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This is amazing! Now I am totally regretting not taking all of the DVD players my friends have tried to give me over the years!I totally wish I could take credit for this, but it comes to you from me from our friends at DIY Photography

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

1. Lensectomy Your old DVD Player

First thing is to get a lens for your camera phone. Make sure your old DVD player is not connected to power. Then take the screws off. This is a great way to void your warranty. It is also dangerous and you should really never do this.

Anyhow, if you went against my advice, you’ll find the lens under the place where the disk goes. Take it out.

2. Prepare A Lens Mount

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

Ok, I’m only kidding on this one. You don’t really need a lens mount, you can use duct tape if you wanna go really ghetto or mount it on some cardboard.

If you opt for the cardboard option, just make a round hole in the cardboard.

3. Mount Your Lens

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

Just use some duct tape (as indicated before) to mount your lens directly, use or blue Tack to hold the card mount.

4. Macro Away

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

WOW. This is some powerful macro. Enjoy.

If you try this out, let us know how it worked for you!


Kink In Motion

NYCC – Day 1 in Photos

Hey, fellow nerds! I promised you all a huge photo post on NYCC. Since I have over 200 photos that I had to dwindle down to the best of the best, I decided to break it up into 3 parts. This is Day 1.

This was actually a closet with the exterior design of the TARDIS. Not quite the real thing but a close second.

I ran into this girl at the Midtown Comics table. She saw me looking at the Serenity graphic novel and figured it was safe to assume I would recognize her costume. Good guess.

The Onion panel gave us the fake news of the future. It was a lot like the current news, but with more tech and giant bugs.

The James Martsters panel was the highlight of Day 1, for me. He did a Q&A and answered a lot of really good questions. He was super nice to everyone and totally fit in with the rest of us nerds.

Day 1 was a great start to what proved to be a fantastical weekend. Stay tuned for Day 2 in photos, coming soon to a computer near you.

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