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TRON: Evolution Voice Actors Announced

In preparation for the new TRON: Legacy movie coming in December, Disney Interactive Studios will be releasing a third-person video game named TRON: Evolution. The game, which combines elements of RPG and racing to allow for both single and multi-player options, will bridge the storyline between the original movie and the new one.

Heading the voice cast for Evolution will be original TRON actor Bruce Boxleitner along with television star Olivia Wilde (House). Joining them will be a number of familiar names from our television screens. Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) will voice Gibson, John Glover (Smallville) voices Abraxas, Nolan North (Port Charles/General Hospital) will voice Behemoth/Sentries/Blaze, and Terrence A. Carson (Living Single) voices Calchas. You can see a small video of the voice cast here. This will be the second voice acting role for Ackles, who garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews for his role of Red Hood/Jason Todd in the recent Batman release Under the Red Hood.

Are you excited for the new TRON movie? Will you be heading out to your nearest gaming store to pick up TRON: Evolution? I know I’m looking forward to hearing more from my favorite voice actors and am very interested to see how Ackles’ second venture out goes.

Photo Credit: Disney Interactive Studios

New York Comic Con – Day 2

This is Part 2 of my 3-part series on Comic Con. Since there’s a lot to tell, I’m just going to get right into it.

7:00am – Wake up for another day of geek-tastic fun times. I am dressed and ready to go by 7:30, but need caffeine badly.
7:36 –  My uncle meets me at my house. Yes, I have a cool uncle who’s also a geek and loves comics even more than I do. He decides he wants to drive into the city. The adventure begins… but first, caffeine!
8:58 – Exit Lincoln Tunnel. Hello, NYC, I’m inside you now!
9:20 – Arrive at Javits Center and am approached by someone who recognizes my Jukebox the Ghost bag. I share my love of the band for a bit before proceeding.

It is madness and confusion. I am herded onto a line, but I know not what for. All I know is there are many people before me. I have to wonder at what ungodly hour they had to wake up to accomplish this feat. I mean, I thought I woke up early…

*costume sighting* – someone behind me is dressed as the 11th Doctor – complete with fez. I like fezzes. Fezzes are cool. I am inspired and start thinking of more costume ideas for Halloween.

9:50 – Doors open and everyone cheers. We slowly make our way in – back to where we started! Apparently before doors officially open it seemed like a good idea to our show-runners that they hide us in the basement. I do not question this and simply make my way to the next adventure.
10:23 – Stand in yet another line, this time for my second panel of the weekend with Stan Lee. This one is called “MTV Geek”.
10:55 – Still waiting in line. Had another Doctor Who sighting, this one the 10th Doctor. It made me smile. The more I think about it, the more I want to do a DW costume for Halloween this year. I start planning how to make this work and get even more excited. I wonder if the glow forming inside can be seen by those around me.
11:12 – They finally let us in, and we take our seats. I’m happy because this time I’m actually allowed to take pictures AND I have pretty good seats.
11:17 – Introductions. The crowd cheers loudly for their Brigadier, Stan Lee. The panel begins. Stan Talks about his project with MTV called “The Seekers”. It all seems to be very hush hush, but there is going to be a contest to win a chance to work on this thing with them. At least, that’s how it sounded to me. I wish I was talented enough to enter: *sigh*

Next we got a preview of some other projects MTV Geek is working on. Some stuff looks interesting, including a comic called Hell Town. At this point Stan Lee leaves, I’m assuming to do his signing. More books are introduced, including a graphic novel called “Agent Mom” that looks like it could be cool and is brought to us by Alaina Huffman *aka* Black Canary on Smallville.

Another book that looks like it has possibilities is “The Gloom” by Tony Lee, which, among other things, involves a monkey with a fez. See, I told you fezzes were cool. And I seriously can’t help but think of DW whenever fezzes are involved. Anyone else? Anywho, this book starts in November, and I do believe I will be checking it out. More info on all these things can be found at
11:48 – MTV panel ends. We move closer to the front for the next panel, “DC Universe”
12:10pm – DC panel begins to thunderous applause. The excitement energizes the room (although the Metallica music playing in the background certainly helps).

In the world of Superman we hear about “new Kryptonite” that affects us humans instead. *is intrigued* We also get news on Brightest Day and it is hinted that new things will be revealed, but no specifics are given. And in other news, Nick Spencer is taking over for Supergirl at Issue #60 (Jan 2011). And “Earth One” is announced, which gives us a look at Superman at the age of 21, when he makes the move to Metropolis and takes his final steps to becoming Superman. This is something that really peaks my interest, especially with Smallville coming to an end. The presentation concludes there and they open it up to questions.

