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Hunger Games Soundtrack: Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars: Safe & Sound

As many of you may know by now (mostly if you have read some of my other posts), I am a metal girl with a soft spot for punk, and throw in a few British pop bands from time to time. I do enjoy a bit of folk music sometimes if my it fits my mood.  But on the whole its Prog Rock and Metal for this lady! That’s why I am so surprised that I cannot stop listening to Taylor Swift’s Safe & Sound featuring The Civil Wars from the Hunger Games soundtrack. I most definitely would not have given this song a chance if it weren’t for its association with a movie that I am eagerly awaiting. But now that I have, there is no turning back. I’ve added The Civil Wars to my Spotify rotation and I’ve even been YouTubing (don’t want to mess with my stats!) some Taylor Swift songs to see if this is a one off thing or if I could possibly add her to my rotation.

Check it out:




So what do you think? Do you like the song? How about the video?

“You’re So Pony” Interview Part 2 – Beth Thornley

Back in June we did an interview with Liz Manashil about the music video for “You’re So Pony”. It may have taken longer than we would’ve liked, but here is part two of that, with artist Beth Thornley.

1) How long have you been working as a musician?
I took piano lessons as a kid, so it feels like I’ve been working as a musician my whole life. Even if I was making a living as a waitress, music was always a part of my life. But, regarding making a living as only a musician, that’s only happened in the past 3-4 years as I’ve been able to get songs licensed to TV/film.


2) Where do you get inspiration for your songs?
Everyday life and people watching; sometimes love relationships, but mostly just general life.


3) What was it like working with Liz for the video? Did you collaborate much or mostly follow her vision for what the video should be like?
Working with Liz was great because she was always available to listen to my thoughts and concerns. She had the vision about the overall concept so she took the lead. I had confidence in her and in her ideas.


4) What are your plans for the future? Any new projects we can look forward to?
I am recording an EP and hope to have it ready for release soon. There will be 4 songs on it. I thought it would take less time to get an EP recorded (as opposed to a full length LP), but alas, it seems to take nearly the same amount of time!


Thanks to both Liz and Beth for agreeing to do these interviews. You can find the video for “You’re So Pony” here.

Interview w/ Emii

The Nerds in Babeland resident music nerd (that’s me!) recently had a chance to interview Emii, star of the music video for Mr. Romeo feat. Snoop Dogg! The video intrigues me because of the obvious video game influence (plus it’s damn catchy, if I do say so myself). We talked to Emii about martial arts, working with Snoop Dogg, and general nerdiness. Hope you enjoy her answers as much as I did.

1) I hear you’re trained in martial arts. What type are you trained in and how long have you been doing it for?

It’s been about thirteen years since I began, but I’ve definitely taken breaks since music has always been #1. I’ve taken Wing Chun, Northern Shaolin, American Kenpo, and Tae Kwon Do. I am currently training in Muay Thai and Boxing and would love to try Brazilian Jiujitsu when I can make the time for it. I’ve always had a passion for training and learning about different martial arts styles.

Some videos of my current training:
1) …up with the sun, there’s no school like old school.
2) Even early mornings can be fun.


2) You also used to work in a comic shop. What was that experience like for you? How have you found it connects to your music, if at all?

When I worked at the comic book shop in NYC, I would work all day, go to the studio to write and record all night, and then I would head straight back to work at the comic book shop the next morning. Comic books were a huge source of inspiration for me when I was young, and they still influence me positively today.

3) You worked on the music video for “Mr. Romeo” with the legendary Snoop Dogg, Can you tell us how that came to be and what it was like? Any good stories from working with him?

After writing “Mr. Romeo”, my producer and I were tossing around the idea of someone adding a bit of magic to it. Snoop’s name had come up, but really… how the hell do you get in touch with Snoop Dogg? Well, insanely enough, the day I was recording master vocals for the song, the owner of the recording studio came in and he loved the vibe. He happened to have Snoop’s manager’s number in his phone. From there, Snoop heard the track, loved it, and here we are today. Snoop was a pleasure to work with and the coolest cat I’ve met in music so far.

4) The video was designed to look like the Final Fantasy video game series. I will admit not knowing much about hip-hop, but I would imagine this is quite unusual. Whose idea was that and how easy was it to implement?

Actually, much of my fashion sense is influenced heavily by Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, and other similarly-styled video game / science fiction creations. The music video itself was vaguely aesthetically inspired by the 1986 fantasy film “Legend”. I wanted to create a music video that not only told the story of “Mr. Romeo”, but reflected on my own personality and interests. Thankfully, my team is also extremely creative and together we were able to create something that I am proud to share with my beautiful fans.

