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I’m a huge music nerd. I love all types of music – classical, pop, rock, classic rock – you name it, I probably enjoy it. Yes, even some hip hop.

I discovered this composer, and this particular song, this past weekend. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s by Joe Hisaishi and the song is called ‘Madness’. Hisaishi is Hayao Miyazaki’s go-to composer, like John Williams is to Steven Spielberg. I have to be honest and say that I’ve yet to see a Miyazaki film (I know, they’re all pretty outstanding – I just haven’t gotten around to it yet). However, given how much I love this song, I can’t wait to hear what Hisaishi does for film scoring.

Please enjoy.

Frak You!

A wonderful nerdsourced production posted on The Node (@node) by fellow Nodist, Clay Robeson. Everyone needs to check this out. It’s brilliant parody of Cee-Lo’s Fuck You. Clay’s description:

When Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You!” came out, a parody (not that it really needed one) sprung forth into my head full born, like Athena from Zeus’ big ol’ melon.It was, of course, wrapped in the geeky goodness of Comic Con, and my own personal passion for puppets. The problem, as is often the case with puppets, is that you can never do it alone.And so I called upon my own personal nerd brigade to assist, and received extra vocal tracks from Colorado, and extra hands for puppets and eyes for cameras more locally.What resulted is something that we’re all pretty happy with.

Bed Intruder (Death Metal Version)

All sorts of awesomesauce 🙂

I’m an acapella nerd

Did I mention this? So I came across this lovely young man online called DeStorm. He does TV themes. With himself. He’s pretty awesome. Please to enjoy.   ~Jenn

8-Bit Trip!

Holy hell. This awesome sauce is delicious.

Cranialspasm (Thanks ttt!)

Doctor Who Music Video – Sexy Boy

Fanvid of the Day! This video made me giggle….a lot.

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