1:14 – Panel ends. Time to eat.

*costume sighting* – Codex, from the webseries “The Guild”. This girl looks enough like Felicia Day for it to be both scary and awesome. I promise the picture will be part of the photo post I plan on doing (most likely Monday).

2:20 – Now that HP levels have been restored, we decide to wander the exhibits. I happen upon previously mentioned Codex and compliment her on her costume. The people I have met so far have been super friendly. It’s almost like a little nerd family.

Eventually a friend finds me amongst the masses. I later find out that yet another friend is here visiting from Boston.

After much browsing I discover two deals I could not pass up – the complete Dresden Files for $6 and the Dark Phoenix book for $7 (75% off!). Add 1 to the win column.

5:11 – I think I have covered just about every inch of this place. HP drained to the lowest amounts, I rest to bring levels back up.

(Sidebar – I don’t have to tell you “HP” refers to “hit points” and not “Harry Potter,” right? We’re all geeks here? Good. Moving on…)

5:46 – Bored, I start taking pictures of whatever is around me. I’m getting some good shots when, suddenly, my “low battery” light starts flashing. Glad I brought my spare ones. W00t for preparedness!
6:48 – Waiting in line for the “Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep” panel, I chat with a couple of people about the blog (among other things). Might be seeing them tomorrow at the Walking Dead panel.
6:58 – I am joined by friends from yesterday and we enter the panel before ours, “LGBT Comics, Creators, and Characters”. The room is packed. I am pleasantly surprised that this is an issue many people seem to care about. I guess if anyone is going to be accepting of a group that happens to be “different” though, it would be this community.
7:44 – The zombie panel is about to start. They coax people in by saying, “The more of you we can pack in, the more of a threat we can pose to the convention when the apocalypse comes.” I know right away that this panel is going to be amusing.
7:50 – With everyone seated, the panel begins. The title of the panel is explained to be a chapter in the book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies” by Mac Montandon, who was leading the panel. He introduced the rest of the participants, all of whom have their own zombie books out. One author had this to say – “Don’t buy internet small pox. If you take nothing else away from this, let it be that.”

The author of “Paul is Undead” (Alan Goldsher) credits Stephen King for giving him zombie fever. That and Shaun of the Dead. “Zombies and funny – count me in,” he says. Robin Becker, the author of “Brains”credits Dawn of the Dead to her indoctrination.

All of the panelists have a great sense of humor about their craft, especially Goldsher and Mira Grant (author of “Feed”). Grant had us in stitches as she described her background in zombies. Best quote came from her – “The zombies are the universal health care of the monster world. There’s no participatory stupidity on your part. They’re just gonna come for your a$$”. She actually had a lot of great quotes, too many to account for all of them. I wish I had my video camera and could have recorded most of this panel.

Eventually “Zombie Strippers” comes up and the moderator takes it as a cue to turn to the audience for questions. The panel offered free books to those who had a question to ask. When free things are mentioned, everyone jumps up. Well, maybe not everyone, but a significant number of them did. I thought the whole panel was really amusing and exceeded my expectations. Kudos to everyone involved.
8:45 – Panel concludes with one last word – Braaaiiinnss! I stay put for the next panel, “Roddenberry is Back”.
8:58 – Panel starts by feeding the audience. They figured since it was 9:00 we could use some food, so they got us pizza. I am oddly hungry after the zombie panel.

After everyone gets their food, the real panel starts with a video introducing us to the worlds Roddenberry has created. Next they talk about continuing the legacy that Gene Roddenberry started. One of the big projects mentioned was “Days Missing” – a graphic novel series they are working on. There is also talk of “keeping the spirit alive,” which refers to the spirit of their founder, Gene Roddenberry. They mention the documentary “Trek Nation” which was announced is finally done and will possibly be shown at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. The documentary is an “autobiography of Gene through the lens of his son”. We got a good look at all the projects they’re currently working on. Personally, I’m especially excited about ‘Days Missing”. It involves a character whom nobody knows but is apparently very important in history and has been a part of many critical events ranging all of time. Intrigued? Yeah, I was too. In fact, I thought the whole panel was really interesting, both smart and funny. The only thing that was disappointing was that more people weren’t hearty enough to stick around for this one last panel. Oh well, it just meant more food for us…
10:10 – The final panel of the evening comes to a close. Another great end to another great night.

That about wraps up this post. The rest is travel time and writing the actually blog. Gonna go to sleep now and recharge so I can do it all again tomorrow. One day left!

PS – In editing this post I read “travel time” as “time travel”. Yes, this is where my brain goes at 2am.

