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Stress Done The Nerdy Way

As I sit here waiting for the inevitable power outage thanks to the high winds, (and for another tree to fall like before), I think back to the past year for me. It’s entering November, and I find myself busy, as per usual, and looking for more to do, (I’m a glutton for punishment in the month of November,) so now is the perfect time for reminiscing. I’ve been in and out of the hospital for almost the whole year with my family. My grandpa would go into the hospital, come out, and two days later go back in, and I would be the one that my entire family would turn to for information and a plan of attack. More recently my mother went into the hospital and just got off of a seven week short term disability leave. To give an example of what kind of stress this put me under, I was at my grandparents house more than my house to help them out, then at my house more than the outside world, and then anxiety attacks that drove me to my doctor. Stressful right? How did I cope? The nerdy way. Let me tell you how.

Update: Half way through that paragraph I heard sirens from the police, firefighters, and ambulance going off close to my street. Thank you wind.

Dry Vodka Martini, Mr Bond

In September I went to the wedding of my very first friend, and I took my other friend with me, cause I’m single and I don’t go to weddings alone. During the ceremony they had a planting of the sapling, it was sweet, it really was… to everyone else. All my friend and I heard was sapling, and we both looked at each other and knew we were thinking the same thing. He said it first. “You know if they use a little bonemeal on that, it’ll grow immediately.” Thank you Minecraft. Yes, that’s right, we turned a wedding into Minecraft, started making plans for the server that we play on with our friends. It gets nerdier, all before the reception. My friend, Shua, and I were talking about our own prospective weddings, and his won by far. Scottish wedding, kilts on the men, and at the cutting of the cake have someone run up and cut the cake with a sword whilst yelling; “They can take our wedding, but they’ll never take our cake!” That’s right, he went there.

The reception came, and we wanted our allotted booze. The party favors were adorable, and after 15 seconds of looking at them I took a picture, declaring that some Angry Birds had crashed the party. Another 10 seconds later and I was stealing the party favors from the empty seats next to us to create a Tri-Force. Yes, I went there. We skipped the Chicken Dance, and the Cha Cha Slide, but went up there for the YMCA. And we found out what exactly the Lady In Red is doing. Hint, she’s running away out the bathroom window because no one knows her name. We made a couple more parodies from the songs, one including some nice words for Minecraft, before we left to go watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

Even Henry Loves the Sailor Scouts

I make stuff like this, and sell it for Munnies

That’s just one day, how did I make it day to day otherwise? Well, I’m a creative type, I like making stuff, I like to sell this stuff. November 5th here in the city that I live in, we have an Art market, the Saginaw Art Market to be exact. It’s a free event where only handmade items will be sold, artists working in all different mediums will be there. I like to think that I represent the Fiber arts section, with my knitting and crocheting. I make popular culture themed goods. Like these lovely Sailor Scouts, and Tuxedo Mask. And what’s this? A Mega Man hat that I made? A Hatsune Miku hat? There’s even an Okami Ameterasu hat in the works, and a Jak (& Daxter) hat that I’m making for me. There are plans for some ‘Penny’ wristwarmers, (Dr Horrible anyone?) I’d also like to make some hats out of fleece, you know, anime style hats, cause I’m just that cool. I’m no stranger to making nerdy stuff, but I think that I got nerdier as a coping mechanism to all my stress, allowing me to make more awesome stuff.

My podcast now has a slight buffer of episodes because of my epic new nerdiness. “To Continue Press Start” has been getting a lot of attention, well-deserved attention, and I even participated in a 24 hours gaming event to raise money for the Children’s Miracle network. I made it for 21 hours before I had to crash. I blame my cats who wouldn’t let get me any sleep the night before. Now we just have to get back to playing Sonic the Hedgehog for his 25th birthday.

I had a moment when I walked into one of my favorite gaming stores and found out that I’m a regular to the staff now. I no longer have to show my ID when paying with a credit card, because I am a recognizable face. After pre-ordering my Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, I walked out of the store and proudly stated; “It’s so great being a nerd.” I think that my point is to say that being a nerd gives me unique ways of handling stress, and it’s just recently that I’ve found out how effective that it can actually be, and something that is very well needed. Now if you’ll excuse me I have arms to make for Sailor Scouts, and more Link hats to make.

