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Locke & Key Omega #5 Review


Writing: Joe Hill

Art: Gabriel Rodriguez

Review by Melissa Megan


Locke & Key Omega #5 is the final issue in what was originally rumored to be the end of the series, but now we know Locke & Key will actually close with two extra long issues in an ‘Alpha’ set. This one is by far one of the most intense and harsh issues to date and that’s saying a lot.

Dodge has finally succeeded in opening the black door, trapping the graduating class of Lovecraft Academy in the drowning cave with him. The dark shadows are his army now as he begins to march the students to their deaths at the bottom of the cave. Kinsey is trapped on the walkway, being tormented by evil versions of her friends who have become terrible servants of Dodge. She does everything she can to keep some hope that her family will rescue her, but with every minute that passes death creeps in.

Tyler Locke is hanging on the edge of life himself thanks to an accidental gunshot wound to the stomach. His mother races to save him using a magical medical cabinet. Her desperate move sets up a heartbreaking and honest reunion between Tyler and his late father.

As Dodge wastes the lives of students who either refuse to follow him or do follow him but are apparently found to be unfit for the blessings of the black door, he presents Kinsey with a horrible choice. A game to set up the final scene of his plan. What is his plan? That is unclear at this point, which is a genius approach to take.

The dark shadows are moving in from every side, the black door is open and the alien terrors have begun feasting on souls. The few members of the Locke family still alive and free from Dodge’s grasp don’t seem to have the power, ability or time to help Kinsey. The entire situation is looking very grim. Without any knowledge of exactly what Dodge is doing with the black door and the only person with full knowledge of who Dodge is being the mentally challenged Rufus, Locke & Key Omega does not appear to have a happy ending.

This is a fantastic final issue for Locke & Key Omega, but obviously not the end of the story for the Locke family. Good thing, because after all the suspense and sadness this story has built up, if this were the absolute end I would be pissed. I need to see this thing to the close, even if that means watching the brutal destruction of the remaining Locke kids. The Locke & Key series has been both fun and crushing. Endearing and sweet but dark and heavy. It is a perfect marriage of writing and art, making the ultimate love child of a comic series. Locke & Key will forever be on my ‘top recommendations’ list.

Review: Locke & Key Omega #3


Writing: Joe Hill

Art: Gabriel Rodriguez

Colors: Jay Fotos

Review by Melissa Megan


The evil, murderous Dodge has settled himself in to little Bode Locke’s body and succeeded in getting his hands on the long sought after Omega key. The “Last Dance” has begun and it’s ugly. Bode/Dodge is headed to the black door to welcome his terrible, alien friends to this world and he won’t let anyone stand in his way, starting with poor Nina Locke.

While darkness is falling over the Locke house, Tyler and Kinsey are enjoying prom with their friends. Tyler accepts what he can get from the woman he loves and comes to terms with the tragedy of being in love in high school. Kinsey revels in the unique qualities of her closest friends and as the night comes to a close, chooses the after party over home. Everyone is headed for the caves, where the final party of the year is just beginning, in more ways than the Locke family realizes.

If you’ve been reading Locke & Key, by now, if you have a heart, you should be desperate to see this family come out on top. At the least see them stop hurting. The Lockes have lost so much and struggled so hard to keep their family whole, it kills me to watch them be defeated by the weasley, arrogant Dodge. And as much as I really, really hate to see Locke & Key come to an end, the suspense of how it will all end is becoming unbearable. Oh please, please let the Locke family stop the demons. They deserve that much.


Review: Locke & Key: Grindhouse



Writing by: Joe Hill

Art by: Gabriel Rodriguez

Review by Melissa Megan

This week the Locke & Key team gives us a little bonus, stand alone story called Grindhouse, which tells yet another utterly creepy tale of some of Keyhouse’s earlier occupants. It’s a violent tale of a Canadian trio of gangsters pulling off their grand finale of heists, robbing some rich resort patrons and then planning to hide out on an exclusive island and enjoy their new wealth. In order to pull off their escape, one of the gangsters suggests they use the boat launch owned by a wealthy family who occupy an isolated mansion. Unfortunately for the brutal group, they chose the wrong family to victimize, and the wrong mansion to hide in. Keyhouse is not a safe haven for those who are not invited as guests.

The art style is very Silver Age, a change of look for Gabriel Rodriguez, but it works well for the story. If you’re a fan of Locke & Key already, which I am, Grindhouse is a special treat. The book also includes a very detailed “Guide to Keyhouse”, with notes and locations of each room and the secret rooms contained within them. As Joe Hill explains, the house has been continuously added on to and more developed through the various story lines of Locke & Key, and special attention was always paid to an accurate representation of the architecture in each story.

If you’ve been keeping up with Locke & Key then you already know these books are top notch, and Grindhouse is no different. It’s quality writing, great art and some of the most creative stuff on the comics market right now. If you aren’t familiar with Locke & Key, what the hell are you waiting for? There are multiple books out there, I suggest you get to reading them right away. Definitely required for any self respecting comic fan, especially if you enjoy your comics with a healthy dose of creep factor.

Locke & Key: Grindhouse is available this week from IDW Publishing.


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