5) I heard you once held the Hammer of Thor during a tour of Marvel Headquarters. Can you tell us anything about the tour or how the experience felt?

For one, I really did not want to let go of that hammer! Never in my entire life had I imagined that I would get that experience, and I was in grateful awe the entire time I was there. Agent M showed me around and introduced me to some amazing people, and at the conclusion of the tour my publicist looked at me and said, “That was a highlight of your career, wasn’t it?”. Yes, yes it was.

6) I like to end every interview with this last question – Here at Nerds in Babeland we like to nerd-out about things. What is something you like to nerd-out about?

ANYTHING Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, video games (mostly old-school Nintendo/PS2/PS3/XBox 360), sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels, anything martial arts related, and most definitely anything technology. I think that covers the basics for me.

“You’re So Pony” Interview Part 1 – Liz Manashil

Liz Manashil is the director of the music video for Beth Thornley’s song “You’re So Pony”. We asked her a few questions about what it was like being a female director and what she likes to nerd out about.


1) What inspired you to do this video? Especially, what gave you the idea to have adults play the kids and kids play the adults?


To be honest, I was really really bored. When I was in film school, I always had projects to look forward to and wrap my mind around. After graduating, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was at my day job and put on Jersey Shore to distract me. I heard the song and something took over. Even though I had never directed a music video and had only heard the song once, I just found Beth’s website and emailed her and asked if she wanted a music video for “You’re So Pony.” I got really lucky as Beth is pretty much the coolest woman in the world. Regarding the concept- When I heard the lyrics “you’re so pony” I kept thinking about that cliche the little girls all want to own ponies. I interpreted her song as her liking her mate as much as a little girl would love a pony– I felt the song was an expression of childlike enthusiasm. Thats what prompted the concept of an inversion of ages. Beth is an adult but she’s singing about tapping into energy that only a child can access. To make it more fun, we brought the ages up a little bit because who doesn’t love an awkward spin the bottle party?!


2) What is the process like working on a music video like this?


The process of making the music video was much like every other project I did at USC film school. Compiling a crew, setting the dates, asking questions- Constantly being in communication. Beth and I had phone calls and emails all the time. They were great because she really was respectful to the process but also helped morph the concept into what it is now- a project that I am so proud of and love! This project came together inch by inch and email by email. We were so fortunate that  a lot of people were willing to take pay cuts because it was an opportunity to work on something that will actually get seen by an audience. Beth has a loyal and active following. Most of all, I felt a lot of freedom in working on a music video because I had always been so tied to documentary and dialogue based films. This process was an opportunity to let go and trust the camera and editing and the concept (along with the amazing song Beth wrote) to tell the story.


3) What was the experience for you as a female director? Are there any special challenges with that?


I haven’t really faced the problems of being a woman director yet. I have been warned by a lot of men in the industry that I’ve been lucky and that kind of discrimination is still out there. My cast and crew were there and listened to my vision and were right there to suggest alternatives if things weren’t working or to trust me when I knew they would. I really grew up on “You’re So Pony.” My AD Michael Callahan saw me struggling on set one day and pulled me aside and told me to trust my instincts. That’s something you really need to do. So I struggled more as a shy nervous director than as a woman.


4) What other projects have you done recently? Can you tell us about any differences working on those projects?


I just finished my second feature script and am sending it out- its a darker romantic comedy about the lack of importance of mental stability in order for a romance to survive, it’s called “Bread and Butter.” I’d love to do another music video and I’m currently looking for bands and looking to collaborate. I also am a director and on-air reviewer for a great movie review webisode and I work for fabulous TV director Michael A Simon!


5) Last question is a bit off topic, but… Here at Nerds in Babeland, we like to nerd out about things. What is something you nerd out about?


In addition to my obsession with the movies, I’m a big oldies nerd. I love the Beatles (of course) and I’m a big big Buddy Holly fan. I’m just a huge huge dork about oldies. My boss, during downtimes, will play “Name that Tune” with me and he’ll play the opening seconds of a 60s or 50s song and I usually identify right off the bat. But 90s? Not so good.


That concludes Part 1 of our interview. Part 2 will be with the artist, Beth Thornley. You can find the video for “You’re So Pony” here.