I Sell Comics

Our story today comes to us from the folks at “Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave”. They had a bit of a contest back in June where listeners were given a set of lyrics written by Walt Flannagan and challenged to write a song based on them. I know this was awhile ago by Internet standards, but this music writer was busy finishing school and moving. The old cliche tells us “better late than never,” however, so let’s do this.


While the contest itself was interesting to us, the real focus here is one entry in particular done by “Courage My Love,” twin sisters from Canada who now have one damn good song and a video on YouTube to go with it. Musically their version of the song sounds a bit like Paramore, which is fine by me since I am a fan of their music as well. The video for it has the girls selling comics on the street, lemonade stand style. The table is strewn with comics and a sign that says “I Sell Comics”. It tells the story of how they make comics desirable to their audience. I found it to be a good use of the base they were given and the materials they had on hand to create something fun and unique. Below you will find the video in question, as well as a copy of the lyrics they had to work with.



What manner of creature stands behind this counter
Man or machine is the big mystery
and with every transaction I cement my place in history.

My fingers dance over the register keys leaving your mouth agape
and it’s not ’cause I make King Kong look like just another ape
but it’s just another sale to this comics-selling alpha male.

I could sell comics to a blind man
a Wednesday warrior through and through
and you’ll buy everything I tell you to.
I sell comics baby. Comics baby. Comics baby. Oooooooo…..Yeahhhhhhhh


In WW two the allies kicked nazi ass and Hitler sobbed nein, nein, nein
Just like my competition when they hang that going out of business sign.


Song ends with register sounds, drawer opening/closing

The SF Squeecast: Five Science Fiction Professionals Premiere a Podcast of Positivity

Official Press Release


DeKalb, IL- Science Fiction and Fantasy professionals Elizabeth Bear, Paul Cornell, Seanan McGuire, Lynne M. Thomas, and Catherynne M. Valente will be premiering a new monthly podcast called the SF Squeecast on June 30, 2011.

In every SF Squeecast episode, our contributors (and occasional guests) will each bring SF works that make them happy — both new discoveries and old favorites — for group discussion. Other elements in the podcast include an irreverent question and answer segment and the occasional topical discussion over a virtual cup of tea.

The SF Squeecast combines humor, passion, and professional experience in the SF field into a never-ending convention panel discussion of “don’t miss this” science fiction and fantasy works in all formats. Our regular contributors include two-time Hugo Award-winning and Theodore Sturgeon Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear (The Jenny Casey Trilogy, The Jacob’s Ladder Trilogy), Hugo-nominated New York Times Bestselling television, comic book, and prose writer Paul Cornell (Doctor Who- “Human Nature,” Action Comics), Campbell Award-winning, Hugo-nominated New York Times Bestselling author and musician Seanan McGuire (October Daye series, Feed as Mira Grant), Hugo-nominated editor and curator Lynne M. Thomas (Chicks Dig Time Lords, Whedonistas), and Hugo-nominated, Tiptree and Andre Norton Award-winning New York Times Bestselling author Catherynne M. Valente (Palimpsest, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making).

For more information about the SF Squeecast, please visit or email us at

Calling All Geek Art!

Let’s preface this by saying:  You don’t have to be an artist to participate in this.  Amateurs, dabblers, and hobbyists welcome. In any style you’d like, we’d like to include you in a fun event!


First of all, we’ve been asked to join the Late Nite JengaJam next Tuesday, the 29th at 10:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Pacific to talk about all things nerdy. Swoots and myself will be there reppin’ all the Babes in Nerdland (wait, what?) in an appropriately geeky fashion.  We are very excited about this, and welcome any and everyone to join in by listening, calling in, or talking to us via chat during the show. If you have questions, we have answers. If you just want to discuss whether Matt Smith’s forehead is too big to navigate the dimensions of time and space without spacial interference or not….. Hey. We’re down. If you just have a crush on Jack Edathil, and wish to hear his pretty voice, we can dig that, too. But in addition to just joining in the conversation, you can be a part of this event by submitting geeky fan art to be displayed during the show.


