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Review: Harvest #3

Writing: A.J. Lieberman

Art: Colin Lorimer


Ben was a successful surgeon until a nasty drug habit caused him to allow a woman to die on his table, exposing his addiction and his incompetence and eventually resulting in the loss of his medical license. After being approached by some powerful people running an illegal organ trade business, Ben quickly realized that his new job is despicable in enough ways that not even the lure of money and power are temptation worth doing it. He decides to blow up the business and try to rescue the latest victim, who he stole organs from, in an attempt to satisfy his relentless guilt.

As the Feds close in on Ben and clue him in to just how much trouble he is in, he realizes that his short stint in the organ theft business was enough for the people at the top to put the heat on him. His next choice is to throw himself in to a quest for revenge; calling in a favor to a rich man who’s daughter Ben saved gives him just the right partner he needs to pull it off. The millionaire clients that pay the organ business to keep them healthy and off of organ donation waiting lists are Ben’s targets and he wastes no time starting the hunt.

Harvest #3 picks up the pace nicely that it lacked in the first two issues, pushing the story in to new territory with more action and a plot that has potential to carry several more issues. I’m not going to say that Harvest is blowing me away just yet, but it’s definitely entertaining, morbid and unique. Those are all traits that are plenty to keep me reading.

Review: Harvest #1 and #2

Writing by: A.J. Lieberman

Art by: Colin Lorimer

What happens to doctors when they mess up? I mean, really mess up. Like going in to surgery on a drug binge and letting a patient die on your table because you can’t stand up type of messing up. Your license is revoked, you’re hated by your colleagues and you have nowhere left to go with your life. According to Harvest, they are approached by mysterious figures who offer them their lives back, in the form of a secret, very sketchy surgery facility. Very rich, impatient corporate moguls are willing to pay big bucks to get the shiny new organs they need and skip the waiting lists. Mysterious man and his sexy assistant see the business opportunity in this and take advantage of desperate ex-doctors to do the dirty work for them.

Harvest starts out slow and doesn’t exactly get to the point right away. Black market organ transplants are not a new concept, but do have potential to make a gruesome, dark comic story line, if done right. The art is very pretty (in a dirty sort of way) and I like that they don’t hold back on the brutal details. It’s bloody, rough and bloody.

I’m going to keep reading it, because I would like to see this material go somewhere really cool, but so far the story is lacking a certain something. I’m not sure exactly what’s missing. Maybe substance to the characters, maybe the story is just progressing a bit slowly for my taste. Dr. Ben is haunted by a child from his past who seems to represent his guilt in some way, and even that aspect lends a possibility for more creep factor, but hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

I’m not sure how many issues you should read, waiting for a book to reach it’s potential. There is enough pull for me to see where Harvest goes that I haven’t given up on it after the first two, so something is right there, even if it’s just possibility. It does offer a fun theme as far as horror comics go, so I’ll check out #3 as well. Give it a read on Comixology and if you feel compelled, check out #2. I did enjoy the idea and the art is nice to look at, I just don’t think Harvest will grab everyone from the start.

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