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The ‘REAL’ Reason Why Fantastic Four Sucked

With a talented up-and-coming cast like Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell, a high budget, and the support of a major fanbase, you might have expected last month’s Fantastic Four release to have been worth your time and money. It really kind of wasn’t, though.

Instead of picking apart this long, drawn-out, actionless mess with a full review, how about we take a look at what really went wrong.

The creative, geeky types over at ThinkHeroPro took on this task with the wonderfully funny video, “The Secret Behind Why FANTASTIC FOUR Sucked.” Take a look –


Though, I’m sure they’re all celebrating that their Rotten Tomatoes rating is now up by 1%.

For more funny videos and geek talk, check out ThinkHeroPro’s Youtube channel.

The Superior Spider-Man #17


They always told me never judge a book by its cover.  As usual I didn’t listen, because this new issue of The Superior Spider-Man’s cover was comic book love at first sight.  Anytime Marvel and it’s creative powers find a way to bring Spider-Man 2099 into a story line I’m in.  On this cover, he sits perched high an above a futuristic city with the modern Superior Spider-Man below, crouching upside down and imbued in shadows.  A showdown between the Otto Octavius Spider-Man and the cult classic Spider-Man 2099 is just what we need in these strange times of our former friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.   Part one’s story does the cover justice.

The book opens with us in Nueva York, 2099.  Spider-Man is taking on a tear in the timestream, allowing us a reason for how these two Spider-Man’s will meet.  Dan Slott tips the hat to former Marvel storylines that have occurred during our “Heroic Age” in which our “incursions into the fabric of space-time” have broken all of time.  It’s up to the future Spider-Man to stop an event from happening in 2013 that will end in the eradication of his own existence.  The stakes are set.

The rest of the book brings us up to speed on both politics of Peter’s boss Max Modell and how this may plants seeds for the problems in 2099’s world as well.  There are also more glimpses of the plans of the Green Goblin and his team in The Goblin Underworld.

We get a fun character scene where Otto revels in his newly donned abilities from the body of Peter Parker by showboating in a friendly charity softball game amongst athletically challenged co-workers.  He may not be a super villain anymore, but he’s still a jerk.

I can’t say enough about how awesome Ryan Stegman’s art continues to be.  The splash page of Spider-Man 2099’s entrance shows right away how badass he’ll look in this storyline.

Slott continues to wind us through this controversial time of Spidey’s continuity.  Again, it’s hard to know how long Octavius will be Peter Parker/Spider-Man, but until it comes to a head, it’s sure to remain interesting.  After all, we are set up for a battle between Otto’s Spider-Man and the future’s Spider-Man…

8 out of 10


Interview w/ Emii

The Nerds in Babeland resident music nerd (that’s me!) recently had a chance to interview Emii, star of the music video for Mr. Romeo feat. Snoop Dogg! The video intrigues me because of the obvious video game influence (plus it’s damn catchy, if I do say so myself). We talked to Emii about martial arts, working with Snoop Dogg, and general nerdiness. Hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

1) I hear you’re trained in martial arts. What type are you trained in and how long have you been doing it for?

It’s been about thirteen years since I began, but I’ve definitely taken breaks since music has always been #1. I’ve taken Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, American Kenpo, and Tae Kwon Do. I am currently training in Muay Thai and Boxing and would love to try Brazilian Jiujitsu when I can make the time for it. I’ve always had a passion for training and learning about different martial arts styles.

Some videos of my current training:
1) …up with the sun, there’s no school like old school.
2) Even early mornings can be fun.


2) You also used to work in a comic shop. What was that experience like for you? How have you found it connects to your music, if at all?

When I worked at the comic book shop in NYC, I would work all day, go to the studio to write and record all night, and then I would head straight back to work at the comic book shop the next morning. Comic books were a huge source of inspiration for me when I was young, and they still influence me positively today.

3) You worked on the music video for “Mr. Romeo” with the legendary Snoop Dogg, Can you tell us how that came to be and what it was like? Any good stories from working with him?

After writing “Mr. Romeo”, my producer and I were tossing around the idea of someone adding a bit of magic to it. Snoop’s name had come up, but really… how the hell do you get in touch with Snoop Dogg? Well, insanely enough, the day I was recording master vocals for the song, the owner of the recording studio came in and he loved the vibe. He happened to have Snoop’s manager’s number in his phone. From there, Snoop heard the track, loved it, and here we are today. Snoop was a pleasure to work with and the coolest cat I’ve met in music so far.

4) The video was designed to look like the Final Fantasy video game series. I will admit not knowing much about hip-hop, but I would imagine this is quite unusual. Whose idea was that and how easy was it to implement?

Actually, much of my fashion sense is influenced heavily by Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, and other similarly-styled video game / science fiction creations. The music video itself was vaguely aesthetically inspired by the 1986 fantasy film “Legend”. I wanted to create a music video that not only told the story of “Mr. Romeo”, but reflected on my own personality and interests. Thankfully, my team is also extremely creative and together we were able to create something that I am proud to share with my beautiful fans.

5) I heard you once held the Hammer of Thor during a tour of Marvel Headquarters. Can you tell us anything about the tour or how the experience felt?

For one, I really did not want to let go of that hammer! Never in my entire life had I imagined that I would get that experience, and I was in grateful awe the entire time I was there. Agent M showed me around and introduced me to some amazing people, and at the conclusion of the tour my publicist looked at me and said, “That was a highlight of your career, wasn’t it?”. Yes, yes it was.

6) I like to end every interview with this last question – Here at Nerds in Babeland we like to nerd-out about things. What is something you like to nerd-out about?

ANYTHING Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, video games (mostly old-school Nintendo/PS2/PS3/XBox 360), sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels, anything martial arts related, and most definitely anything technology. I think that covers the basics for me.

By Odin’s Beard!

The official Thor trailer has been released.  Marvel enthusiasts will remember the comic.. which, this looks like it will do a nice job of portraying.

Care to see it?

The one thing that’s bugging me here, though, is the size of his hammer.  That looks like one weak little hammer. Thor’s hammer is supposed to be something only HE can lift.. well, and the Hulk that one time.

Anyway.. what are your thoughts on this?  How do you guys feel about the Comic to Movie trend? Personally, I’d really love to see more new ideas in the movie world these days instead of recycled stories. However, there’s no denying how fun it is to see your favorite characters in a new light, and in a new medium. Plus, it reaches these stories to new audiences, which gets more people into comics.

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