This is where you can have fun and see your work displayed for all of the internet to praise and celebrate your creativity (it happens).  Whether it’s a picture of our NiB chick high-fiving Optimus Prime, Doctor Doom playing Jenga, or even a stick figure sketch of you and your friends playing a table-top RPG, we’d like to see your fan art.  As long as it’s not copyrighted, and we’re given permission (by you, the artist) to display the work, we want it!   It can be general geeky/nerdy, specifically geeky/nerdy, or Nerds in Babeland or JengaJam related.


Submission info:

What:  geeky fan art made by YOU

When:  submissions must be received by Monday, March 28th by 11:59pm

How:  send all artwork to

Why:  for fun! your work will be displayed during the show, and a post will be made on our site here to show off the entries, giving you proper credit.

Where (to get additional info):  if you need information about us, the Nerds from Babeland, check out our About Page.  Click any individual contributor’s link for more info about them, usually including pics and related interest.  More information about LNJJ is available on Their Site.  If you’d like to use our NiB logo, you can view/ download/ copy a full-sized version here.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us and ask!

Check Out 'The Ministry of Chance'

Artwork by Lee Sullivan

Yesterday, a new science fiction audio drama called The Minister of Chance was officially released. I’d like to share with you my review of Episode 1 (originally posted on Geeky Pleasures), as I think it is something many of the readers here at NiB will enjoy.

If you were going to spend £1.49 today, or any day for that matter, then I highly recommend you spend it on Episode 1: The Broken World of The Minister of Chance (@ministerchance).

Officially released yesterday, The Minister of Chance, is a masterfully produced audio drama from the UK. Superbly acted, with an amazing cast of characters, and with rich, lavish, immersive soundscapes, you are magically hurled into the reality that is this story.

In Episode 1, you’ll hear the voices of:

  • Julian Wadham – The Minister
  • Jenny Agutter – Professor Cantha
  • Lauren Crace – Kitty
  • Paul Darrow – Lord Rathen
  • Stuart Fox – Porcher
  • Richard Garaghty – Match Werming
  • Lloyd Hutchinson – Menin
  • Gareth Jones – Corporal Sona
  • Petra Massey – Gurk
  • Sylvester McCoy – The Witch Prime
  • Paul McGann – Durian
  • Kane Sharpe – Rosta

The Minister of Chance is a work of wonderful science fiction, in which science has been outlawed in favour of magic, scientists are imprisoned by the ruling magic class in order to fashion weapons of mass destruction and war has broken out. The story may not be new but the way in which it is delivered certainty is. It is a wonderful commentary on many of today’s current issues in the world; from the battle between superstitious thinking and science, the struggles in the Middle East for democracy and freedom and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. When Episode 1 was recorded last summer, the struggles of Northern Africa had not yet begun, however the Iranian protests were not a distant memory.

Entertaining and engaging, I found myself having to re-listen to Episode 1 a few times, as there is just so much going on and layer upon layer of rich sounds, which caused me to get lost in them and caused me to want to listen one more time, in order to hear all that was going on. Then that one more time became another, until I had realised I was listening to it for the forth time.

For a brief glimpse into Episode 1, listen to the trailer found here.

Normally, my brain has issues listening to audio-only which requires active listening (audiobooks as an example) rather than passive listening (music as an example). I do not do well when read to, unless I am following along with the reader. Unless I am engaged in conversation or watching a presentation, my mind gets bored and I wander and drift away into other worlds. Listening to The Minister of Chance, I never got bored as it allowed me to wander and drift into the world of Tanto and drink up the atmosphere. I could smell, taste, see and touch the environment.

Aside from the wonderful sound and voice acting, the dialogue is brilliant. It is witty, charming, intelligent, humourous and you may not want to sit down with grandmum over tea to listen. There is some not suitable for work language, however it is never gratuitous. Every thing is purposeful and I think it serves its purpose well.

