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And the 2012 Academy Award Winners are:

I like to watch the Oscars. I love the dresses, the exposure to movies I otherwise would not have watched, the glitz the glamor, all of it. My husband generally goes into another room and plays guitar since he has no interest in it whatsoever, so it’s a nice time for me. I don’t even begin to claim to understand all of the intricacies and methods to choosing the nominees and the winners but it is nice to see recognition being given to people who wouldn’t otherwise be seen, like the short films, visual effects, cinematography, etc. I get a little pouty when my pick doesn’t win for something, but I don’t hold it against anyone. The one irritating point of the night was the sound off the mic was really bad, very tinny and echo-y and they never really got it in hand.

84th Academy Awards


And the winners are:


Best Picture
The Artist

Best Actress
Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady

Best Actor
Jean Dujardin, The Artist

Best Director
Michel Hazanivicius, The Artist

Short Film (Animated)
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Documentary Short Subject
Saving Face

Short Film (Live Action)
The Shore

Best Original Screenplay
Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris

Best Adapted Screenplay
Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, The Descendants

Music (Original Song)
“Man or Muppet” from The Muppets, Bret McKenzie

Music (Original Score)
Ludovic Bource, The Artist

Supporting Actor
Christopher Plummer, Beginners

Visual Effects

Best Animated Feature

Documentary Feature

Sound Mixing

Sound Editing

Film Editing
Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Supporting Actress
Octavia Spencer, The Help

Best Foreign Feature
A Separation

Mark Coulier and J. Roy Helland, The Iron Lady

Costume Design
The Artist

Art Direction


The 2012 Academy Awards: Your Guide for Appearing Informed

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. Well, since you’re here, I guess it’s that time of year again, when we go through last year’s best films, and then nominate two or three of them for Best Picture Oscars and six other acceptable movies for the rest.

In 2010 the possible number of nominees for the Best Picture category was raised to 10, which made seeing all the nominees twice as difficult and usually included at least one or two really mediocre movies where you were like, “Really? You think this is one of the ten best movies of last year?” This year, because they no longer HAD to nominate 10, and because they were having a really classy year in which they hired a homophobe to direct the Oscars who later quit after he made himself the asshole of Hollywood if he wasn’t already, the Academy decided to only nominate nine movies, because of course, there were only nine movies last year. (As far as I’m concerned, this is the only excuse.)

I’d just like to take a moment out to point out what bullshit it is that Bridesmaids didn’t get the 10th nomination, as I’m pretty sure the category’s expansion to 10 was just so movies like Bridesmaids COULD be nominated. Would I have expected it to win? No. Would it have been great to see a movie that clearly featured, at least according to the Academy, Oscar-caliber writing and acting score a Best Picture nom as well, since it was obviously operating within that sphere? Yes. Do I think it would have really helped the state of women in movies? Yes, actually I do. But the Academy, because it wants you to know that it doesn’t have to nominate 10 movies, only nominated nine.

Anyway, let’s sit and talk about those nine movies, several of which are good, some of which are okay, and one of which made me want to claw my own brain out and then eat it. Annoyingly for my post-writing purposes, a lot of the acting nominees aren’t from these movies, making it harder to discuss that, but don’t worry about it. At the end I’m gonna briefly summarize who is likely to win (not necessarily whom I, personally, wish would win), whether or not they’re from these nine movies. But in case you didn’t see them, and want to sound knowledgeable and like you did so you can argue with your friends using subjective analyses, please feel free. Also please feel free to argue with me, unless you want to argue about Tree of Life, in which case there’s no point.

For your convenience, here’s an easy way to jump from movie to movie, if you don’t want to read them all (since, even with only nine movies, this post is monstrous), and also for the most part they are free of spoilers that you wouldn’t find on the back of a DVD cover or something unless otherwise indicated.


The ArtistThe DescendantsExtremely Loud & Incredibly CloseThe HelpHugo
Midnight in ParisMoneyballThe Tree of LifeWar Horse
The Short Version 


Angel’s (Decidedly Massive) Oscar Post

This year, I watched like a billion movies, but only ten of them were nominated for best picture at the 13947394th Academy Awards, which are tomorrow night (on ABC for the interested). I was like, hey, why not talk about them?

A couple of years ago, the Academy decided to expand the number of possible nominations for best picture from five to ten, which has the potential to make Oscars a total gamechanger. As it is, it is now more likely that an awesome summer blockbuster has the chance to take home an Oscar, whereas before if your movie came out before Thanksgiving your chances were practically nonexistent. (Most people will tell you this is because The Dark Knight. They’re probably right.)

Now, the Oscars are a regular hodgepodge of must-see movies, ranging from the insanely claustrophobic like 127 Hours to sweeping epics like True Grit to psychological horror movies like Black Swan. One thing a lot of them have in common? Hand injuries! Man, if you have a problem with hand or finger perforation or amputation, I can tell you that you should avoid many of these movies. You’d think they were hand-picked by Robert Rodriguez. At least 24 fingers were lost in this year’s nominees, and plus some additional fingernails and probable future amputations.

Anyway, there are ten movies, so even at a couple of short paragraphs apiece this is post is a behemoth. As such, I’m including links so that you can do what I often do easily, and just skip through and read about the movies I really really liked and the movies I really really hated.  But just in case you still want to read about the movies you didn’t even see, everything is for the most part spoiler-free.  Except for Toy Story 3.  I had to spoil that one a bit.  And I think 127 Hours comes pre-spoiled.

127 HoursBlack SwanThe FighterInceptionThe Kids Are All RightThe King’s SpeechThe Social NetworkToy Story 3True GritWinter’s Bone

The Short, Short Version of This Post

Or, I guess you can just read the entire post behind the cut. (more…)

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