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Hot time in the Old Town Tonight!

To those of you ladies who are playing Halo: Reach, the guys of Achievement Hunter(Also the guys who bring you Red vs. Blue)are hosting a community playdate tonight from 8-10 Central time. I’ll be about, my Gamertag is Tenii87. Drop me a friend request or a party invite and I can show you my somewhat mad skills…well my slowly developing mad skills. šŸ˜›

Upcoming releases

Sparkles Fantastic’s post reminded me that there are two titles coming out next month that I am incredibly excited about.

1) FALLOUT NEW VEGAS: The long awaited next link in the Fallout franchise is almost here!!!! I am seriously looking forward to using my V.A.T.S. system to headshot Super Mutants and the new irradiated geckos!

Plus there’s a Super Mutant that seriously looks just like narrator Ron Perlman…for realz. Even though Obsidian is the big dog on this, it still has that Fallout look I got so used to in Fallout 3, the best game of 2008(IMHO). For me, it’s the most exciting release besides Halo: Reach and Fable III(which I’ll get to in a moment). It’s an RPG, which is my true calling when it comes to video games, I’ve played Oblivion enough times I can become the head of all the factions in less than a day of playing, and I can beat the game in less than 5 hours. I shine in RPGs like I decidedly don’t in FPS games. So this release is a BIG DEAL for me.

2) Fable III: The other game that is making me anxious for October to hurry up and get here. I have my copy of this(and F:NV) on pre-order at my local game retailer and I am looking forward to being able to finding the villager I created with the Villager Maker in the game. Plus, I LOVE the way Fable looks. All of them. They are some of the prettiest games, and I am a huge fan of the whole medieval theme the game has going on.

Well that’s my video game news for today! Look for some more coming soon!


Bioshock Infiniteā€“first 10 mins.

Just HAD to share this with my fellow Gaming NerdBabes…Posted by a fellow Nodist in a discussion that I began about the new Bioshock game…


I am sooo buying this game. I cannot wait for this to be released! Hopefully someone in my area will hold a Release Event that I or Freddie can attend and we can blog about the details….


G33K & G4M3R GIRLS Fangirl Furor: Should Geek and Gamer Girls Go Sexy, Sexless, Something Else?

Brilliant article by Action Flick Chick about the Geek and Gamer Girl video. Action Flick Chick collects tweets/comments from people across the internet in order to get a better idea of why there is such a fuss over this video.

This post is intended to bring about a discussion. Please be respectful regardless of your opinion šŸ™‚

G33K & G4M3R GIRLS Fangirl Furor: Should Geek and Gamer Girls Go Sexy, Sexless, Something Else?

Halo: Reach Review

I donā€™t normally play FPS video games. They arenā€™t my thing, Iā€™m more of a spell casting, sword wielding RPG kinda girl. But I decided to give Halo: Reach a fair try. And Iā€™m seriously glad I did.

First off, itā€™s GORGEOUS. And I have no resistance when it comes to something pretty. The graphics team outdid themselves, and itā€™s a fitting look for Bungieā€™s last hoorah. They revamped everything for this game, the design of the enemies, the way your Spartan armor looks, even the Warthogs, Mongooses and Phantoms got a visual reboot.

I was also excited to find that I could actually play the whole game as a female Spartan, a great way for girls to show their pride in playing an FPS. The various and numerous armor customizations also kept me happy for hours. All the color combos and finding a good emblem was a lot of fun, for me especially, because customization is my favorite part of an RPG.

Another thing that surprised me was how much I have enjoyed playing the multiplayer. Classic Slayer is my favorite mode of play though I am also quite fond of Firefight, or even Gruntpocalypse, when Iā€™m in a bad mood. In the two weeks since I started playing Iā€™ve managed to work my way up to Sergeant 1st class, and for someone who can barely play on Easy without dying horribly, thatā€™s an achievement. The daily challenges also encourage me to play more and to focus on certain things, such as sniping. I was terrible but I am slowly getting the hang of headshots, especially in the campaign when I can hear a bunch of children scream, ā€œYAY!ā€ and see confetti every time I headshot a Grunt.