I am not sure how much I want to get into the events of the first episode. I am afraid that if I did, it would end up being a spoiler. I will tell you, this is a must purchase and listen. I think The Minister of Chance will be enjoyed by all, not just science fiction fans, as the story and production is engaging enough to entertain audiences of all forms.

Before you , you will want to listen to the Prologue: The Pointed Hand. There are important bits to the plot which come to light in the prologue. It is free for download.

I do not think I can stress enough that this is a must . Not only is it highly entertaining but after Episode 2 is released in April, there will be no future episodes produced until enough funds are raised. You see, this is a completely independent project, with no outside advertiser funding, grant funding or BBC funding. There will be multiple seasons, each consisting of 6 episodes. Each episode will be produced as the proceeds from direct sales allows. It really is a wonderful sales model, but it does depend on your support.

And remember, tonight, Friday, March 18, 2011, beginning at 7 pm PDT, 10 pm EDT, 2 am (Saturday) GMT, my interviews with Lauren Crace (Kitty) and Sylvester McCoy (The Witch Prime) will air on the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show on The Force 925 (@TheForce925). We discussed a little bit of the making of, the plot and how it can be related to today’s global events, character development, other projects they’ve worked on and are currently working on and more.

About Lauren Crace

Lauren graduated from RADA in 2008. During her final year she was cast as series regular Danielle Jones in EASTENDERS for which she was awarded the TV Quick & TV Choice Best Newcomer award and two Best Storyline awards. Her Theatre credits include Cécile de Volanges in Toby Frow’s production of LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES at Salisbury Playhouse and Young Dee in AND I AND SILENCE at The Finborough. She appeared in the GREAT GAME, part of the BBC’s recent and critically acclaimed SHERLOCK series and later in 2011 will be seen in the role of Joan in Aisling Walsh’s ROOM AT THE TOP for BBC4, as well as a guest lead in HOLBY CITY and the forthcoming BBC legal drama SILK.




About Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester came to prominence as a member of the comedy act THE KEN CAMPBELL ROADSHOW. His best known act was as a stuntman character called “Sylveste McCoy” in an entertainment entitled AN EVENING WITH SYLVESTE McCOY THE HUMAN BOMB where his stunts included putting a nail up his nose, stuffing ferrets down his trousers, exploding a bomb on his chest, and if the audience behaved themselves, setting his head on fire. As a joke, the programme notes listed Sylveste McCoy as played by “Sylveste McCoy” and, after a reviewer missed the joke assuming Sylveste McCoy was a real person, Kent-Smith adopted this as his stage name, some years later adding an ‘r’. Well known for playing the seventh incarnation of the Doctor in the hugely popular TV series DOCTOR WHO, he then revived the role in the Doctor Who television movie with Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor. Notable television appearances before he gained the role of the Doctor included roles in VISION ON (where he played Pepe/Epep, a character who lived in the mirror), an O-Man in JIGSAW and TISWAS. His stage performances range from the title role in The National Theatre’s production of THE PIED PIPER and The Fool in Trevor Nunn’s KING LEAR alongside Ian McKellen for the Royal Shakespeare Company to Mushnik in the Menier Chocolate Factory’s LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and Puck in Welsh National Opera’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. He has just finished playing ‘Grimes’ in a highly acclaimed production of Evelyn Waugh’s DECLINE & FALL and also portrayed, on the stage, two famous movie comedians: Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton. He recently guest starred in an episode of the BBC’s series DOCTORS playing an actor who once played the time-travelling hero of a children’s television series called The Amazing Lollipop Man, especially written for Sylvester. He will shortly start filming in New Zealand in the role of ‘Radagast The Brown’ in Peter Jackson’s movie versions of THE HOBBIT.

Nerdist Podcast

I want to go under the assumption that most nerds have heard of the Nerdist podcast, but my experience has told me that is not true.  For those of you who don’t know, Nerdist is a podcast hosted by comedian Chris Hardwick along with Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. (Editor’s Note: This blog, Nerds in Babeland, exists because of Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist/Node. We all met on the Node and our logo is inspired by the Nerdist’s sprocket logo. Just a lil trivia for you.) Until recently the podcast had new episodes once a week and featured a different guest interview which played out as more of a conversation between nerds.  The past couple of weeks have seen a second episode in the week that just has Chris, Jonah, and Matt talking about various things.  The podcast is one of my favorites and has gotten me through many shifts at my job in my University’s library.

