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Web Series: Six Figures

Many people go to Hollywood to seek their dream. Some succeed, some leave after disappointments, but then there are the others…the ones who are actively seeking their big break while working dead-end jobs. One day they’ll be famous, but for now there are tables to be cleared. The Six Figures web series takes a peek at six friends who are in this situation.

Gabrielle Donovan: Played by Catherine Annett (Femme Fatales), Gabrielle is a financially smart model who doesn’t have to get a “real” job, she spends her time between gigs watching television and failing at cooking.

Sydney Jaffe: She wants to be a stand-up comedienne, but the gigs are few and far between. Instead, she is a PA for a director who is a little off his rocker. She’s not pessimistic, she’s just a bit more realistic about how tough the business is. It doesn’t stop her from dreaming of her big break, though. Syndney is played by Lira Kellerman (Pushing Twilight).

Wes Wisnewski: Played by Jason Lockhart (Edge of Seventeen), Wes wants to be a legitimate film maker. Too bad the closest he’s gotten so far is editing porn. But he knows he’s going to make it one day. He’s just got to pay his dues for now.

Tucker Alexander: He’s going to be a novelist who gets paid to stay home all day and unleash the next best-seller. In the meantime, he’s got to scroll through ads on Craigslist to make enough to tide him over. It’s hard to stay optimistic when life keeps giving him one problem after the other. Tucker is played by Marco Naggar (Metal Heads).

Jason Mitchell: Played by Marcus A. Stewart (Pole Tricks), Jason knows he has the looks, so why aren’t more casting directors calling him to be their next big star? Jasson is going to make it big one day and then everyone will be fawning over themselves to meet him. Until then, he’ll have to wait tables and bide his time.

Laurel Fitzgerald: She wants to write songs and sing them on the radio. For now, she’s stuck with serenading the dogs she walks during her day job. Laurel has a sweet personality and is very easily liked. That should serve her well when she becomes a superstar. Laurel is played by Katie Wilson (2012: Ice Age).

The stand-out favorites, for me so far, are definitely Jason and Tucker. I love that Jason’s just fed up with life in general and he expresses that displeasure so easily. Even though he’s not very approachable, you can’t help but want to be his friend and get to know him better. I guess that’ll work out quite well for him. And then there’s Tucker, whose language is so flowery that the regular person would have a hard time understanding him. As a writer myself, I hope I never sound like that, though it does make good comedy.

You can find the episodes on YouTubeFunnyorDieDailymotion, or their website. New episodes premiere on Monday, so be sure to tune in! I know I will be.

Blood Light Image

Web Series: Blood Light

I love supernatural shows and I adore comedy, so if you put them together I’ll likely be interested enough to give your show a look. That was my introduction to the web series Blood Light. Instead of focusing on the overly-dramatic situations that have littered contemporary supernatural genre projects, this series seeks to look at “the lighter side of death.” It takes jabs at Buffy, Dawson’s Creek, and True Blood in its attempt to show that life is not always glamorous, especially when you’re a vampire.

Alex and Ethan were recently turned into vampires. Instead of being cool and sexually alluring, they soon find that the world of vampires doesn’t live up to the hype. Yeah, being undead kinda sucks. Along with their very-much-alive friend Connor, who pretends to be a Spike-wannabe in hopes of luring a few willing women into his bed, the trio is trying to navigate the world of the supernatural while dealing with the everyday life around them. The standout character for me was Jobin, with his social awkwardness and ability to march to his own drummer, because he’s certainly not living in our reality.

The series began on September 17, 2010 with Part One of the first season, which consisted of five webisodes released every two weeks. To prove the high quality of this series, the first two Blood Light episodes won the Comedy of the Week award from Indie Intertube. After a brief hiatus, Part Two of the first season started on March 15, 2011 and just ended its run. This gives you perfect opportunity to go to their website and catch up on a fun series which doesn’t focus necessarily on vampires, but instead on people who happen to be vampires.


Web Series: Curtain Call

At first glance, the web series “Curtain Call” seems like a predictable storyline. An actor shoots an actress onstage, in full view of an audience and a camera. It should be an open and shut case. However, appearances are deceiving and thus we are treated to seventeen episodes over which we’ll get to know characters, motivations, and the fact that everything is not what it seems. In the end, it’s anyone’s guess who will really be at fault for the loss of life.