New York Comic Con – Day 1

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Christine (aka News_on_Shuffle on The Twitter). Hi! *waves at you* This is going to be my first post here at Nerds in Babeland, and I am super excited that it gets to be a special 3-part series on the awesome that is New York Comic Con. I thought it would be fun to do it as kind of a daily journal, especially since this was my first comic convention, and I had a lot of thoughts whirling through my brain as I took everything in.

12:34 – The adventure begins. Leaving for NYC now : )
2:05 – Arrive at Javit’s Center. Spend half an hour looking for room with “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” panel. By the time I get there it is already full. A screen in the room across the hall that says “Smallville” intrigues me. I go there instead. Turns out it is a panel called “Spotlight on Geoff Johns”
2:40 – A friend calls me 5 minutes after discovering the Geoff Johns panel. I meet her and her friends, and we wander exhibits for a bit.
4:20 – Got in line for Stan Lee panel. 0_o I should have gotten here sooner. The line is ginormous.
4:58 – Finally got seats for Stan Lee panel. Made a new friend while waiting in line. We are asked to watch some guy’s sword while he runs back to his hotel real quick. I think to myself, “Only at Comic Con.”
*sidebar* – I would talk about The Guardian Project (which was the subject of this panel) and all the juicy tidbits I learned, but they’re not planning on revealing details to the rest of the public for a few months, and I’m going to respect that. Also, we may or may not have been threatened. There was wagging of the fingers… and such. I will say though that in describing this new project, Stan Lee said, “It’s a little bit exciting,” in that way that only he says things. And if Stan the Man is excited, we all should be excited. The project will be fully unveiled at the NHL All Star game on January 11, 2011.
5:45/5:50 – Dinner and more wandering. Had a lovely chat with the CBDLF about Neil Gaiman and why he is awesome and another girl at Midtown Comics about the awesome that is Serenity. I was looking at a Serenity book. She was dressed as Kaylee. It was like kismet… or something.
7:00 – Say goodbye to my new friend and head over to The Onion panel for my dose of hilarity and fake news. The panel brought viewers the news of the future… today. Yes, the news of 2137 can be viewed before it even happens. Maybe we can use this information to prevent our untimely demise… or not. Panel attendants were told the story of how one of The Onion satellites fell into a wormhole and started broadcasting to us the news of the future. Go see for yourself at
8:00 – Panel ends and I prepare to stand in line for the James Marsters panel. I find my friends near the front of the line, holding a spot for me. My friends are awesomesauce.
8:10 – They let us in early and I get to sit through the tail end of Voltaire’s show, proving my love for James Marsters really has no end. (sorry to any Voltaire fans I may offend with that last comment)
8:45 – James Marsters takes the stage! He is as charming and funny as I imagined he would be. We talked about a wide range of topics, and since this was the main thing I wanted to see today I took a LOT of notes. Seriously, I could do a whole post on this alone, probably. I’ll try to keep it condensed though.

First off, he confirmed right away that his character on Hawaii Five-0 is NOT dead. Go ahead and cheer for a bit… Done? Alright then, moving right along…

Other things discussed included: his role of Braniac coming back for the last season of Smallville (although he has a gag order on that so couldn’t really talk about it), lots of Buffy-related things, kissing John Barrowman on Torchwood, his favorite movie (Apocalypse Now), his coolest stunt ever (being lit on fire as Spike on Buffy), Torchwood season 4 (Has he gotten the call from Russel yet? Answer: No, but he [Russell] will. Because he’s not a moron), most fulfilling role (Macbeth, and Torvald in A Doll’s House), favorite project (Buffy, because of the writing), vampires and how they shouldn’t sparkle (Quote: If you’re gonna be a vampire, then be a vampire. Don’t be nice about it.”), his superpower (flying and invulnerability – because he’d fly into walls all the time), Buffy the Musical and how much he enjoyed it, and how it is harder to laugh than cry on cue. He then closed with a song. The whole panel was a great end to Day 1 of my first comic convention. Marsters is a wonderful, delightfully nerdy soul, and a perfect fit for NYCC. His final line of the eveing says it all – “I love you. Every one of you freaks. I love you all.”

And we love you, James <3

So, that about concludes my post on Day 1 of NYCC. The rest is just train rides and yet another example of why I despise NJ Transit. It is now 1am, and I am just wrapping up this extremely long post. It’s gonna hurt so bad when I wake up early tomorrow to do this all again, but the rewards far outweigh the costs, IMO. See you tomorrow, fellow nerds.

PS – I have a ton of pictures I took, but it’s getting late so I think I’m gonna save them for a huge photo post when the weekend finishes. Sound like a plan? Good, I’m glad we could agree on that. Good night, nerds!

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