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Hot time in the Old Town Tonight!

To those of you ladies who are playing Halo: Reach, the guys of Achievement Hunter(Also the guys who bring you Red vs. Blue)are hosting a community playdate tonight from 8-10 Central time. I’ll be about, my Gamertag is Tenii87. Drop me a friend request or a party invite and I can show you my somewhat mad skills…well my slowly developing mad skills. 😛

Video Game & Movie Releases – October

Not to step on VGDoc87’s toes, I actually wanted to compile this list but cant access the blog from work >_< Note this isnt ALL releases as there are a lot of smaller titles, but I tried to grab the ones with bigger names or multiple platform releases. So in short, below is a list of upcoming movie and video game release dates to keep your eyes on, and wallets handy for. I’ll cover the remaining week of September along in this list. I’ll try to keep this up every month if people like it and would like me to. Video Games
Sept 28 – Borderlands Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution (exp) – PC/360/PS3
Sept 28 – Front Mission Evolved – PC/PS3
Sept 28 – Dead Rising 2 – PC/360/PS3
Sept 28 – Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – PC/PS3
Sept 28 – Fifa 11 – PC/360/PS3/Wii
Sept 28 – Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock – 360/PS3/Wii
Sept 30 – Final Fantasy XIV – PC
Oct 05 – Castlevania Lords of Shadow – 360/PS3
Oct 05 – NBA 2k11 – PC/360/PS3/Wii/PS2/PSP
Oct 05 – Two Worlds 2 – PC/360/PS3
Oct 05 – Def Jam Rapstar – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 05 – Final Fantasy the Heroes of Light – DS
Oct 05 – NBA Elite 11 – 360/PS3
Oct 06 – Comic Jumper – 360
Oct 12 – Lufia Curse of the Sinistrals – DS
Oct 12 – Everquest House of Thule (exp) – PC
Oct 12 – Lucha Libre AAA Heroes of the Ring – 360/PS3/Wii/PSP/DS
Oct 12 – Arcania : Gothic IV – PC/360/PS3
Oct 12 – Scribblenauts 2 – DS
Oct 12 – Medal of Honor – PC/360/PS3
Oct 17 – Kirby’s Epic Yarn – Wii
Oct 18 – Fallout : New Vegas – PS3
Oct 19 – EA Sports MMA – 360/PS3
Oct 19 – Fallout :New Vegas – PC/360
Oct 19 – DJ Hero 2 – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Sims 3 – 360/PS3/DS
Oct 26 – Rock Band 3 – 360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 – PC/360/PS3/Wii
Oct 26 – Fable 3 – 360

Oct 01 – The Social Network
Oct 01 – Let Me In
Oct 01 – Case 39
Oct 01 – Freakonomics
Oct 01 – Barry Munday
Oct 01 – Hatchet II
Oct 01 – Chain Letter
Oct 08 – Disney’s Secretariat
Oct 08 – Stone
Oct 08 – My Soul To Take
Oct 08 – Life As We Know It
Oct 08 – I Spit On Your Grave
Oct 08 – It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
Oct 08 – Down For Life
Oct 08 – Nowhere Boy
Oct 08 – Tamara Drewe
Oct 08 – Wild Target
Oct 15 – Red
Oct 15 – Conviction
Oct 15 – Carlos
Oct 15 – The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest
Oct 15 – Down Terrace
Oct 15 – The Two Escobars
Oct 22 – Hereafter
Oct 22 – Paranormal Activity 2
Oct 22 – The Prisoners
Oct 22 – The Company Men
Oct 22 – Knucklehead
Oct 27 – Baghdad Texas
Oct 29 – Saw 3D
Oct 29 – Welcome to the Rileys
Oct 29 – Monsters

Upcoming releases

Sparkles Fantastic’s post reminded me that there are two titles coming out next month that I am incredibly excited about.

1) FALLOUT NEW VEGAS: The long awaited next link in the Fallout franchise is almost here!!!! I am seriously looking forward to using my V.A.T.S. system to headshot Super Mutants and the new irradiated geckos!

Plus there’s a Super Mutant that seriously looks just like narrator Ron Perlman…for realz. Even though Obsidian is the big dog on this, it still has that Fallout look I got so used to in Fallout 3, the best game of 2008(IMHO). For me, it’s the most exciting release besides Halo: Reach and Fable III(which I’ll get to in a moment). It’s an RPG, which is my true calling when it comes to video games, I’ve played Oblivion enough times I can become the head of all the factions in less than a day of playing, and I can beat the game in less than 5 hours. I shine in RPGs like I decidedly don’t in FPS games. So this release is a BIG DEAL for me.

2) Fable III: The other game that is making me anxious for October to hurry up and get here. I have my copy of this(and F:NV) on pre-order at my local game retailer and I am looking forward to being able to finding the villager I created with the Villager Maker in the game. Plus, I LOVE the way Fable looks. All of them. They are some of the prettiest games, and I am a huge fan of the whole medieval theme the game has going on.

Well that’s my video game news for today! Look for some more coming soon!


Halo: Reach Review

I don’t normally play FPS video games. They aren’t my thing, I’m more of a spell casting, sword wielding RPG kinda girl. But I decided to give Halo: Reach a fair try. And I’m seriously glad I did.

First off, it’s GORGEOUS. And I have no resistance when it comes to something pretty. The graphics team outdid themselves, and it’s a fitting look for Bungie’s last hoorah. They revamped everything for this game, the design of the enemies, the way your Spartan armor looks, even the Warthogs, Mongooses and Phantoms got a visual reboot.

I was also excited to find that I could actually play the whole game as a female Spartan, a great way for girls to show their pride in playing an FPS. The various and numerous armor customizations also kept me happy for hours. All the color combos and finding a good emblem was a lot of fun, for me especially, because customization is my favorite part of an RPG.

Another thing that surprised me was how much I have enjoyed playing the multiplayer. Classic Slayer is my favorite mode of play though I am also quite fond of Firefight, or even Gruntpocalypse, when I’m in a bad mood. In the two weeks since I started playing I’ve managed to work my way up to Sergeant 1st class, and for someone who can barely play on Easy without dying horribly, that’s an achievement. The daily challenges also encourage me to play more and to focus on certain things, such as sniping. I was terrible but I am slowly getting the hang of headshots, especially in the campaign when I can hear a bunch of children scream, “YAY!” and see confetti every time I headshot a Grunt.

The campaign also really drew me in. I became very attached to the characters, and to save those who may not have played Reach or finished it I won’t reveal the fates of anyone. But suffice to say, it was beautifully written, even if they didn’t go along with Eric Nylund’s masterpiece The Fall of Reach.

In closing I would like to reiterate that I DON’T play First-Person Shooters. Ever. But this game, it has somewhat converted me. And I think I like it.

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