The series begins with Cassie Sterling giving her all onstage. She’s the favored actress of local theatre and has become well-known for her talent and amazing voice. However, that talent is cut short as Patrick Felton takes the stage, gun in hand, and shoots her down. But what should be a straightforward murder case turns into something much more complicated as Detective Michael Levins and Detective Page Williams interview everyone connected to the situation and uncover a twisted web of intrigue. The question is, when this is all over, who will be found to be pulling the strings?

If I didn’t know beforehand that the budget for this project was a mere $2500 and the actors were not full-time professionals, I wouldn’t have been any the wiser. The quality on this project is much higher than I’m accustomed to in a web series. Everyone involved should be very proud of the work they’ve done to bring this story to film. I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting the outcome. You can check out “Curtain Call” at their website and catch up on all the episodes as we head towards the thrilling conclusion. Any fan of murder-mystery will be well-entertained with this one!

The Sin Bin – Review & Interview

If you could give anything to have your favorite sports team win their respective championship, what would you be willing to give up?  Coffee?  Smartphone?  Laptop or tablet?  What about your soul?  Or perhaps the soul of your loved ones?  There are people out there, people such as JR

JR is an  avid dedicated intense obsessed hockey fan and his beloved Chicago Blackhawks haven’t won the cup in 50 years.  JR would do anything, and he means ANYTHING to have The Hawks win that cup, and as the series starts we see just how much is at stake.

The first episode opens up with JR in a dark room, the light of the TV flickering on is face.  It’s game 6 of the Stanley Cup  and his Blackhawks are down 2-1 against the Flyers.  The Blackhawks are up by one game and everyone knows that you want to win it by six, that seventh game is a doozy.  Perched on the edge of your seat, fists clenched waiting to see who takes it.   It’s make or break time and JR has decided it’s time for him to seek help from a higher power.  First stop is God, praying to the heavens for help.  Asking the lord and savior if his divine intervention will bring success to his beloved team.

Some of you may already see where this is going…

There was no help from God so JR had to look for help in a different place.  A place of fire and brimstone, of pain and terror… that’s right, he asked the devil.  Clutching his hands before his face, praying that the Dark Lord will hear his pleas and grant him the one wish he’s had for the last 28 years of his life.  And then… the buzzers sound – The Blackhawks HAVE WON THE CUP!

JR is ecstatic, every moment of his life was leading up to this moment.  His beloved team has finally won.  Life is complete.

Four months later and it’s life is normal.  Noelle, JR’s girlfriend, still fights for his attention against the Hawks and still loses.  There’s a moment where it seems like he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, but he’s only getting excited over some blanket.  And here’s where, as the title suggests, All Hell Breaks Loose.

With flashes of light and some gnarly wind Noelle vanishes.  JR is at the mailbox outside, eagerly opening his prized blanket, noticing nothing else that is happening around him.  Which is unfortunate as there are zombies, a mummy and a demon hanging around the neighborhood.

This demon is someone that JR will be relying on, but he doesn’t know that quite yet.

Which brings us to episode two.  Instead of spoiling it for everyone, I’ll now share what I think of the series thus far.

I love it.  I really do, and it’s not only because I watch hockey, enjoy supernatural themes or think that JR is adorable.  There is some great writing and concepts, and hey these guys are looking to launch a whole new film genre!  The lead character is completely believable as a hockey obsessed blogger who dedicates his life to his team.  The fact that he has a loving girlfriend may seem surprising to some, which may mean you don’t know people like that in your own life.  I do, and the girlfriends/wives are some of the most patient people I have ever met.  Mind you I don’t think many of them have been damned to hell due to their boyfriend making a deal with Satan…

But seriously this series deserves a shot to be continued.  I don’t know very many series that combine hockey, Satan, demons, witches – Roller Derby witches at that – skateboarding mummies, zombies, vampires and whatever else is to come with hilarious writing and great characters.

I was given the opportunity to talk to Jeff Hersh (JR) and Mark Kosin who created the series and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard during an IM conversation.

*Please note that I am not an interviewer and I had a list of questions, plus the idea to try and let it flow like a conversation.  That means I interjected with things that aren’t funny – basically let them run with it.

Jeff Hersh and Mark Kosin have joined the conversation:

Me: Bear with me, haven’t really done one of these before

JH: Neither have I but it’s the future and this is how things are done in the future

Me: This is true!  OK – so I shall get on to some questions I guess.  Aside from the hilarious bios where did Hockey + The Devil idea come from?

