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Angel’s (Decidedly Massive) Oscar Post

This year, I watched like a billion movies, but only ten of them were nominated for best picture at the 13947394th Academy Awards, which are tomorrow night (on ABC for the interested). I was like, hey, why not talk about them?

A couple of years ago, the Academy decided to expand the number of possible nominations for best picture from five to ten, which has the potential to make Oscars a total gamechanger. As it is, it is now more likely that an awesome summer blockbuster has the chance to take home an Oscar, whereas before if your movie came out before Thanksgiving your chances were practically nonexistent. (Most people will tell you this is because The Dark Knight. They’re probably right.)

Now, the Oscars are a regular hodgepodge of must-see movies, ranging from the insanely claustrophobic like 127 Hours to sweeping epics like True Grit to psychological horror movies like Black Swan. One thing a lot of them have in common? Hand injuries! Man, if you have a problem with hand or finger perforation or amputation, I can tell you that you should avoid many of these movies. You’d think they were hand-picked by Robert Rodriguez. At least 24 fingers were lost in this year’s nominees, and plus some additional fingernails and probable future amputations.

Anyway, there are ten movies, so even at a couple of short paragraphs apiece this is post is a behemoth. As such, I’m including links so that you can do what I often do easily, and just skip through and read about the movies I really really liked and the movies I really really hated.  But just in case you still want to read about the movies you didn’t even see, everything is for the most part spoiler-free.  Except for Toy Story 3.  I had to spoil that one a bit.  And I think 127 Hours comes pre-spoiled.

127 HoursBlack SwanThe FighterInceptionThe Kids Are All RightThe King’s SpeechThe Social NetworkToy Story 3True GritWinter’s Bone

The Short, Short Version of This Post

Or, I guess you can just read the entire post behind the cut. (more…)

How Inception Should Have Ended

I swear we are not just becoming a site that shares youtube videos but I could not resist posting this little bit of awesomeness! There are a lot of great ones from this group, How it Should have Ended, but this Inception one is one of my favs mostly due to what starts happening at 1:26 and the little bit that follows. Oh man. If you need someway to kill an hour or so, entertain yourself with these guys!

A Capella ‘Inception’

A fellow boy nerd showed this to me last night. I hope you giggle as much as I did. I think Ariadne is my favorite. I think we could all use a good laugh on this somber day.

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