One of my favorite episodes to date was when the current Doctor in the series Doctor Who, Matt Smith, made a very special guest appearance.  Now, I understand it just worked out really well that he was on a promotional tour (including a stop at Craig Ferguson’s show that also included host Chris Hardwick) and the whole crew was in the States anyway to film the new season, but it was still great that this special episode of Nerdist was able to happen as it did. Some of us over at Node (which is the site created by Chris to double as a street team and social networking site for nerds) have been thinking that it would be great to get David Tennant on the podcast as well.  I’m assuming Chris wouldn’t be opposed to this happening, considering he was dressed as the Tenth Doctor at the recent Gallifrey convention.

To Whovians, this would be considered

I realize it would take a lot of things falling into place correctly to turn this dream into a reality, but we figure some fan support couldn’t hurt.  We created a fan page on Facebook to get the ball rolling on this, and would really appreciate it if everyone reading this would go join.  Afterward, if you could take the simple extra step of posting it on your own pages and maybe on Twitter as well, we would owe you lots of hugs and smiles.  So please go now and take the 2-5 seconds to “like” our idea in a more public manner.

I think it’s worth noting that we have not discussed this with Chris Hardwick or anyone else at the podcast. We’re just going off an assumption that they would enjoy this if it happened. The fact that Matt Mira tweeted about it makes me believe it was a good assumption to make…

Anyway, that is the story as it stands now. The people behind the “David Tennant on the Nerdist Podcast” petition thank you greatly for your support. As Chris would say at the end of his podcast, enjoy your burrito.

5 Podcasts that Got Me Through 2010: #5 Walking the Room

Warning: These reviews are moderately if not completely profane.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs and I have found that there have been many podcasts that I needed to get through a lot of the hard times. These mini reviews (which will be sporadic in coming up because my computer is dead and my internet access is limited) are my way of thanking five that have brought laughter into my life.

So thank you.

#5: Walking the Room
(I’m sure that Greg and Dave will probably complain that they are #5 out of the five mini reviews I’ve written, but to give them a bit of perspective, I listen to about thirty podcasts so the fact that I’m taking the time to write, this is a word hug to my cuddlahs.)

Walking the Room is one of the most vulgar and violent verbage out there when it comes to podcasts and I love every fucking minute of it. Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony don’t veer from letting the F-bomb fly and their mock animosity for each other is HYSTERICAL! They like to play “Here’s What I’ll Do” followed by a lengthy description of the unconventional death of the other. At one point one of them talks about going out, buying a pair of Doc Martens, and then kicking the other in the face. I think it was Dave. I laughed so hard, on the pee scale, I would give it a four out of five drops.

In one episode, Greg and Dave lament the death of the “guy’s guy”. They go on an extreme tangent about the search for the next “Steve McQueen”. If they remade Bullitt right fucking now I would punch someone in the gullet. It’s true. With the amount of rehashing of old plots, I would be hard pressed to find new blood to play John McClane in a bastardization of Die Hard.

Their podcast is incredibly random. They end up ranting about various things but there is always one constant. They love candy. Super love candy. If candy was a dude they would light some candles and cue the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack.

Walking the Room is like being spanked, but with humor. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes you tear up a bit. But there’s always something that brings you back to it.

And I almost forgot!

I’m a “Cuddlah” FO LIFE!. Clown from the neck down.
Oh and I’m terrified of clowns, but just the makeup. Everything else is okay, so this picture is sublime.

Clown From the Neck Down

Check out Walking the Room on iTunes
or add Walking the Room to your RSS feed
or just pop over to libsyn and give it a listen

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Podcasts That Got Me Through 2010: #4 Doug Loves Movies

Warning: These reviews are moderately if not completely profane.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs and I have found that there have been many podcasts that I needed to get through a lot of the hard times. These mini reviews (which will be sporadic in coming up because my computer is dead and my internet access is limited) are my way of thanking five that have brought laughter into my life.

