many of the traits of the ladies we’ve loved from series past. You can look to the other characters gain some insight into why she does the things she does, but you can’t predict how she will react to whatever the newest conundrum facing her.

And it’s about to get alot more interesting. My main cause for concern for this series was that it was going to go the way of the X-Files shark jumping. Fringe borrows heavily from X in that it has both an overall arch (The Pattern vs The Mythology) that allowed alot of wiggle room for stand alone episodes that had nothing to do with the bigger picture. It was awesome while it lasted, but nothing is forever. I was worried that Fringe would suffer the same fate, and maybe it still will. But not for a bit.

Thanks to some clever plot lines, there’s now more Olivia to love. There’s 2 of her. Neither is in the right place. Both believe theirs is the just cause.

Walter may be the comedic relief and ultimate reason behind it all, Peter may be one of the show’s many hearts, whether Massive Dynamic and The Pattern are good or evil remains to be seen, but in the end:

It’s all about Olivia.

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