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Review: Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling Season 2 Part 1 DVD

Picking up five years after where season 1 left off, season 2 of Young Justice starts off with some new heroes, as well as the old team stepping up to new roles. Right off the bat, though, I was left wondering why, if it’s five years later, would they still be focusing on the same issue of a missing 16 hours that happened years ago. This has yet to be addressed, and I’m not going to sugar-coat it.. it’s a little bit infuriating. That consistency blackhole aside, there are a lot of really fun and interesting developments in this latest edition.

The previous members: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis, have all gone through some changes since we last saw them. To give you the skinny without the spoilers: Robin (Dick Grayson) has stepped up to become Nightwing, while Tim Drake has taken his place as Robin. Miss Martian and Superboy has split up, and Miss Martian has a new love interest. Aqualad, in the last season, watched his beloved die, and was driven to the dark side because of this. Lastly, Kid Flash and Artemis aren’t even present at Mount Justice. We also get to meet a new pack of superheroes: Blue Beetle, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Wondergirl, and Impulse.

These two teams learn the ropes of their new roles while investigating the Justice League’s missing 16 hours from the previous season, and while trying to track down and extinguish a secret alien invasion.  During this saga, they also develop a tangled web of good versus evil while facing down Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm) while he’s establishing himself as Black Manta’s right-hand man. This brings up a lot of fluctuating feelings with the team, who are now forced to defend themselves and the Earth against someone who was previously a friend and teammate.

caution: video contains mild spoilers

 While I was hoping to see more story line regarding Batgirl, the new Robin, and Nightwing, that’s just me playing favorites.  So far, we haven’t seen very many background details regarding the new characters in this volume. To be fair, though, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up with this lineup change, and you can only do so much at a time. We do get to see what happened with Miss Martian and Superboy, what happened with Kid Flash and Artemis, as well as news on where the original Speedy disappeared to. The biggest plot development that we get to discover, though, is Kaldur’am’s new path in life.

The DVD was released on January 22nd. You can get your hands on it here.  When you do, let us know what you think!

Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets

A lot has been happening since we last heard about this little band of crime fighters. In the recent DVD release (), Dangerous Secrets, we’re given a full two-disc set of superhero fun.  There’s so much going on in this volume that it’s a little difficult to pare it down without giving anything away. So hold on tight – there may be small spoilers, but we’ll certainly keep the best of those dangerous secrets hidden.

First of all, we join the team after they’ve been attacked by Red Tornado and his siblings, and have also been told by Sportsmaster that there is a traitor in their group (all from the last volume).  Instantly, we see team member against team member, questioning motives and keeping a close watch. The dissension that is sown amongst these junior heroes is palpable, just by planting the simple idea that there may be a traitor.  Expect to explore most every team member’s personal views on their mates while they decide on this issue.

That’s not the only tactic used in this volume to get you closer to the characters. Just about every main character on the team, including their former watcher, Red Tornado, gives  at least one huge reveal. It seems everyone has a secret, and is hell bent on keeping it from their teammates. For a while at least.  We already know a couple of them; for instance, we know Artemis is not actually Green Arrow’s niece, and more to the point, that she has a sordid family history. But can she trust her teammates with this information? Will they trust her after they find out? Unfortunately for these heroes, having ties to the wrong side of the law can often lead to suspicion, no matter how great your own motives are.  If you’re brave enough, let’s take a look at this clip from the episode “Usual Suspects,” which highlights three of our heroes’ weakest moments:



We also get to see a few new additions to the team. Namely, Zatara and Zatanna – the father-daughter magician team made famous from the old Batman comics, going into the 90s cartoon show, Batman: The Animated Series. Zatara is starting to show promise as a young, budding magician, but we’re left to wonder through much of the series if her father will let her join the team. We also see the return of Doctor Fate and Red Arrow.

However, there is one thing about this volume that has been really disappointing in many ways. That is the Batman villains. Early on, we see the infamous Injustice League – a culmination of criminal masterminds bent on taking down the Justice League.  A lot of these criminals include classic Batman villains such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, Ra’s al Ghul, Klarion the Witchboy, and Bane. I really have to say.. as an avid Batman fan, this was greatly dissatisfying. This incarnation of the Joker has been, by far, the worst I’ve ever seen – and that includes John DiMaggio’s lifeless voice inflection in Under the Red Hood. Not only was the character design sub-par, but there was nothing intrinsically Joker-like about this classic villain. The voice acting was boring, the writing was uninspired, and that iconic laugh you expect to hear from the Joker just falls completely flat. The other villains in this category barely got enough screen time or dialog to even make an impression. The one exception possibly being Klarion the Witchboy – who actually did carry over the irritatingly chaotic and childish nature of the character.

Over all, the writing for this volume was pretty outstanding. The character development within the Young Justice League, and even, to an extent, in the actual Justice League, was phenomenal. We learned an awful lot about the young heroes we’ve grown to love. I also found it quite encapsulating to see that the second disc basically followed one, solid story arc. I do wish the Batman villains were much more better executed, and will hopefully be better developed in future seasons. However, that aside, this set was a thrilling ride that really has a way of reeling you in.

Young Justice: Standing On Their Own

Young Justice: Season One Volume Three. Own it on DVD February 21st

As you may recall from previous posts, we’ve been following along with the progression of the teen superheroes from Young Justice. For those not familiar, Young Justice tells the story of some of our favorite DC superheroes’ proteges. We were lucky enough to get be able to catch up with the recent release of Young Justice: Season One – Volume Three.

In this volume, Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Artemis face dangers with a lot less help from their superhero mentors. Defending the world from their headquarters at Mount Justice, the team is sent in to foil a nefarious plot guided by telepathic villain, Psimon, to have their memories stolen, and have to fight their way back to reality. We also get a visit from Red Arrow as he tries to face down the assassin Cheshire on his own. This volume closes out with a suspenseful battle against Red Tornadoes mysterious “relatives,” Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. While all of these storylines were very exciting and well-told, my personal favorite on this volume will have to be the third episode, Terrors.

What’s particularly fun about this episode is the familiar faces we get to see. The plot starts out with Miss Martian and Superboy going undercover to enter into a maximum security prison, run by Warden Amanda Waller. They’re greeted by Dr. Hugo Strange as the prison psychology, and are there to keep an eye on Mr. Freeze and Sporstmaster as they occupy cells right next to them in the prison. We also get to see a timid, outcast version of Edward Nigma (the Riddler) get teased by the other inmates. Superboy and Miss Martian are forced to keep their cover while trying to unravel any plans these old time villains have in store. Care to see an example of these fantastic cameos? Take a look at the clip below:


Young Justice S1 V3 Freeze


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. After being burned by the whole ‘young icons’ genre that went on in the 90s, I was very reluctant to give Young Justice a chance. I’ll be the first to say that WB has really been knocking it out the park with this series. If you’re timid to check out this series, I urge you to step and give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.

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