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NerdMelt Shows this Week, 1/11-1/17

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Wednesday, January 11th at 8:30pm- The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail

Our weekly standup show, hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, has some of the best lineups in town. This week, they welcome Sean O’Connor, Tyler Greene, Streeter Seidell, The Sklar Brothers, and more!



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Friday, January 13th at 8pm- Sex Nerd Sandra LIVE!

Sex Nerd Sandra is the awesomely frank podcast where the endlessly curious sex educator Sandra Daugherty and her comedian co-host Dave Ross explore the fascinating world of human sexuality. With tell-all interviews, juicy topics, tips and more, Sandra and Dave keep it fun, keep it sex-positive and keep it real.

This Friday the 13th (!), Sex Nerd Sandra will talk “damage control” during a special live recording of an episode entitled “Whiskey Dick: The Bedroom Blunder Show”. So, what do you do if your willie won’t work? What if your mind is wet but your panties are dry? Yikes, did the condom just fall off?

$8 in , $10 at the door


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Saturday, January 14th at 8pm- The Indoor Kids Live!

You’ve heard them on the Nerdist Industries own The Indoor Kids, now see them in person for a live podcast recording! The Indoor Kids isn’t just about video games, but it isn’t not about video games. The Indoor Kids is all about the kind of lifestyle you have to lead in order to be a proper Gamer, capital G. Join hosts Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon as they take on a journey from childhood Shinobi obsessions, up through the best and worst video game adaptations of movies. Tear yourself away from Skyrim and join us! We’ll be joined by Blair Butler, Jordan Morris, and more!

$8 in , $10 at the door


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Sunday, January 15th at 5pm is The Nerdist Writers Panel

Spend your Sunday afternoons learning from the best at the Nerdist Writers Panel! Join moderator Ben Blacker as he hosts esteemed panelists discussing topics like different types of writing, how they got started, what inspires them, the business side of writing, and more. This series is a must for any hopeful writer in LA, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit 826LA.

Scheduled to appear:

Dana Gould (The Simpsons)

Liz Tigelaar (creator, Life Unexpected; Revenge)

Robert Hewitt Wolfe (Alphas; developer, Dresden Files)


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Sunday, January 15th at 7pm- Matt Mira’s Day Off

Matt Mira of the Nerdist Podcast needs a Day Off, so we decided to give him Sundays at Nerdist Theater. Come watch Mira and Paul Cibis host this comedy free-for-all. You’ll see brand new comics, comics you know and love trying out new material (Chris Hardwick and Kumail Nanjiani are frequent drop ins), and the magic that is live comedy.


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Monday, January 16th at 8pm- Harmontown

People always ask us “What is Harmontown?”, and that’s a tough question to answer, but here’s the closest thing we’ve got: we gave the creator of Community a night to do whatever he wanted, and what we got was Harmontown.

Attend a town meeting in a land free of brevity, where Mayor Dan Harmon and Comptroller Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway) take another small, vodka-soaked step toward colonizing the moon. Evening may include ineffectual rants, songs, shameful stories, special guests (Allison Brie, Donald Glover, and Gillian Jacobs have all stopped in), forehead sweat and repeated exposure to the phrases “like” , “uh”, “sort of” and “you know.”.


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Tuesday, January 17th at 8pm- Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown

Join us for our favorite variety show, hosted and curated by Magician (and Cupcake Wars host) Justin Willman, and featuring magicians, comedians, bizarre guests, and more fun than you ever had at a kid’s birthday party.

$8 in , $10 at the door

Everybody Dance Now!

I like things that are extremely ridiculous. They make me stupid with giddy and joy. Below is one such example of something that I cannot help but to love. It is a bit like the video for David Hasselhoff’s  cover of ‘Hooked on a Feeling.’ It is just so wrong, it is right!

I have a plan for this dance. I’m going to learn it and do it one night, on camera, as I do my Geeky Pleasures radio show. It will be stupid and wonderful and fun! I thought I’d share the video here because every one needs some stupid and wonderful and fun in their lives.

I challenge you to be ridiculous today and learn Double Dream Hands, having fun while doing so.

Misha Collins Rocks My World

I felt the need to make such a ridiculously obvious fangirl title for this post because if I had named it after the actual video people might not give it a chance. I swear, it is not what you think it is.

I’m sure a lot of you hardcore Supernatural fans have already found this gem (or at least if you follow Misha Collins on twitter you have) but when I discovered it the other night it pretty much kept me giggling for hours. And then I re-watched it and it became a guffaw. If you don’t follow him on twitter already you need to get on the bandwagon: @mishacollins.

Zombies! Are they people too?

When Halo: Reach came out, I thought that would be enough to keep my better half entertained for a while and that we would be trading in our old XBox towards one of my games(namely Fallout: New Vegas)but alas I was mistaken.

Dead Rising 2 came out this past Tuesday and yours truly got sent to go and pick it up after I was sick for most of the day. This is not a game I would ever enjoy playing I don’t think but I have to say, the weapons you can create…they are EPIC with a side of AWESOME. My new personal favorite is the homemade lightsaber, created using a flashlight and gems…which you bust jewelry store cases to get to. The ridiculous amounts of zombie carnage warm my heart and make me giggle like I used to while mooning over a boy band at age 10. The story leaves something to be desired but the crazy weapon combos(like the IED made out of a propane tank and nails, or the 2x4s attached to a lawnmower which makes a very efficient zombie grinder), and the really sweet costumes were enough to make me actually put my iPhone down and watch the game.

It’s not one I’ll play…but I could watch my husband kill zombies with a smile on my face for hours…:)

Bea Arthur + Pizza + Mountains

So I was at a friend’s house over the weekend and Lizzylocks mentioned something to me (that I will post tomorrow. Salivate on that teaser for 24 hours.). Then someone else mentioned this site and I immediately added it to my calendar of “things to look up when I get home.” It was such a freaking hysterical subject, I had to check it out. I… was not disappointed.
You need to visit the site and look at all of them just to sink your teeth into the awesomesauce topped pizza goodness that awaits you.
You may want to clear a direct line to the bathroom. It’s five drops of pee worthy.
*This is totally new to me… and effing awesome. If you’ve seen it before, just click again and revel in the majesty.
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