The campaign also really drew me in. I became very attached to the characters, and to save those who may not have played Reach or finished it I wonā€™t reveal the fates of anyone. But suffice to say, it was beautifully written, even if they didnā€™t go along with Eric Nylundā€™s masterpiece The Fall of Reach.

In closing I would like to reiterate that I DONā€™T play First-Person Shooters. Ever. But this game, it has somewhat converted me. And I think I like it.

Undressing Halo Reach (Part 2)

Thanks for the shout-outs on Twitter! Feel free to hit me up at @QwerkySIntax, and follow me. It’s the only time you’ll be able to without a restraining order.


The packaging resembles one from ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence – the spies of 2552). Symbols sprinkled around the box suggest that its contents are classified. Once its opened, a smaller box is revealed, with this note on top:

It’s awesome that even the packaging is part of the fiction of Reach. Opening the second, smaller package unveils the standard game in its box,

and underneath is a note

Beneath that is an ever more secret parcel.

It is Dr. Halsey’s journal. Written by Eric Nylund, author of the first Halo novel, The Fall of Reach, which is Master Chief’s story during the same time period as the game. Halsey is the individual who created the Spartan program andā€¦.well, this is a lot of Halo information that I’m sure you could check out for yourselfā€¦I just know way too much.

The journal is amasingly detailed and a gorgeous work. It reminds me a little of 42 Entertainment’s Cathy’s Book and its sequels.

When I finish reading that, I’ll post an entry here for fans of Halo fiction, so most of you can skip that.

In Part 3, we get down to it and make sweet love. Sorry it’s taken this long, but you know, life gets in the way.


Rileah is Super Sweet!

Rileah Vanderbilt (@Rileah) from the Gamer Girl video was really sweet and sent a thanks for our blog post discussing their video. Just wanted to share that with everyone šŸ™‚ As I stated before, I think the issue at hand is too difficult for a black-and-white response and feel grateful that we have the opportunity to have a discussion about geek/nerdy girls in general!

Another Web-Series Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday (again)! “The Guild” has been updated once again. We’ve reached episode 9 of 12!
In the 9th episode of season 4, “Pirate Paddy”, of The Guild, ‘Codex’s creative endeavors do not pay off; she turns the “Guild” for support.‘ You can find the episode by this link here.

You can also watch The Guild on Xbox Live for free anytime. You can watch all the episodes and the extras on there too if you don’t want to sit at your computer to watch it. They have outtakes and some old christmas specials and music videos too!

Happy Nerding! Back to the grind!
<(-_-<)<(-_-)>(>-_-)> Megara Noelle <(-_-<)<(-_-)>(>-_-)>

Geek and Gamer Girls Video

Many of you may or may not have heard about the “controversy” regarding the music video Geek and Gamer Girls. This parody video of Katy Perry’s California Girls has sparked a familiar debate regarding the objectification of geek girls and the failure to represent geek girls of differing shapes and sizes. You can read a little about this debate at Edgar of all Trades’ blog.

Stephanie’s Take:

As a geek/nerdy girl that has spent quite some time studying feminist theory in undergrad and grad school I think this problem is too complicated to simply have a black or white answer. To put it simply, women are objectified regardless of their interests. A lot of people argue that we do it to ourselves, while others argue that we have no choice but to behave/dress the way we do if we want to be recognized in both social and work environments because this is how society tells us to dress/act/etc. Both responses are too simplified and I personally struggle with my own opinion on this issue frequently in my day-to-day life.

I don’t want to generalize about all women so I will speak for myself. I am a woman that has something of an hourglass figure. I don’t necessarily look like the typical stereotype of geek girls that are supposedly frumpy and don’t care about their appearance. I like to dress up, I don’t wear a ton of make-up but I do wear it daily, and I love to get my hair done. On the other hand, I definitely do not look like the girls in that music video. I don’t work out nearly enough in order to have those bodies and I’m okay with that. Because of my middle ground, a lot of people do not immediately expect me to be a massive fangirl/geek, but I am. Until I started to let my freak flag fly more, most of my friends would have never pegged me as the kind of girl that would sit in my apartment all night playing an ARG or that would spend money on Doctor Who & Death (from the Sandman) posters or Serenity action figures. I don’t “look” like a nerd but I am a complete and unapologetic fangirl/geek/nerd, whatever you want to call it.

