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We Are All Lost: Teaser Trailer

Some more fancy buzz on the upcoming Top Cow book, We Are All Lost.  More information about the series is expected to come out later this week.

I love when comic books use live action teaser trailers.  Helps establish a tone while also giving it a bit more of a real-life feel.  I’m not going to make predictions yet because all I’m getting is NYC.  Looking forward to learning more!

By Odin’s Beard!

The official Thor trailer has been released.  Marvel enthusiasts will remember the comic.. which, this looks like it will do a nice job of portraying.

Care to see it?

The one thing that’s bugging me here, though, is the size of his hammer.  That looks like one weak little hammer. Thor’s hammer is supposed to be something only HE can lift.. well, and the Hulk that one time.

Anyway.. what are your thoughts on this?  How do you guys feel about the Comic to Movie trend? Personally, I’d really love to see more new ideas in the movie world these days instead of recycled stories. However, there’s no denying how fun it is to see your favorite characters in a new light, and in a new medium. Plus, it reaches these stories to new audiences, which gets more people into comics.

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