Awesome Shop Vac Video

There is this guy I’ve had the awesome fortune to interview on my Geeky Pleasures radio show. You may have heard of him. His name is Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton). Yesterday was his 40th birthday. There is this other guy. You probably have not heard of him, even so I have. His name is Jarrett Heather (@spaceparanoids). I know of his work through this song contest called Masters of Song Fu. JoCo was one of the masters. For Joco’s birthday, Jarrett created the following really amazing  animated kinetic typography video.

And if you do not read JoCo’s blog, then you’ll want to check out this very special birthday video, created by his fans.

Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Craig (Keir Gilchrist) wakes one Sunday morning with the strong desire to take his own life. Instead, he hops on his bike and navigates through the streets of New York to get to the nearest hospital. He is admitted to 3 North, the adult lockdown wing and suddenly feels that his problems aren’t so bad.

He tries to leave but is notified that there is a five day minimum for psych evals and he has been admitted at the behest of a doctor (Aasif Mandvi). Unhappy with the situation, he decides to make the best of it. He takes the time to reflect on his depression and figure out how to bring some happiness into his life.

During his stay he is taken under the wing of Bobby (Zach Galifinakis), a fellow patient who is anxious about being accepted into a group home after the end of his allowed time on the psych wing. Craig meets Noelle (Emma Roberts), a fellow teen who is struggling with depression.

The movie takes place more in Craig’s head than in reality. It was tragically beautiful. Scenarios ran through his head that were so fanciful, when something outrageous was happening, I was unsure if it was something conjured up in his head. There was, however, this one sequence where Craig is introduced to his artistic side and you are taken through an illustration.

For the rest of this review, please visit my site

NSFW: Cranialspasm chats with Clay Robeson (Hey! It’s a pre-podcast podcast!)

I’m too exhausted to figure out how to add a podcast to my actual website, so I found a place to host it for free. Sorry about the ad at the beginning.
I had the opportunity to interview Clay Robeson, the dynamite mind behind “Frak You”. We talked puppets, nerding out, plugging the Node “in non dirty way” and odd Google searches. Probably NSFW. Actually, most likely NSFW.
I also soapbox. What can I say? Interviews = opinions. My opinions may not coincide with all of the other NiB (That’s short-hand for nerds in babeland.)
Here’s a teaser picture that you will get about 40 minutes in. You’re welcome.

If you are opposed to me getting tipsy and talking to Clay, this is not the interview for you. If you want to giggle and hear about upcoming awesomeness… LISTEN!

Here are the links!

Twitter: @StanleySpeaks
Twitter : @George2020

Review: The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major lady boner for all things comedy. Laughing about life is a fun and easy way to deal with what comes at you. I surround myself with funny people and when I’m alone, I fill my earholes with sweet sweet comedy recordings. When I was in highschool, most teens were hellbent on going to a rock concert or tour. I was the girl that had to find the closest comedy venue to laugh my face off.
For those of you that follow me regularly on Twitter, you know that I have a major nerd crush on the Nerdist, aka Chris Hardwick aka “Hard” of the geek rock comedy duo Hard’N’Phirm.
This review is going to focus on the Yin to Hardwick’s Yang, the Duke to his Nukem, the jelly to his peanut butter, the guitar to his melodica, the duck to his goose – “Phirm” aka Mike Phirman.
On May 17th, Phirm released his debut solo album “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”.
If the title hasn’t made you laugh yet… I can wait… … There we go.
On the album, Mike wrote and played all of the instruments on all but two of the tracks. Those two are musicless and are there to teach you valuable phrases in Spanish. Beginners Spanish (Sec. 13) is especially necessary when preparing for the inevitable future.
The lyrics in all of his songs are intense and thought provoking. Take a look at one of the complex songs that he must have spent years writing.
Brings a tear to your eye, right?
In the age of music at the click of a button, it is rare for me to say that I will intentionally sit through an entire album. I will listen to this 13-track hug from Mike and wish I could hug it back.
Do yourself a favor, go to Mike Phirman’s website and download the album. There is no minimum payment required, but it goes straight to Phirm’s pocket and not to a record company. So toss some monies his way!
Oh! Did I mention there is a very familiar voice that is easy to recognize? Here’s a hint: He wears Hawaiian shirts, though I don’t think he’s ever performed in Hawaii.
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My favorite YouTube star

I bring you a music video. It’s for a Ben Folds song called “Saskia Hamilton” about the poet of the same name. Ben Folds commissioned a YouTuber named Charlie McDonnell to create a music video for this song. It is below…

And just for the record…Charlie is ADORABLE.

Stanley does Dr. Horrible

Stanley sings Dr. Horrible!

I think I’m in love with this puppet.

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