JH: It was a combination of ideas.  I’m a huge hockey fan and Buffy The Vampire Slayer/horror fan, and it just seemed like there was not enough hockey meets horror stuff out there.  Plus it took almost 50 years for the ‘Hawks to win the cup, so there had to be some black magic or devil work in there right?

MK: That was my summation

JH: So now you need to make a deal.  But when making a deal with the devil to get your hockey team to win, you gotta wonder who the Devil roots for.  It’s too obvious for him to be a New Jersey (Devils) fan… so clearly it’s the (Philadelphia) Flyers.

MK: Way too obvious.  It makes a lot of sense when you put it all together.  Especially if you’ve ever met a Flyers fan.

JH: Not that we want to alienate the good viewers from the city of brotherly love… much

Me: Did you two play hockey?

MK: I played street hockey when it got popular in the late ’90’s – the “we just saw Mighty Ducks 2 lets all get rollerblades” era.

JH: As did I!  But I kept with it, roller hockey every day after school in the neighborhood and then I started playing some ice hockey.

MK: Yes, the Blackhawks did a really good job forcing kids on to other sports by never airing hockey games on TV.

Me: Bastards

MK: Sadly… don’t worry he’s dead now.

JH: I’m an Islanders fan, so it was always within the realm of possibility that I could play for them… they’ve been pretty terrible most of my life.  Plus they make their backup goalie their GM… so anything can happen.

MK: I wouldn’t be surprised if you could win a spot on the roster by entering a fan contest with the Islanders.

JH: Because we have no fans?  They are just laying dormant, they actually have the core of some great young players, they might just be like the ‘Hawks in a few years.  And of course I’ll make a deal with the devil if I must.

Me: Ah yes thank you, back to this deal.

MK: Jeff’s Hockey tangents are the things of legend.

Me: Would you classify this as a black comedy?

MK: I‘d say its a “black arts” comedy, more than a comedy.  We don’t kill anybody without a joke and always leave open the possibility that they can come back.  In a funny way, not in a Jay Leno way… like a zombie.

JH: But JR is kind of a goof thrown into this where things have horror elements, and sillinesm but the characters are still pretty serious about what they want.  Whether to eat brains, save his girlfriend or overthrow Stan.

MK: JR approaches every situation with a hint of absolute terror and child-like ADD.

JH: Well said.

MK: Its funny because when Jeff pitched the idea he immediately installed himself in the lead – which is a testament to his tremendous ego and that he was really the only guy to play JR.  Your classic post-modern man child.

JH: I thought he was more of a beefy sexual dynamo leading man type.

MK: Right… we keep forgetting to shoot that “JR sweeps a bus of vampire cheerleaders off their feet” scene

Me: Maybe coming up?

MK: Hopefully – though I think it’d be funnier if they took advantage of him, making him even more of a hollow shell.   It just fits the actor better that way… RIGHT JEFF?

JH: I’m sorry.  I missed the last few IMs, I was doing push-ups.

Me: Or was the game on?

JH: It is, Bruins vs Rangers

Me: You have three episodes planned – will there be more?

JH: Well, the people will hopefully demand more.  We made three as kind of a pilot for an ongoing series.

MK: We really want to see how these play – plus we have lots of fun “extra” footage of all our characters.  I love episode 2

JH: It’s the “Empire Strikes Back” of the Sin Bin Saga.

MK: Yeah it’s much more emblematic of the tone we want to set for the show… it’s dark… and ridiculous.

JH: And there are Roller Derby Witches

Me: Anything you want to say for #3?

JH: It has it all… Epic chase, epic battles, epic love scenes…

MK: epic… epicness.  Wait did someone use that tagline already?  Episode 3 is when it all comes together in one big awesome episode.

JH: It’s the “Return of the King” of the Sin Bin Legend.  JR is on skates during it, so it was dangerous to shoot!

ML: The night we shot the final scene everyone was on skates…

JH: Look ma!  No helmet!

Me: Ice?

JH: No… sadly LA weather put the kaboosh on our ice.

MK: Plus it would have thrown the Roller Derby Witches for a loop, and those are girls you don’t want to get angry.

Me: So basically action packed

JH: With heart

MK: And a few scares

JH: And a laugh

MK: And a musical number

Me: All very good things… wait what?

