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♬ Random Thought of the Daaaaay ♪…!

Watching Alien vs. Predator 2. Because I can’t be an intellectual every minute of the day….


Random Thought of the Daaaaay!

Because of extenuating family circumstances, I’ll probably only be posting on Tues. & Thurs. until further notice. Also–CANCER SUX.

Anyway…..RTD (Random Thought of the Day) time!

I told my daughter to go poop in her shoe the other night when she was belly-aching about something….I should be a life coach!!


Random Thoughts for the Next Few Days…!

Many have asked, “Sparkles–how do you come up with this stuff?” …..and I reply with a blank stare.

Honestly though…I carry a small notebook with me and write things down when inspiration hits. Sometimes I like to look at people when writing to make them feel like whatever I’m writing is about them OR make them paranoid that I’m some kind of investigator and they are under suspicion. =^)

Most of the time, the funniest bits happen when I am sleep deprived/fighting insomnia. (You’re welcome.)

I will be super busy/doing a lot of traveling over the next few days, and won’t have time to even touch a computer let alone be close to free WiFi, so here are four little gems that I’ve been saving……enjoy.

* If you have even one problem and you’re not bitching I know you can’t be one of my relatives…
*….which brings me to another point… Smother is only an “S” away from Mother.
* Morning, smorning. Have a glass of wine!
* Bacon makes everything better.


Random Thought of the Day!

There are many things that can be said about Monday, and none of them is going to be heard on Reading Rainbow anytime soon.

Random Thought of the Day…!

Coffee + Cold Medicine = Existential Crisis.

ALSO–I will have a surprise posting on Monday, but until then….

….Have a Happy….


Random Thought of the Day…

My super power today is smelling really bad.


Random Thought of the Day…

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. We did some traveling/visited family because my children went back to school this morning! Woo-F#@king-HOO!

Random Thought of the Day….
E.T. telling Drew Barrymore to ‘be good’ didn’t really sink in right away…

Random Thought of the Day…

What’s shakin’ Nerd Babes? Busy, busy, busy…but I thought I would take a quick moment to give my….

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE DAY! (pretend this is said in an echo-y voice)

*clears throat*

If you run into me today, and we make eye contact: I consider that grounds for a dance-fight. You have been dance-warned.

Random Thought of the Day…

I want attention and have no talent–can I be on Dancing With the Stars??

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