I think the problem with this discussion is that we expect nerd girls to be treated differently than most other women. There are tons of women out there that do not have ideal bodies or look like the girls in that music video. They also don’t get the proper attention from the media that they deserve either. I’m not saying that is okay. Far from it. However, the song California Girls that these geek girls are parodying? Not completely accurate about all CA girls. I can tell you one thing, I definitely do not wear Daisy Dukes or a bikini while I walk around the beach. Unfortunately, though, that is what sells in the media for the most part. Those images are used to objectify lots of women. I think we’ve made some progress lately, what with the Dove ads and shows like “Huge.” Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go and this counts for all women, not just nerds. I think for us to argue that we need to represent all nerd girls of all different shapes and sizes is a valid argument but unlikely to happen until all media recognizes women of different shapes, sizes, and race.

Unfortunately, women are objectified regardless of their “category.” I feel that making a particularly huge fuss over this particular music video means that we expect geek girls to get different attention than other normal women that don’t look like these models but also aren’t geeks. This does not mean that I am happy with the fact that the Booth Babes at Comic Con do not even remotely strike me as nerds nor that I’m happy with the fact that a model gets to help sell TV shows or comics that I love just because they look like what society deems as “sexy.” I’m not and I am super pissed that I can’t volunteer at booths because I’m not the “ideal.” However, as Jackie states below, we can’t say with certainty that none of these women are nerds and it is not fair to condemn them all based on this generalization because then we really aren’t any better than them (I know, cliched response but it’s true). It just means that I don’t think we need to jump down the throats of fellow geeks that want to make a parody video just because they all happen to look like what society deems as “ideal beauty.” I’m not saying I love this video. It’s a parody but other than their costumes there isn’t much for me to be geeked out over in the video. Nevertheless, let’s work on making women less objectified in all genres and media texts, not just in our own little nerd haven.

Jackie’s Take:

These seem like two different subjects to debate here: the objectification of women, in general; and the glorification of nerd culture, using the “beautiful” people to portray iconoclastic characters and ideas rather than those who actually love and appreciate those things.

When it comes to objectifying women, it’s simply always going to happen. It’s ingrained in humans to mate and reproduce, and continue our species.. so naturally, looking at potential mates that are appealing to the eye is a common practice. This goes for both sides, but is far more seen as demeaning to women. Of course, there are those who are offended by this, and those who find it empowering in a sense. As Stephanie mentioned, this is not a black and white situation.

Now.. the more pressing, and directly related topic here is how nerdom is being cashed in on as it’s brought into pop culture. The common booth babe is drop-dead gorgeous, but has no basis for the Kirk vs Picard debate. They’re there to sell you merch. This is okay to a lot of drooling nerds, but what it comes down to is what’s more appealing to you: silicon breasts, or an interesting, engaging conversation. This goes for women, too. For me, personally, the tipping point in the decision to date my last boyfriend was that he was more than okay with watching old Batman cartoons with me on a lazy Saturday morning. It’s a huge generalization to say that all booth babes are completely uninterested in actual nerd culture, but the general consensus is that they’re nothing more than a pretty face.

Bringing these two subjects back together, with regards to the video in question: my issue here is that they show more bare bodies covered with console controls than they do comics and gameplay. The music, not only was not very good at all, and not original. It seems to me that we, as geek girls, could do better. More power to them for embracing their nerd roots, but relying on ‘sex sells’ to push the video (even choosing that particular Katy Perry song to parody adds to this) is a little lower than our standards should be.

The main reason we did this post in this format is because we really want this to become an open, friendly discussion on this issue and other issues about nerd/geek girls. Please comment and be respectful of different opinions šŸ™‚

Mario is 25 today

So I have two links for nerds (and anyone) to enjoy:

This one is from stellar blog Kotaku. I enjoy the 25-year-retrospective video at the bottom of said post.

And this is just….well I’m also an acapella nerd. What can I say?

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