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Just when they pull you back in….

they leave you hanging!

from Fox:

On the Next Episode of FRINGE…

Airs: THU 9/8c NOV 4 (If there is not a World Series baseball game.)

The alternate universe Fringe Division investigates a shocking breach of security when a twin frees his brother from a quarantined Amber area. As the team sets out to crack this sophisticated case, Walternate experiments more with Olivia as she reenters the tank. Meanwhile, visions of Peter continue to haunt Olivia about returning to the “other side.”

All together now.. GRRRRRR! Now, let us pray for a short World Series! But looks like we will be back in the Walternate Universe, so yeay sexy red titles!

But I shan’t leave you with nothing! For your perusal until the episodes resume, have some glyphs!

Glyphs Code

Stay Intrigued, Kittens!


Kink In Motion

Fringe 3.3 : The Plateau

Since I am an eastern time viewer, I’m gonna try and be a good lil blogger and attempt to not spoil anything. So here are a few pics from tonight’s episode with possible spoiler info after. Don’t scroll to the paragraphs below unless you want to be spoiled!:

I find it very considerate when a victim brings her own flowers to the scene. It`s a good thing, dont you think?

And sorry, but ‘Waternate Universe’ Astrid always looks like an extra from Starship Troopers to me. What’s with the friggin beret?

Ok, so that should be enough screen space that if you are reading this now, its probably not by accident so its ‘make with the commentary’ time!

‘The Plateau’ is the third episode of the third season of FRINGE, the title referring to the potential level of Fauxlivia’s memory assimilation into the Walternate Universe (sexy red titles FTW!) . So Fauxlivia is back in the saddle, investigating cases of the Fringe Division.

Her first one is that of a series of irregular events that lead to the deaths of 3 people. Timing and apparently ball point pens rarely seen in this universe seem to be everything as the team determines the cause of the ‘coincidental’accidents. Their trail leads them to a man with a very low IQ who undergoes drug trials (voluntarily for once!) to bump up his smarts only to get none too happy when the drugs are to be discontinued, leaving him with his previous IQ of 56. So he sets events in motion to disappear those in charge so he can keep his newly amped up noodle. Meanwhile, Walternate shares his strategic plan with Broyles, and Olivia is plagued by visions that along with her forgetting a few things (like a very important oxygen protocol) lead her to doubt her belonging to the Walternate Universe.

It doesnt further the bigger picture plot along too terribly much, but at least we get to see what our real Liv is up to (no more drugs or isolation chambers!), we get a decent ‘well now there is a clever way to kill people’ episode and bob’s your uncle. The really cool stuff this week are the details. I loved the ‘War of Aruba’ vet beggar. The statue of liberty is REALLY REALLY copper in this world. Gotta say, I like the green oxidation better. But the coolest one? The Glyphs!

Behold the awesome!

The Glyphs code in this espisode spell out BREACH, as in the inadvertent breach of protocol saved Olivia’s life. Ooooh geekgasm!


Fringe Glyph Translator

Fringe Glyph Translator for Droid

So in preparation for a new episode of Fringe tonight, I wanted to share these awesome apps that I discovered last week while looking for Fringe backgrounds for my Droid (yes, I am obsessed). Basically, they allow you to translate the “secret messages” that are spelled out with the images throughout the episodes.

They have them for both the Droid and iPhone and they even have a website where you can go if you don’t have a smart phone and want to do this with your computer. Basically these apps just made me love the show that much more.

Fringe GlyphDecoder for iPhone, iPad

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