JH: Umm… We didn’t shoot that Mark.  Oh wait, THAT musical number.

MK: Well PART of a musical number.

Me: Well don’t want to give away too many spoilers.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

MK: If anything we hope to be surprising… just like the Hawks!  We just really want to make our mark on the “Hockey Horror Comedy” genre… by inventing it.

JH: We hope people enjoy the show.  We’ve had a ton of fun making it and we want other people to have just as much with this new “Hockey Horror Comedy” genre.

MK: If people have half as much watching it as we had writing it, I’ll be happy.

Me: Well I definitely enjoyed what I have seen so far and this chat has been hilarious.

JH: Well thank you for chatting with us!  We appreciate it and Go Canucks!

MK: Whoa whoa… Hawks may face them in the first round.

Thus ends an hilarious chat, and for the record at the time of writing this the quarter-finals are Canuck 2 vs Blackhawks 0 Big thanks to Jeff & Mark for their patience waiting for me to get the interview scheduled and for being so funny!

Watch JR battles the forces of hell:

Make sure you follow JR on Twitter to get the latest updates of his adventures (especially with The Hawks in the playoffs against my Canucks!) @JRTheFacePuck27.  Also don’t forget to watch the video blogs the characters have posted.  Even though I still haven’t figured out how Noelle is blogging from hell…



Overturn: The Web Series Review


With my interest in the web series format, I embarked upon my viewing of the Overturn series with eagerness. Part science fiction fantasy and part mystery, the series follows main character Christopher Gabriel whose very existence is threatened. All his life he’s been plagued by nightmares and has never been able to gain any relief from them. However, his condition may have more negative connotations than simply a night of missed sleep. He’s kidnapped and tortured by a group of people who seem to know more about him than he knows about himself. The question then is, will he be forever changed when he learns the truth about who or what he is?


The episodes themselves are very short, ranging from three to five minutes apiece. Currently four have been released, with the fifth debuting on March 16th. I have to say that the production quality is higher than I’ve seen in many web productions, so the storyline is enhanced as a result. The disjointed nature of what’s real and what’s a dream puts you inside Christopher’s head and makes they viewer just as disoriented as he is. The whole idea is to find out the truth and you’re taking the journey right along with him. I would suggest that viewers read the short back-story blurb that’s on the website, just to orient themselves with the plot, though. I found my viewing enriched by knowing the basics beforehand.


As both a web series and a storyline in general, Overturn holds much promise for its viewers. I’m interested to see where it goes and what the big reveal might be. As long as the new episodes come out regularly, the audience for this endeavor will definitely be retained. They’ve already got me hooked. Come join the journey!


Cuz Nerdy Girls Drink Too (NSFW)

We’ve all been there.  It’s zero dark thirty in the morning, the faint glow of the moon coming through the window is blurry and unusually bright.  You can sit, you can crawl, but the ability to walk from one place to another has become too much to handle.  Oh yes, you’re shit faced, and while you may feel like death in the morning or whatever time you finally wake up, right now the only pain you’re feeling is hunger pain.  Being drunk is pretty much the only time that you are given carte blanche to eat whatever the hell strikes your inebriated fancy.  But what to cook?   Here to help us in our time of need is the Drunken Chef.  Not only are his recipes easy to follow for those with diminished motor skills, but they are tasty as well.

I was introduced to il maestro through a friend and immediately recognized his genius.  His name is Jose, pronounced Hose (get it right people!) and he is revolutionizing the drunken cookery industry through a series of webisodes.  So far there are only nine episodes, but I have personally tested out 3 recipes while drunk as fuck, and let me tell you this man has mad skillz in the kitchen.  That’s right, skillz with a “z”.  Jose isn’t limited to one style of cooking.  The man doesn’t box himself in like that.  One week it’s Mexican, the next Indian, and I love variety particularly when I’m 2/3 of my way into a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with the legend himself.  After the second bottle of tequila the interview was fairly unintelligible, but this is what I was able to make out.


DC=Drunken Chef

F:  How did the web series come about?

DC: I used to make frozen pizzas after bar time, then pass out while they were cooking.  When I was able to stay awake, you know, if I didn’t have money, I’d have to make whatever was in the fridge.  And I’m not into filling my stomach with any crap just to get full — I’m not Vegan, for Goddsakes — so had to experiment and make due.  So, after I lost my job at the Sizzler and my girlfriend kicked me out of the house, I thought I’d make the show.  It’s my passion, and it’s what I want to pass on to the common folk.

