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Recap – Grimm: 1×2 “Bears Will Be Bears”


Opening Quote

Warning: Mild spoilers

Picking up where the Pilot left off, Grimm’s second episode feels a little more settled in its skin. Really, it’s that star David Giuntoli (Nick Burkhardt) seems a little more settled in his character’s skin.

I’ll reiterate what I said in my review of the pilot: I like the procedural format for this show.

It opens up an exploration of a lot of different myths/fairy tales without winding up with a kitchen-sink plot. It keeps Burkhardt’s personal narrative to a minimum, so the audience won’t get bored with it, and the mysterious history of the Grimms can be spun out as needed.

This episode takes on Golidlocks and the Three Bears, in case you couldn’t tell from the title. I don’t mind the epigraphs and obvious opening scenes, I just mind that having both makes the telegraphing of the origin tale so obvious. Here’s a tip for the producers: we know the fairy tales, they’ve been around for centuries. You really can stop hitting us over the head with the iconography and exposition.

Barry or is it Beary?

While Nick is trying to keep his aunt Marie (Kate Burton) alive after an attempt on her life that nailed him with a dose of neurotoxin instead, he’s now got to deal with “Jagerbaars,” and an apparent rite of passage that involves hunting humans.

Just a typical day at the office for your friendly neighborhood Grimm.

When not having semi-prophetic dreams about his aunt, Nick continues to enlist the help of reformed Blutbaad, Eddie Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) including having him stand watch over Marie when Captain Renard pulls the guards from her room.


Eddie Monroe and Marie Kessler have been the most interesting characters in Grimm, thus far. Monroe is struggling with his essential nature and a bad family history with Grimms, Marie being far more BAMF from a hospital bed than anyone has a right to be. Weir Mitchell and Burton invest their characters with a vitality and purpose that our hero has yet to display.

It’s a procedural, so everything is sewn up neatly in the allotted time. There are a few red herrings, and a sense that perhaps not all of these creatures are necessarily malevolent. Eddie might not be the only one trying to coexist with humanity, and the Grimms might not be 100% heroic when all is said and done.

Favorite TV Returns This Week…

My inner FanGirl is definitely sqeee’ing this week because all (most) my fav TV shows are returning this week, after a very loooooong summer. There were a few shows that kept me going until this week—“Haven”, “Eureka”, “Sherlock” (BBC), “Rubicon”, “Lie to Me”, “Warehouse 13”, “The Closer”, “True Blood”,—with Honorable Mentions going to “Mad Men”, “Leverage”, “Man vS. Food”, “Hoarders” (HaHaHa!), “The Gates”, “White Collar”, “Weeds”, and “The Big C”.

I think the shows that I’m most excited to see are “Fringe” and “Supernatural”. I liked last season of “Supernatural” with the addition of the Angels into the mix because there aren’t a lot of series that show the other side of Angels as vengeful tools of God. I hold a special affection for that show because most of Sam and Dean’s cappers happen in the Midwest (which is where I live) and the license plate on the Impala is always an Ohio plate. (I lived in Cincinnati for the majority of my 20’s and consider it the place that I “grew up”.)

I’m also excited to watch everyone’s favorites—“The Office”, “30 Rock”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Chuck”, “Castle”, “CSI LV & NY”, “Bones”, and “Glee”. I watched the premiere of “Boardwalk Empire” on HBO the other night, and feel that it’s going to be good. I can usually judge whether or not something is going to make it within the first two episodes, and “Boardwalk” had me on the first episode. I watch the premiere of “The Event” last night, and it reminded me a lot of “Lost”, which is unfortunate because I stopped watching that show after the third season. I know that a lot of you loved it and were totally obsessed with it—like one of my brothers—but I just felt that the last two seasons were too farfetched, and kind of pretentious.

Aside from counting down the days for “Doctor Who’s Christmas Special” and the beginning of that show in the Spring, what are some of the shows that you are waiting on pins and needles to return/watch the premiere?


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