So thank you.

#4 Doug Loves Movies:
Doug Benson has to be the most productive stoner in the world. It’s amazing how much he ends up doing. In addition to his stand up, his BENSON INTERRUPTION theater extravaganzas and his fresh new viewing of the BENSON INTERRUPTION on Comedy Central, Doug has time to tell everyone that will listen how much he LOVES movies. His podcast originally started out as “I LOve Movies” but this year he changed to “Doug Loves Movies”. You will find many movies online at which are easily available to watch.

In each episode he has a panel of people that talk about their love of movies or their complete lack of movie knowledge. The panelists are introduced and he’ll ask a few questions before they start playing games. They pick out people from the live audience to play for and the winner gets a bunch of stuff that all of the participants bring in.

Doug Benson, Samm Levine, Leonard Maltin, Morgan Murphy

Sometimes Doug will play the build a title movie game, but every week They play the Leonard Maltin game. He actually played the Leonard Maltin game WITH Leonard Maltin! (Don’t know what the game is? LISTEN AND YOU’LL KNOW!)

There is a reason why it is in my top five podcasts.

Check out Doug Love Movies on iTunes
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or just pop over to the site and give it a listen

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Podcasts That Got Me Through 2010: #3 The Pod F Tompkast

Warning: These reviews are moderately if not completely profane.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs and I have found that there have been many podcasts that I needed to get through a lot of the hard times. These mini reviews (which will be sporadic in coming up because my computer is dead and my internet access is limited) are my way of thanking five that have brought laughter into my life.

So thank you.


#3 Pod F Tompkast:
The Pod F Tompkast came out later in the year, but I found myself drawn to it like a hobo to a five galloon drum of fire. Paul F Tompkins is easily one of my favorite comedians and with his guest spots on Comedy Death Ray and regular appearances on other podcasts I listen to, when he announced that he was starting a podcast… I knew I had to give it a listen.

The best part of the Pod F Tompkast is that it’s bringing something often overlooked in the podcast ‘verse – a script.

In highschool, my favorite recordings to listen to were those of Firesign Theatre. The plights of Nick Danger, the episodes of “Beat the Reaper”… They were amazing. The idea that someone could make you laugh like a bastard just by tickling your ears was as foreign to me then as it is to the younger generations now. Now, we are bombarded by every sense. If there was smellovision, tasteovision and tactilevision we would be overusing them to the point that we wouldn’t leave our homes. But that all requires your complete attention.

Listening to Pod F Tompkast has brought me back to a simpler time that is much more complex than the youtube vloggers of today (has your brain exploded yet?). He tickles your earholes with his delightful tales of the partnership of people such as Ice T, the Cake Boss, and Dame Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber(everytime he says that I laugh so hard I die a little inside). This ten to fifteen minute interlude inspires the imagination and I laugh at the absurdity of it all. The backstory of cake boss’s soothsaying powers originated from Paul’s visits to Comedy Death Ray Radio, but they have evolved into so much more.

The next segment is a clip from one of his live shows. The first episode included a clip of him reading google transcriptions of his voicemails. I had to listen to it four times because I was laughing so hard.

The final segment is a conversation between himself and Jen Kirkman. They talk about how they met and occasionally Jen will share stories from her life. It is incredibly entertaining. It’s almost as if you’re sitting in a Starbucks and eavedropping on the FUNNIEST FUCKING CONVERSATION OF YOUR LIFE.

A slight sidenote – Paul F Tompkins has this really great idea that originated out of sarcasm. He had tweeted about being at a specific location and someone had asked him if he would come somewhere else. He told the person requesting it to have 300 people commit to seeing him and he would go out there. Thus the Tompkins 300 came into existence. I recently joined the facebook page for New Haven CT and if you are in the area and love comedy you should join. BUT! Do NOT join if you are not in the area. It doesn’t help anyone in the group if you do. We’d like Paul to come to New Haven, but not if there won’t be a bunch of people there to appreciate him.

Check out the Pod F Tompkast on iTunes
or add the Pod F Tompkast to your RSS feed
or just pop over to libsyn and give it a listen

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