F:  How much of the series is scripted and how much is improved? How much of your performance is acting and how much is actual drunkenness?

DC:  That’s a secret.  I’ll tell you this…there is alcohol on these shoots.  There’s gotta be!  We’re all about keeping it real.  I eat what I make.  Every recipe is tested and proven by myself.

F:  What is your favorite episode and why?

DC:  The Freedom Pizza episode, because that’s where it all started.

F:  How many people are involved in the production and how much does it cost to produce each episode?

DC:  I have a buddy who does camera, when I can get him away from his wife, which isn’t too hard because he’s bored in that relationship anyway, and a sound person, usually my “producer” who lives next to my old place (where my bitch ex-girlfriend lives with my cat — MY cat, Mr. Mistoffolees — and who I sleep with once in a while to piss off my ex). Either her or this burly African American friend when his car isn’t in the shop, which it always seems to be.  And my 8 year old niece does the website.

F:  Where did you receive your culinary training?

DC:  Chuck’s in Fontana, Wisconsin, and L.A. Community College.

F:  What is next for the drunken chef?  Ultimately, what would you like to see happen with the series?

DC: I want to have it out with Anthony Bourdain and I want to make food for Rachel Ray.

F:  Will there ever be an episode where the drunken chef goes to a sit down pizza hut?

DC:  Why, you wanna go?  Sounds like you’re asking me on a date.  I’m down. I’ll scrounge up some quarters for the tabletop pac-man game.

F:  What is the most difficult part of the entire production process and how long does it take to make one episode from coming up with a story to completion?

DC:  The most difficult part?  Dealing with all these normal-lites who are asleep at 3am when I come back and cook.   We usually decide on what I’m gonna cook, then go from there.  Or we visit fans or whatnot and see what they got in their kitchen.  We shoot an episode in a few hours, then my “producer” cuts it in a couple of days.

F:  What’s your favorite drink?

DC: Templeton Rye w/2 cubes of ice.  And beer.  And other whiskeys.  Whatever’s free, basically.

F:  You’ve already tackled Italian, Indian and Mexican food in the series?  What genre of food do you want to try next?

DC:  I want to serve up some of the fine cultural cuisine of Chicago.

the guild

Introduction to The Guild (or why I have a serious girl-crush on Felicia Day)

I first discovered The Guild about six months ago. I was listening to an episode of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast and his guest was Felicia Day. They talked about The Guild which in turn pushed me to investigate it. I went through all three seasons in less than a day.

For those who have never watched the show, it follows the lives of six members of a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game for non-gamers) Guild who spend hours a day playing together.

Most people would wonder why that’s interesting, and I was a bit skeptical before I started watching it. But then she appeared. A beautiful red-haired goddess. I am, of course, talking about Felicia Day. IMDB is one of my best friends. It tells me just where I might have seen an actor or actress before so I immediately searched Ms. Day. The lightbulb came on when I saw that she had starred as Penny in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which had also featured Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris. She’s been in many other popular shows such as Dollhouse and an upcoming episode of Eureka.

The Guild is funny, sometimes sad, and full of believable characters who are very easy to fall in love with. From Zaboo’s obvious obsession to Vork’s OCD, the ups and downs they face together are so much fun to watch.

Plus, Season 4 has Wil Wheaton in it…that means it must be good.

Very Fun Webseries

Has anyone followed this series? It’s delightful–called “JourneyQuest.” Please to enjoy.   ~Prof. Jenn

Ask a Hot Chick

Have you seen this series?

Another Web-Series Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday (again)! “The Guild” has been updated once again. We’ve reached episode 9 of 12!
In the 9th episode of season 4, “Pirate Paddy”, of The Guild, ‘Codex’s creative endeavors do not pay off; she turns the “Guild” for support.‘ You can find the episode by this link here.

You can also watch The Guild on Xbox Live for free anytime. You can watch all the episodes and the extras on there too if you don’t want to sit at your computer to watch it. They have outtakes and some old christmas specials and music videos too!

Happy Nerding! Back to the grind!
<(-_-<)<(-_-)>(>-_-)> Megara Noelle <(-_-<)<(-_-)>(>-_-)>

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